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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[bitbake-devel,master|dunfell|zeus] knotty: ignore pipe errors 2020-07-23 Mikko Rapeli New
[bitbake-devel,2/2] svn fetcher: allow "svn propget svn:externals" to fail 2019-09-16 Mikko Rapeli New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/2] support BB_NO_NETWORK during do_unpack 2017-09-06 Mikko Rapeli New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/2] use download cache for git submodules too 2017-09-06 Mikko Rapeli New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ try to handle local clone failures by pruning branches 2017-08-02 Mikko Rapeli New
[bitbake-devel,1/3,v2] bitbake: Fix return value checks from's 2017-06-01 Mikko Rapeli New