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Usama Arif Oct. 14, 2020, 4:26 p.m.
This includes an overview as well as build and run instructions
for the tc0 software stack.

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+# TC0 Platform Support in meta-arm-bsp
+## Overview
+The Total Compute platform provides an envelope for all of Arm's latest IP and
+software solutions, optimised to work together. Further information can be
+found on the Total Compute community page:
+The user guide for TC0 platform with detailed instructions for
+syncing and building the source code and running on TC0 Fixed Virtual Platform
+for poky and android distributions is available at:
+## Building
+In the local.conf file, MACHINE should be set as follows:
+MACHINE = "tc0"
+To build the required binaries for tc0, run the commmand for the required image,
+for e.g for core-image-minimal:
+```bash$ bitbake core-image-minimal```
+## Running
+To run the produced binaries in a TC0 Fixed Virtual Platform please get
+the run scripts at:
+and follow the instructions in the user-guide.rst available in: