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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
Updated codeblocks and links part 2 for consistency, minor edits 2020-09-15 Mark Morton New
test-manual code block, link, and format update 2020-09-14 Mark Morton New
Fixed PDF build issue caused by duplicate IDs 1 2020-06-24 Mark Morton New
Applied Richard's edits to code formatting and logfiles 2020-06-19 Mark Morton New
Fixed codeblock formatting in test-manual 2020-06-16 Mark Morton New
New source files and Makefile update for Test Manual 2020-06-16 Mark Morton New
Updated Makefile to build new test-manual 2020-06-05 Mark Morton New
Updated patch for publishing 2020-04-22 Mark Morton New
Added usrmerge to distro-features for Bug 13494 2020-04-22 Mark Morton New