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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-arm,2/2] arm-autonomy/linux-arm-autonomy: Fix runstate info page if kpti is enabled 2020-10-21 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,2/2] arm-autonomy/arm-autonomy-host-image-minimal: Added multiconfig support 2020-11-17 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,2/2] arm-autonomy, xenguest-manager: Guest creation failure cleanup 1 2020-06-17 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/9] arm/scp-firmware: merge bb/inc 2020-07-29 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/9] arm-autonomy/xen: Update EARLY_PRINTK support and remove custom defconfigs 2020-09-03 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/8] arm-autonomy/linux-linaro-arm-rt: add linux-RT patch for xen dynamic events 2020-11-17 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/7] arm/optee-os: improve sysroot lookup 2020-11-02 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/7] arm-bsp: Remove references to meta-arm-platforms 2020-10-02 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm,1/7] arm-bsp/scp-firmware: Build SCP/MCP for sgi575 2020-08-10 Prabin CA New
[meta-arm,1/6] qemuarm64-secureboot: changed format of memory to MB 2020-10-14 New
[meta-arm,1/6] arm/edk2-firmware: no need to inherit python3native 2020-10-20 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/6] arm-toolchain/external-arm-toolchain: rename common include 1 2020-07-16 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/6] arm-bsp: Introduce support for rdn1edge platform 2020-11-20 Thomas Abraham New
[meta-arm,1/6] arm-bsp/external-system: remove coreutils-native DEPENDS 2020-11-25 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/6] arm-bsp/documentation: fix MACHINE reference 2020-11-10 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/5] arm-bsp/fvp-common: explicitly select trusted-firmware-a 2.3 2020-11-20 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/5] arm-autonomy/xenguest-mkimage: fix DISK_DEVICE setting 2020-11-20 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm,1/4] external-arm-toolchain-versions: also collect binutils/bfd version 2020-06-15 Denys Dmytriyenko New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm/trusted-firmware-m: clean up configure/compile 2020-08-12 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm/trusted-firmware-a: actually add mbedtls to SRC_URI 2020-08-28 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm-bsp: Migrate a5ds to meta-kernel for stable kernels 2020-07-14 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm-bsp: branding CA5DS to Corstone-500 2020-11-24 New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm-bsp/linux-linaro-arm: Move N1SDP specifics from .bbapend to .inc 2020-11-03 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm-bsp/a5ds: explicitly select trusted-firmware-a 2.3 2020-11-19 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/4] arm-autonomy/xen-tools: vif-nat script fixes 1 2020-07-30 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/3] README: add Ross Burton as co-maintainer 2020-06-16 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/3] Drop dunfell support 2020-10-17 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm,1/3] arm/trusted-firmware-a: fix variable name typo 2020-08-21 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm,1/3] arm-bsp: ARMv8-2a: Add tuning files 2020-09-02 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm,1/3] arm-bsp/u-boot: Add support for 32-bit FVP BASE machine 2020-07-31 Anders Dellien New
[meta-arm,1/3] arm-bsp/n1sdp: update SRC_REV to latest validated version 2020-09-08 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm,1/2] opencsd: put version into PV instead of SHA 2020-07-14 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] meta-arm: trusted-firmware-a: add branch name for mbedtls 2020-08-05 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm,1/2] gem5: add dunfell support 2020-06-30 Jon Mason New
[meta-arm,1/2] gem5/gem5-aarch64-native: don't specify -j twice 2020-11-13 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm: Introduce 4.19 Android Common Kernel 2020-06-26 Teo Couprie Diaz New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm/trusted-firmware-a: clean up license assignments 2020-11-04 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm/scp-firmware: mark as machine-specific 2020-08-05 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm/scp-firmware : allow setting scp log level to INFO or WARN 1 2020-06-22 Khasim Mohammed New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm/optee-os: add CVE_PRODUCT tag 2020-11-19 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm/edk2-firmware: merge the .bb/.inc files 2020-07-13 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp: use pre-generated keys instead of haveged in FVP machines 2020-10-16 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp: remove foundation-armv8 machine 2020-11-25 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp: recommend haveged, don't depend 2020-07-24 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/u-boot: fix autoboot issue on juno platform 2020-11-06 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: Update SHA for tc0 2020-10-13 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: move A5 DesignStart to 2.3 2020-07-07 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/scp-firmware: build SCP firmware for juno 2020-08-10 Damodar Santhapuri New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/machine: Fix ACK version for tc0 to 4.19 2020-08-28 Usama Arif New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/layer.conf: add meta-python for musca 2020-10-20 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-bsp/fvp-base: move to trusted-firmware-a 2.4 1 2020-11-23 Ross Burton New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy: Update Maintainers list 2020-10-12 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy: Drop foundation-armv8 support 1 2020-10-13 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/xen: Backport improvements to xen 4.14 2020-10-21 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/wic: Introduce empty plugin to create unformatted empty partitions 2020-09-25 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/recipes-connectivity: revert dhcp removal and bind update 2020-09-17 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/recipes-connectivity: Revert "revert dhcp removal and bind update" 1 2020-10-28 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/grub-efi: Add xen_boot support when 'xen' is in DISTRO_FEATURES 2020-10-01 Diego Sueiro New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/firmware-image-juno: update offset addresses for NOR flash images 2020-11-20 Kamil Dziezyk New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy/documentation: Updated for gatesgarth branch 2020-11-17 Nathan Dunne New
[meta-arm,1/2] arm-autonomy, xenguest: Fail if Dom0 is not properly initialized 1 2020-06-17 Diego Sueiro New
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