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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-manager: Fixed subshell false positive 2020-11-25 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-manager: Private xenguest-manager functions 2020-11-23 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/n1sdp-image-customization: boot partition size variables 2020-11-23 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,2/2] arm-autonomy/arm-autonomy-host-image-minimal: Added multiconfig support 2020-11-17 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/documentation: Updated for gatesgarth branch 2020-11-17 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/arm-autonomy-host-image-minimal: Resolve guest path if symlink 2020-11-10 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,2/2] arm-autonomy: Move machine override soft assignments to inc files 1 2020-10-13 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy: Drop foundation-armv8 support 1 2020-10-13 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: Use IMAGE_EFI_BOOT_FILES instead of IMAGE_BOOT_FILES 1 2020-09-24 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/documentation: Update with dependencies 1 2020-09-22 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/u-boot: fix THISDIR name collision in u-boot_%.bbappend 1 2020-09-17 Nathan Dunne New