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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-fsl-ppc,master,1/1] u-boot: don't check repo head on build folder 2016-10-13 Adrian Calianu New
[meta-fsl-arm] udev-extraconf: Disable automatic loading of kernel module evbug and mxc_vadc 2016-06-03 Jun Zhu New
[7/7] imx6ull14x14evk: Add i.MX 6ULL 14x14 EVK 2016-10-11 Lauren Post New
[6/7] imx6ull9x9evk: Add i.MX 6ULL 9x9 evk 2016-10-11 Lauren Post New
[5/7] eudev: Bring back 2 patches from udev for user firmware loading for 6ULL 2016-10-11 Lauren Post New
[meta-fsl-arm,2/2] linux-imx: Update include file to include i.MX headers 2016-09-09 Lauren Post otavio Under Review
[meta-fsl-demos] distro: i.MX BSP distros to integrate i.MX supported components 2016-04-29 Lauren Post New Fix Taskhash mismatch due kernel version re-evaluation 2016-10-11 Otavio Salvador otavio Under Review
[meta-fsl-ppc,3/3] fm-ucode: update license to Freescale-Binary-EULA 2016-10-14 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,2/3] qe-ucode: update license to Freescale-Binary-EULA 2016-10-14 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,1/3] rcw: update license to BSD 2016-10-14 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,5/5] linux: upgrated to 4.1.30 plus nxp patches 2016-10-13 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,4/5] pkc-host: update to e021464 2016-10-13 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,3/5] skmm-ep: update to fc43230 2016-10-13 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,2/5] u-boot: update to 7b0fea8 2016-10-13 Ting Liu New
[meta-fsl-ppc,1/5] pkc-firmware: update to f75d281 2016-10-13 Ting Liu New