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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix variable splitting at _remove mechanism 2014-11-06 Stefan Müller-Klieser New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Uses BB_HASHCONFIG_WHITELIST to filter unnecessary variables 2012-02-27 Dongxiao Xu Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Uses BB_HASH_WHITELIST to filter unnecessary variables 2012-02-27 Dongxiao Xu New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] port to gtk+3 2016-06-20 Jussi Kukkonen Superseded
[bitbake-devel,1/1] diskspace monitor: assign a default value when only of the interval is set 2012-04-05 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] use python3 as interpreter 2016-08-18 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] event: drop some unused events 2017-06-15 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ fix _latest_revision for local PREMIRROR 2015-08-13 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ References must match exactly 2016-05-23 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ remove .indirectiondir workaround 2016-04-05 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ respect BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY 2016-01-07 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ add clean function 2015-05-18 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ avoid using PREMIRROR 2016-01-12 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ avoid using PREMIRROR 2016-01-04 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/npm: don't download same URL multiple times 2016-09-13 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ add an "auto" policy for BB_SRCREV_POLICY 2012-08-09 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ let try_mirror_url return correct value 2013-12-25 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2/ remove broken sysmlink 2014-08-19 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: add "-d" option to cpio 2012-09-26 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: Allow to warn instead of error 2017-08-29 Peter Kjellerstedt New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: Do not fail to create symbolic links if they already exist 2017-03-31 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: don't mandate path element in encodeurl() 2017-08-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: Downgrade the fetch failure log to a warning 2014-08-09 Tyler Hall New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: Make SRC_URI[md5sum] and SRC_URI[sha256sum] expand their values 2016-03-08 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: npm: conditionally hide NPM_LOCKDOWN / NPM_SHRINKWRAP warnings 2016-11-15 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: remove "." in the end 2016-06-24 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: Simplify logic in verify_checksum() 2016-01-26 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fetch2: unpack rpm, ipk and deb binary package 2012-09-02 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Fix GTK+ and PyGtk version check error message to be more clear [Yocto #3637] 2013-01-03 Jessica Zhang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Fix use of tar's --exclude option for tar >= 1.29 2016-08-05 Mariano Lopez New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Fixed hob proxy tab tooltip text per review suggestions [YOCTO #2499] 2012-09-11 Jessica Zhang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] create a branch when checkout 2015-07-09 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] create a branch when checkout 2015-07-07 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Fixed fetch failure that occurs when SRCREV is a tag. 2012-12-17 Jon Szymaniak New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] use module tempfile to create temp file 2012-06-25 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] hob2: add elf to hcc supported image types 2012-07-17 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] HOB: 'str' object has no attribute 'close' 2012-05-30 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: add build status labels in the build details screen to make it more clos... 2012-03-23 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: add exception handling 2012-04-15 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: Added required packages for toolchain. 2012-04-13 Lianhao Lu Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: Adjust the progress bar and set 100% only when all is done. 2012-05-23 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: allow users to setup the proxies 2012-03-27 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: change 'run image' and 'deploy' Gui and work flow for building detail page 2012-06-28 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: change view of 'recipes' and 'packages' tables as ui design 2012-09-05 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: check if warnings are related to package build 2013-12-03 Valentin Popa New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: Clear the building status if command failed 2012-05-07 Dongxiao Xu Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] hob: enable sanity checks after launch 2012-04-23 Joshua Lock Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: Fix contents in imagedetailsscreen 2012-04-16 Dongxiao Xu Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: Fixed a compatible issue for indicator icon view 2012-05-25 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: fixed a little view issue about package selection page 2012-04-16 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: fixed some variables not clean bug in detail page 2012-07-03 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: fixed the build image failure scenario 2012-08-17 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: force notebook refresh 2013-11-26 Valentin Popa New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: Handle NoProvider event in runningbuild module 2012-04-15 Dongxiao Xu Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob: reimplement the proxy page 2012-05-22 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] hob: removal of hob ui and associated ui files 2016-02-29 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] hob: removal of hob ui and associated ui files 2016-02-27 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] HOB: Show warnings in Issues tab 2013-11-22 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] HOB: Show warnings in Issues tab 2013-11-21 Valentin Popa New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Hob:fixed the issue of primary button is not an 'orange hob button' 2012-05-24 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] description for selfcreated image 2012-04-16 Elizabeth Flanagan New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix indent 2015-03-19 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix unknown event bb.event.DiskFull 2013-02-01 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] knotty: avoid errors when fetching outside of a task 2016-07-15 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] knotty: ensure progress bar output is accounted for in display 2016-09-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/ remove task flag in deltask() 2016-06-15 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/build: enable access to logger within tasks 2016-12-12 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/checksum: avoid exception on broken symlinks 2016-07-26 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/codeparser: ensure BufferedLogger respects target filtering 2017-03-28 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/command: fix overrides in remote datastores where there is no default 2017-04-20 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/ fix for BBFILE_PATTERN = "" 2016-10-27 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/ui/hob: exit cleanly if the required pygtk version isn't available 2012-04-04 Joshua Lock Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/ui/hob: exit cleanly if the required pygtk version isn't available 2012-03-31 Joshua Lock New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] lib/bb/ return sorted OrderedDict in explode_dep_versions2 2016-07-18 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] metadata: Correct "inherit" search to bbclass from oeclass 2012-01-19 Darren Hart New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] disable inode checking for btrfs 2013-04-15 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] disable the inode checking for some fs 2013-02-04 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] monitor disks based on path 2013-03-15 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] newbb.vim: remove PR 2014-08-19 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix the perforce fetcher 2013-02-05 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix the perforce fetcher 2013-02-04 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] print clear message for "bitbake -e ASSUME_PROVIDED" 2012-11-06 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] print which pkgs would be built 2012-06-21 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1], Fix log truncation problems with flush() 2012-06-14 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] print a debug message for dynamic pacakge 2013-07-19 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] prserv: Do not ping PRService if not required 2012-01-31 Lianhao Lu New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Revert "tinfoil: fix duplication of log messages" 2017-08-07 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Revert "toaster: add layer source in admin throws an error" 2015-04-27 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] check whether multiple versions of the same PN are due to be built 2013-09-02 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] runqueue: dry-run real tasks when BB_SETSCENE_ENFORCE is set 2016-12-09 Paul Eggleton Superseded
[bitbake-devel,1/1] runqueue: fire sceneQueueTaskStarted event when a setscene queue starts 2012-02-24 Dongxiao Xu Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] update for 1.26 release 2015-04-20 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix clean_basepath() 2015-09-24 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] fix the SignatureGenerator() 2014-01-20 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Use basehash if no taskhash 2012-03-06 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] add RuntimeProviders to close matches 2016-01-22 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] Check if BUILDDIR exists 2018-01-19 Amanda Brindle New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] tinfoil: ensure PATH includes bitbake's bin directory 2017-02-09 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/1] toaster: add 'Sumo' to release selection 2018-04-26 Reyna, David Accepted
[bitbake-devel,1/1] toaster: add buildstats to toaster config file 2013-12-18 Alexandru DAMIAN New
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