[meta-fsl-arm] gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Don't package wayland libraries in non-wayland builds

Submitted by Jacob Kroon on July 17, 2014, 7:20 a.m.


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Jacob Kroon July 17, 2014, 7:20 a.m.

  readelf --dynamic libgc_wayland_protocol.so | grep NEEDED

shows that the library has a runtime dependency on libffi. Same thing
applies to libwayland-viv.so.

For non-wayland builds, where libffi may or may not be available during
package time, skip packaging them so that they don't cause unexpected
dependency changes in buildhistory.

Signed-off-by: Jacob Kroon <jacob.kroon@mikrodidakt.se>
 recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q.inc | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

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diff --git a/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q.inc b/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q.inc
index 4106848..1437a37 100644
--- a/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q.inc
+++ b/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q.inc
@@ -174,6 +174,12 @@  do_install () {
     ln -sf libGLESv2.so.2.0.0 ${D}${libdir}/libGLESv2.so.2
     ln -sf libGLESv2.so.2.0.0 ${D}${libdir}/libGLESv2.so
+    # skip packaging wayland libraries for non-wayland backends
+    if [ ${backend} != wl ]; then
+        rm ${D}${libdir}/libgc_wayland_protocol.*
+        rm ${D}${libdir}/libwayland-viv.*
+    fi
     for backend in wl x11 fb dfb; do
         find ${D}${libdir} -name "*-$backend.so" -exec rm '{}' ';'