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[meta-arm] trusted-firmware-a: fiptool build using BUILD_CFLAGS and BUILD_LDFLAGS 2020-06-11 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm] optee-os: fix build race 2020-07-31 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] optee-examples: Respect LDFLAGS passed via environment 2020-09-02 Khem Raj Superseded
[meta-arm] optee-client: Disable Werror with clang 2020-11-04 Khem Raj New
[meta-arm] meta-gem5: extract the gem5 recipe and machine into a dedicate meta-gem5 layer 2020-06-26 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] meta-arm: Use dynamic layer magic to build trusted-firmware-m 2020-07-03 Khem Raj New
[meta-arm] meta-arm: Fix passing of linker flags 2020-06-15 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] linux-linaro-arm_5.4: fix build of Perf with new BFD 2020-06-30 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] Limit legacy compatibility to dunfell 2020-07-15 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] gem5/linux: remove redundant CONFIG_DRM_ARM 1 2020-08-11 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm: trusted-firmware-a variable name misuse 2020-08-25 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm: add TF-A v1.5 recipes 2020-07-31 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm/trusted-firmware-a: fix 2.4 build with OpenSSL 2020-11-09 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/trusted-firmware-a: do verbose builds 2020-07-24 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/scp-firmware: fix build race 2020-09-14 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/scp-firmware: Fix build location 2020-08-27 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm/python3-cbor: point the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM at the source tree 2020-11-03 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/optee-test: don't attempt to build with musl 2020-11-02 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/opencsd: upgrade to 1.43.3 2020-10-28 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/opencsd: build on 32-bit Arm/x86 2020-11-02 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/linux-arm64-ack: update branch to 5.4 version 2020-09-24 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm/layer.conf: unify on a layer priority of 5 1 2020-08-12 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm/fiptool : provides fiptool for packaging 1 2020-06-22 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm/edk2-firmware: fix passing of linker flags 2020-06-16 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: yocto-check-layer fixes 2020-07-04 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: u-boot error fixing and file clean-up 2020-07-20 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: rename linux-yocto_5.4.bbappend for versatility 2020-07-15 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Remove unused kernel recipe 2020-08-19 Jon Mason Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Remove unused kernel recipe 2020-08-19 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: remove redundant entry 2020-07-31 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: redundant entry in FVP TF-A 2020-08-25 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Move to newer kernel for fvp-base and foundation-armv8 2020-07-13 Anders Dellien New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Move to linux-linaro-arm for fvp-base and foundation-armv8 1 2020-06-16 luca fancellu New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: FVP include cleanup 2020-07-16 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Fix u-boot 2020.07 recipe 2020-11-12 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Fix the PV variable for edk2 2020-06-15 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Fix missing virtual/kernel warnings for musca 2020-08-10 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: fix missing stable kernels 2020-11-13 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Fix gem5 build break 1 2020-06-11 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Fix cortexm tunes 2020-11-03 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: fix cortexa32 tune 2020-10-12 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Fix a5ds dunfell support 2020-07-22 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: create u-boot 2020.07 to resolve warning 2020-11-09 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: Correct documentation errors 2020-08-19 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp: convert general u-boot bbappend to version specific 2020-11-03 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/wic: Introduce custom wks and grub.cfg for N1SDP 2020-08-04 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/wic: fix WKS dependencies for N1SDP components 2020-07-23 Khasim Mohammed Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/wic: add default wks file to create EFI disk image 2020-07-01 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/wic : add wic image support for N1SDP 2020-07-15 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/u-boot: Updated platform port for TC0 2020-07-07 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/u-boot: Rebase FVP patches on u-boot 2020.07 2020-09-23 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/u-boot: fix uenv errors while rebasing v2020.07 2020-07-14 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/u-boot: fix THISDIR name collision in u-boot_%.bbappend 1 2020-09-17 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/u-boot: fix patches for a5ds 2020-09-29 Rui Miguel Silva New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: reorder the build targets 2020-08-28 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: move machine customisations to the versioned appends 2020-07-14 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: generate single-chip and multi-chip dtbs for N1SDP 2020-08-04 Khasim Mohammed Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: adapt for patched recipe 2020-11-25 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/tc0: Add kernel patches 2020-10-21 Anders Dellien New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/scp-firmware: Introduce FW_INSTALL variable 2020-08-10 Damodar Santhapuri New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/recipes-kernel: Update fvp-base-arm32 BSP definition 2020-09-22 Anders Dellien Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/recipes-kernel: Remove kernel config warnings for fvp-base machines 2020-08-14 Anders Dellien New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/recipes-kernel: Enable FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE for tc0 2020-08-05 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: Use IMAGE_EFI_BOOT_FILES instead of IMAGE_BOOT_FILES 1 2020-09-24 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: update TFA SRC_REV to include remote chip pcie support 2020-09-24 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: remove swap parition entry from wic image 2020-11-12 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: Add wic.gz and wic.bmap to IMAGE_FSTYPES 2020-11-09 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: add overview section to n1sdp documentation 2020-11-25 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp: add board firmware recipe and documentation 1 2020-10-14 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp-board-firmware: rewrite recipe 2020-11-09 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/n1sdp-board-firmware: include RAM firmware for secondary device 2020-11-19 Khasim Mohammed Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/musca-*: use newlib for libc 2020-10-14 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/machine: move kernel version for tc0 to 5.4 2020-09-23 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux: simplify fvp-base DTS additions 2020-07-24 Ross Burton Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux-linaro-arm: remove disable of CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE for N1SDP 2020-07-30 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux-linaro-arm: Fix multiple definition of `yylloc' 2020-08-19 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux-linaro-arm: enable Realtek R8169 eth adapter driver for N1SDP 2020-07-30 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux-linaro-arm-5.4: fixup perf to build with gcc 10 2020-11-02 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux-linaro-arm-5.4: fix N1SDP kernel configuration warnings 2020-09-24 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/linux-arm64-ack: remove bbappend for version 4.19 2020-09-30 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/juno: Move to linux-yocto 5.4 2020-08-14 Damodar Santhapuri New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/image_types_disk_img: do not force 'ext4' FS by default 1 2020-07-16 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/grub: Add grub-efi support for N1SDP 2020-07-01 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/fvp-base*: move to trusted-firmware-a 2.4 1 2020-11-25 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/edk2-firmware: fix destsuffix and PV for recursion error 2020-06-16 Khasim Mohammed Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/documentation: add corstone700 documentation 2020-11-02 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/documentation: add BSP documentation template 2020-09-30 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/docmumentation: Add information about tc0 2020-10-14 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/corstone700-test-app: adding test recipe for systems comms 2020-10-21 New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp/corstone700-mps3: Enabling NXP ISP1763 USB host controller in linux 2020-10-07 lakshmi Kailasanathan New
[meta-arm] arm-bsp, gem5-arm64: Update to v20 version 1 2020-06-11 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy: Move gem5-arm64 to dynamic-layers/meta-gem5 1 2020-07-30 Diego Sueiro Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy: Extend compatibility to gatesgarth 2020-07-21 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-network: fix for unbound variable in 2020-11-09 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-mkimage: add extra ramdisk support 1 2020-10-14 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-manager: Private xenguest-manager functions 2020-11-23 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-manager: Fixed subshell false positive 2020-11-25 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-manager: Allow guests with substring names 2020-10-30 Diego Sueiro Superseded
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-manager: Allow guests with substring names 2020-10-30 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm] arm-autonomy/xenguest-init: fix guest shutdown issues after host reboot 2020-11-13 Kamil Dziezyk New
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