[bitbake-devel,dunfell,1.46,1/6] docs: delete reference to obsolete recipe-depends.dot

Submitted by Steve Sakoman on June 2, 2020, 12:39 a.m. | Patch ID: 173155


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Steve Sakoman June 2, 2020, 12:39 a.m.
From: "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday@crashcourse.ca>

Given that generation of recipe-depends.dot was removed:

  commit 4c484cc01e3eee7ab2ab0359fd680b4dbd31dc30
  Author: Chen Qi <Qi.Chen@windriver.com>
  Date:   Thu Aug 22 15:52:51 2019 +0800

      cooker.py: remove generation of recipe-depends.dot

      The information of recipe-depends.dot is misleading.

delete mention of it from the user manual.

Signed-off-by: Robert P. J. Day <rpjday@crashcourse.ca>
Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
(cherry picked from commit 2effbb6e10b07dc12e4ecdf449ca29fc20968c59)
Signed-off-by: Steve Sakoman <steve@sakoman.com>
 doc/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-intro.xml | 7 +------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 6 deletions(-)

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diff --git a/doc/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-intro.xml b/doc/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-intro.xml
index f5526c05..995c2fa7 100644
--- a/doc/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-intro.xml
+++ b/doc/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-intro.xml
@@ -694,14 +694,9 @@ 
-                    When you generate a dependency graph, BitBake writes three files
+                    When you generate a dependency graph, BitBake writes two files
                     to the current working directory:
-                        <listitem><para>
-                            <emphasis><filename>recipe-depends.dot</filename>:</emphasis>
-                            Shows dependencies between recipes (i.e. a collapsed version of
-                            <filename>task-depends.dot</filename>).
-                            </para></listitem>
                             Shows dependencies between tasks.