libxml2: make xmlcatalog work via --with-catalog

Submitted by Li Zhijian on Aug. 30, 2013, 5 p.m.


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Li Zhijian Aug. 30, 2013, 5 p.m.
Previously,when execute xmlcatalog, it shows as follows:
 "libxml was not compiled with catalog and output support"

So it seems more reasonable to make xmlcatalog work
by using --with-catalog instead of --without-catalog

Signed-off-by: Li Zhijian <>
 meta/recipes-core/libxml/ |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

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diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/libxml/ b/meta/recipes-core/libxml/
index 7fb2644..7a6a638 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/libxml/
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/libxml/
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@  do_configure_prepend () {
 	sed -i -e '/.*ansidecl.h.*/d' ${S}/
-EXTRA_OECONF = "--without-python --without-debug --without-legacy --without-catalog --without-docbook --with-c14n --without-lzma --with-fexceptions"
+EXTRA_OECONF = "--without-python --without-debug --without-legacy --with-catalog --without-docbook --with-c14n --without-lzma --with-fexceptions"
 EXTRA_OECONF_class-native = "--with-python=${STAGING_BINDIR}/python --without-legacy --with-catalog --without-docbook --with-c14n --without-lzma"
 EXTRA_OECONF_class-nativesdk = "--with-python=${STAGING_BINDIR}/python --without-legacy --with-catalog --without-docbook --with-c14n --without-lzma"
 EXTRA_OECONF_linuxstdbase = "--without-python --with-debug --with-legacy --with-catalog --with-docbook --with-c14n --without-lzma"