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[bitbake-devel,1/3] bitbake-worker: Further IO performance tweaks 2016-12-07 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] bitbake: add webhob code to bitbake 2013-09-26 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] bitbake: cooker: don't preserve BB_CONSOLELOG 2018-02-27 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] bitbake: Retain order for __depends and __base_depends 2012-04-17 Dongxiao Xu New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] bitbake: toastergui: Fix toastertable table header reference 2015-08-06 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] bitbake: xmlrpc: implement check of connection to server 2016-07-18 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Add a log to capture task execution order 2012-05-23 Mark Hatle New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] minor shell_trap_code() formatting tweaks 2016-01-28 Andre McCurdy New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] buildinfohelper: add method to set current build as CANCELLED 2016-05-12 Michael Wood New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Add a hook for config parsing 2012-04-12 Dongxiao Xu New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Lock/Unlock members function into BBCooker 2015-07-07 Leonardo Sandoval New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Create main WEBHOB project 2013-06-12 Calin Dragomir New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Provide (optional) logging of variable modifications 2012-08-09 Peter Seebach New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] depexp: make parse() a member function 2013-08-05 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] fetch2/git: prevent recursion on getting latest revision 2017-03-27 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] fetcher: quote filenames given in commands 2012-04-13 Enrico Scholz New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] hob2: remove the hard-coded images map 2012-08-28 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] hob2: remove the hard-coded images map 2012-08-24 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Hob: apply a line length to consistantly across 'base image' descriptions 2012-05-14 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Hob: clear the repeated function get_kernel_file_name 2012-06-01 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] hob: create a base hob image used to create custom images 2014-02-25 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Hob: implement a self-defined notebook visual component for Hob 2012-03-12 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Hob: lower the limitation for PyGTK 2012-06-02 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Hob: reset the selection if switch to a new base image 2012-03-16 Dongxiao Xu New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] knotty: Catch exceptions on broken pipes 2015-02-27 Rob Woolley New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] lib/bb/build: add tasksbetween() function 2017-02-06 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] lib/bb/ui/crumbs/: replace custom HobNotebook 2012-04-13 Joshua Lock New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] monitordisk: update check() to return a dict 2012-07-26 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] parse_py: add ~ to config_regexp 2013-01-22 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] prserv: use only PRSERV_HOST 2013-01-23 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] recipes: anonymous functions with priorities 2017-01-06 Patrick Ohly New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] rpm: support customizing gpg command line 2017-02-23 Markus Lehtonen New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: Always run bldcontrol migrations 2015-10-14 Michael Wood New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: bin/toaster Add help text for unrecognised command 2016-04-21 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: handle multiple imagefs types 2016-05-19 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: implement BitbakeController.triggerEvent 2015-12-09 Michael Wood New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: raise NotImplementedError 2016-03-03 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: Read correct cooker log path from toasterui 2015-09-11 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: remove unnecessary white space 2015-09-08 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: remove unnecessary white space 2015-09-08 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: set non-hideable columns for build tasks table 2016-07-21 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: settings fixture Set default release to master 2016-11-10 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: show full list of dependents to remove 2016-03-24 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: toaster oe-selftest support 2014-05-21 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] toaster: toasterui: listen for bb.event.MetadataEvent 2016-01-18 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] ui/crumbs/ tweak strings 2012-06-14 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] Add sha1_file call 2016-02-25 Brendan Le Foll New
[bitbake-devel,1/3] V5 Fix finish_now when no running task 2012-02-26 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] bb.fetch: simplify mirror tarball handling in try_mirror_url 2015-08-26 Christopher Larson New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] bitbake server: create common server infrastructure 2013-05-31 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] bitbake: main: fix bad-witespace pylint warnings 2016-04-25 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] bitbake: Retain order for __depends and __base_depends 2012-04-17 Dongxiao Xu New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] bitbake: runqueue/bitbake-worker: Fix dry run fakeroot issues 2013-12-25 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] bitbake: toastergui: Machine select button url parameters change 2015-08-06 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] Add a log to capture task execution order 2012-05-23 Mark Hatle New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] cooker: add state.get_name method 2015-12-31 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] cookerdata: fix variable history not showing in bitbake -e with memres 2017-06-09 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] fetch/git: use enumerate for ud.names 2017-03-21 Christopher Larson New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] fetch2/ latest_versionstring search in all tags 2015-07-15 Aníbal Limón New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] fetch2/repo: Fix missing logger import in repo fetcher 2017-10-24 Oleksandr Andrushchenko New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] fetch2/ Add FetchConnectionCache class 2015-06-23 Aníbal Limón New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] fetch2: Fix missing output from stderr in fetcher logs 2012-06-14 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] Hob: A minor fix on tooltip 2012-04-14 Dongxiao Xu New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] Hob: add the "info" indication icon for "information" in the dialogs. 2012-04-02 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] hob: change error_msg for CommandFailed event 2014-01-21 Irina Patru New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] Hob: change the refresh icon speed to make it view clear 2012-05-08 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] hob: sort alphabetically results in groups of recipes/packages 2013-05-07 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] lib/bb/data: fix dependency handling for contains and multiple values 2017-04-02 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toaster: Add layer details page feature 2015-01-14 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toaster: orm Fix get_number_of_builds to count all apart from IN_PROGRESS 2015-11-13 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toaster: populate target image file table 2014-03-12 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toaster: Record critical errors 2015-10-15 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toaster: store task name in Target objects 2015-09-22 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toaster: use path to the script to guess config path 2015-10-15 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/4] toastergui: prevent error on empty build list 2015-03-31 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/5,dora] bitbake: cooker/command: Add error state for the server and use for pre_... 2013-12-10 Robert Yang New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] bitbake: Add --status-only option 2013-11-25 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] bitbake: toaster: Partial Revert "fixes after html5 compliance testing" 2015-07-02 Michael Wood New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] cooker, toaster: variable definition tracking 2013-11-14 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] cooker: move EventLogWriteHandler to the top module level 2016-06-20 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] cooker: Only add universe targets where the task exists 2017-01-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] fetch2.URI: Coerce urlparse to use netloc for all schemes 2014-01-20 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] fetch2.URI: Coerce urlparse to use netloc for all schemes 2013-03-10 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] fetch2/ Use "protocol" parameter and warn user if recipe is using "proto" 2012-07-10 Andrei Gherzan New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] Hob: add '--select a machine--' and '--select a base image--' to GUI 2012-05-21 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] Hob: add refresh icon as ui request in building log 2012-03-26 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] Hob: add Templates and Settings on image details screen 2012-03-28 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] Hob: Change window title from HOB to Hob 2012-03-21 Shane Wang New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] Hob: clear the repeated function get_kernel_file_name 2012-06-04 An, LimingX L New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] hob: remove the rest of the old template functionality 2013-06-19 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] hob: replace hob-toolchain with meta-toolchain 2013-12-17 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] lib/layers: Initial layer and layer index implementeation 2017-08-04 Mark Hatle New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: Change placeholder attribute in variables table 2014-03-25 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: hide irrelevant builds in the project builds view 2015-09-10 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: implement API to get full list of deps 2015-10-02 brian avery New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: Improve client side error handling 2015-01-08 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: layerdetails update build recipe button class name 2015-10-09 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: localhostbecontroller Don't clear out toaster custom layer dir 2016-03-23 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: machines table Fix missing layers information needed for filter 2015-11-26 Elliot Smith New
[bitbake-devel,1/5] toaster: orm migrations Sort out migrations mess 2016-02-19 brian avery New
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