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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-arm] meta-arm: Fix passing of linker flags 2020-06-15 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] meta-arm: Use dynamic layer magic to build trusted-firmware-m 2020-07-03 Khem Raj New
[meta-arm] meta-gem5: extract the gem5 recipe and machine into a dedicate meta-gem5 layer 2020-06-26 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] optee-client: Disable Werror with clang 2020-11-04 Khem Raj New
[meta-arm] optee-examples: Respect LDFLAGS passed via environment 2020-09-02 Khem Raj Superseded
[meta-arm] optee-os: fix build race 2020-07-31 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] trusted-firmware-a: fiptool build using BUILD_CFLAGS and BUILD_LDFLAGS 2020-06-11 Diego Sueiro New
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