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[bitbake-devel] fetch2: handle absolute paths in subdir 2016-09-21 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: fix unpacking of deb packages 2016-06-10 Stephano Cetola New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix handling of SCM mirrors in MIRRORS 2013-11-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: fix fetcher looping due to self-referential entries 2012-09-07 Paul Eggleton Superseded
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: fix checkstatus fallback to MIRRORS 2017-07-28 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix bug in file checksum generation 2014-04-06 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix bug in file checksum generation 2014-04-06 Jacob Kroon New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix AUTOINC handling 2013-06-07 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Ensure we don't have file downloads overwriting each other 2017-03-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Ensure that incorrect checksumed files are always renamed 2016-03-30 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Ensure star character doesn't end up in mirror tarball names 2012-06-22 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Ensure expansions happen in URL parameters in uri_replace 2013-02-14 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Enhance error message for BB_NO_NETWORK 2013-06-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Drop svk fetcher 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: don't use deprecated APIs 2017-02-27 Andre McCurdy New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Don't show checksum warnings if a single checksum was supplied 2016-01-22 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: do not try to checksum a socket 2012-06-18 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Correct two examples of typo "revsion." 2017-02-13 Robert P. J. Day New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Correct a few calls to latest_revision() 2013-11-25 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Copy out-of-tree files instead of symlinking 2016-12-08 John Ernberg New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Cleanup file checksum generation, v2 2014-04-28 Jacob Kroon New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Cleanup file checksum generation 2014-04-26 Jacob Kroon New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Clean up srcrev_internal_helper 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Clean up some url parameters to functions 2013-11-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: clean up remaining cwd saves/changes 2016-08-21 Matt Madison Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Checkout to correct ref begore init and update submodules 2015-07-06 New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: BB_ALLOWED_NETWORKS should not care about port numbers 2016-04-01 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Avoid using FILESDIR in unpack 2012-11-22 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Allow whitespace only mirror entries 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Allow GIT_SMART_HTTP to be passed through 2015-05-15 Liam R. Howlett New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Allow git to use a different CA Bundle with private keys 2015-05-08 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Add NFS Stale file exception handling 2017-02-09 Khem Raj New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Add new mirror syntax to simplify mirror specifications 2012-06-21 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Add module for ClearCase (ccrc://) 2014-07-17 Dennis Meier New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: add initial Amazon AWS S3 fetcher 2017-03-01 Andre McCurdy New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Add BB_TRUSTED_NETWORK support 2015-03-31 Liam R. Howlett New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: add .lz compression support 2014-10-26 Koen Kooi New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/__init__: Fix decodeurl to better handle urls without paths 2016-02-26 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ uri_replace regex handling 2015-09-10 Mark Hatle New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ replace stray logger.warn() with logger.warning() 2017-07-25 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ Error if lockfile path invalid 2016-02-26 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ Add NoChecksumError exception 2012-07-28 Mark Hatle Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/wget: Use FETCHCMD_wget to provide the commandline and options 2012-07-09 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/wget: Fix horrible temp file handling 2014-12-23 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/wget: fallback to GET if HEAD is rejected in checkstatus() 2016-01-20 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/wget: Check downloaded file isn't zero size 2014-01-21 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/wget: attempt checkstatus again if it fails 2016-06-30 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/wget: add Basic Auth from netrc to checkstatus() 2016-12-16 Matthew McClintock Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ improve error handling during sstate check 2017-07-17 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/svn: Enhance to cope with subversion 1.7 upgrade 2012-07-02 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/svn: change 'rsh' parameter to 'ssh' 2017-02-17 Markus Lehtonen New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/svn: Add transportuser parameter 2014-07-03 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ Use protocol parameter to get the protocol 2012-07-17 Martin Jansa Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ fix Unable to fetch URL bug 2014-06-11 Wenlin Kang New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/sftp: Set BatchMode=yes as argument to sftp 2015-07-09 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/osc: Remove hardcoded url 2016-02-04 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/osc: Clean up old variable syntax 2016-02-04 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/npm: fix ud.registry so that alternative registries can be handled 2016-03-11 Brendan Le Foll New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/npm: Add missing ParameterError import 2016-02-29 Brendan Le Foll New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/local: Improve handling of wildcard matches 2012-11-22 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/local: Add search paths to the debug log to improve log usefullness 2012-08-02 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/local: Add localpaths method which gives localpath with history 2014-12-08 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ Provide better debug output when fetch of a local file fails 2012-08-02 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ fix first line indent of search path debug output 2014-08-12 Andre McCurdy New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/hg: Include missing errno import 2015-10-15 Logan Buchy New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ Several fixes 2015-06-02 New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/gitsm: Use ud.basecmd instead of hardcoding git 2014-01-17 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/gitsm: Fix when repository change submodules 2016-02-03 New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Work around git confusion between foo.git and foo repositories 2012-08-18 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Stop git from triggering fsync() calls 2014-04-26 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Dereference unresolved names with ls-remote 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: create bareclone option 2012-02-23 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Clean up sortable_revision 2013-05-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: change colon to dot in 2011-12-22 Juraj Hercek Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Anchor names when using ls-remote 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: always use premirror first if update is required 2016-09-16 Pascal Bach New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: allow using 'HEAD' as a branch name 2016-05-18 Markus Lehtonen New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: allow using 'HEAD' as a branch name 2016-08-03 Markus Lehtonen New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Allow other namespaces than refs/heads to be searched. 2014-11-03 Fredrik Svensson New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Allow other namespaces than refs/heads to be searched. 2014-11-04 Fredrik Svensson New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Add workaround for clone using alternates problem 2012-01-31 Richard Purdie Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/git: Add sanity check to ensure we really did fetch the correct revisions 2013-12-05 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ try to handle local clone failures by pruning branches 2017-08-02 Mikko Rapeli New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2/ Switch to use FETCHCMD_cvs and handle parameters in the fetcher it... 2012-07-09 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/wget: Start to clean up command construction 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/wget: Separate out download and checkstatus functions 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/wget: mitigate a wget race condition when listing FTP directories 2017-07-25 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/svk: Drop usage of old style *COMMAND variable and MKTEMPDIRCMD 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/perforce: Fix single file checkouts 2015-06-26 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/perforce: Drop usage of old style *COMMAND variable and MKTEMPDIRCMD 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/local: Drop FILESDIR 2017-04-05 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/local: Allow preservation of path components in relative file:// urls 2012-07-25 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/hg: support submodules 2015-05-11 New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/hg: Disable checksums for archived downloads 2015-05-22 Ash Charles New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/git: Separate out an ls-remote function 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/git: Improve ls-remote handling for latest_revision 2015-01-08 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch/git: Change to use clearer ssh url syntax for broken servers 2016-01-07 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] Fail gracefully if event handler function is not found 2016-08-30 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[bitbake-devel] externalsrc: avoid race in temporary git index file 2016-04-05 Markus Lehtonen New
[bitbake-devel] event: temporarily disable verbose logs 2012-12-13 Enrico Scholz New
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