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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
openssl: allow to add configure options through EXTRA_OECONF 2010-12-09 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
oe-stylize: remove trailing newline when printing unknown variable/routine 2010-12-09 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
gcc: introduce version 4.5.2 2010-12-10 Eric BENARD Rejected Prefer libtool version 2.4 with sysroot. 2010-12-10 Khem Raj Accepted
[v3] inkscape_0.48.0: add `boost` to `DEPENDS` 2010-12-10 Paul Menzel Accepted
[RESEND] midori: add `openssl` to `DEPENDS` and remove trailing whitespace 2010-12-10 Paul Menzel Accepted
srctree and stamps 2010-12-10 Ambrose, Martin Accepted
gypsy: add `bluez4` to `DEPENDS` instead of `bluez-libs` 2010-12-10 Paul Menzel Accepted
gstreamer: update to 0.10.31 2010-12-10 Andreas Oberritter Superseded
mcpp: fixed crash issue with slice2cpp 2010-12-12 Maksym Parkachov Accepted
icee: New program ZeroC IceE 2010-12-12 Maksym Parkachov Accepted
[1/4] ti-pru-sw-app-loader: remove unneeded RDEPENDS 2010-12-13 Melissa Watkins Accepted
[2/4] ti-pru-sw-edma-driver: do not strip driver 2010-12-13 Melissa Watkins Accepted
[3/4] ti-pru-sw-edma-library: fix package dependencies 2010-12-13 Melissa Watkins Accepted
[4/4] ti-pru-sw-examples: fix package run-time dependencies 2010-12-13 Melissa Watkins Accepted
ncurses_5.7: replace tabulators with spaces 2010-12-13 Paul Menzel Accepted
eglibc/glibc: Use/add cross-localedef to generate locales 2010-12-13 Khem Raj Accepted
glibc: Replace get_glibc_fpu_setting with get_libc_fpu_setting 2010-12-13 Khem Raj Accepted
base.bbclass: Get rid of "WARNING: Function do_build doesn't exist" 2010-12-13 Bob Foerster Accepted Revert PR 42172 backport 2010-12-14 Khem Raj Accepted Fix build failure on ARM/thumb due to GCC ICE 2010-12-14 Khem Raj Accepted
This patch applied to ltp script to make default set of test suits configurable which is not the default behaviour. By default invokes runltp wihout specifying any set of tests to run. This patch will give the user option to 2010-12-14 irfan sadiq Superseded
Stop Libtool relinking against host's /usr/lib (file format not recognised) 2010-12-15 Martin Panter Not Applicable
To make configurable for default tests 2010-12-15 irfan sadiq Accepted
classes/gitpkgv.bbclass: add GITPKGVTAG that uses 'git describe' 2010-12-16 Otavio Salvador Accepted
openssl: create package for openssl configuration file 2010-12-16 chase maupin Accepted
lftp: add ti LFTB recipe 2010-12-16 chase maupin Superseded
sourceipk: copy over hidden files and dirs 2010-12-16 chase maupin Superseded
sane-toolchain: use hard assignment instead of weak for libtool version and LIBTOOL_HAS_SYSROOT 2010-12-17 Martin Jansa Accepted Fix do_populate_sdk for DISTRO=micro. 2010-12-17 Graham Gower Accepted
python-pycairo_1.8.0: remove `DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"` 2010-12-17 Paul Menzel Accepted
fontconfig: update SRC_URI 2010-12-17 Eric BENARD Accepted
[PATCHv2] lftb: add ti LFTB recipe 2010-12-20 chase maupin Accepted Fix build when DISTRO_FEATURES lacks largefile. 2010-12-21 Graham Gower Accepted
asterisk: fix SRC_URI and remove old recipes 2010-12-21 Eric BENARD Superseded
patch.bbclass: conditional patch-tool dependency 2010-12-21 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[1/2] asterisk: move non working recipes to nonworking directory 2010-12-21 Eric BENARD Accepted
[2/2] asterisk: fix SRC_URI 2010-12-21 Eric BENARD Accepted
[RFC] Add qextserialport recipe. 2010-12-22 Marc Reilly Accepted
monit: enable include from /etc/monit.d 2010-12-22 Vitus Jensen Accepted
compat-wireless recipe 2010-12-22 Elvis Dowson Accepted
ffmpeg: replace tabulators with spaces for consistency 2010-12-23 Paul Menzel Accepted
busybox: update 1.18.0 to 1.18.1 2010-12-23 Eric BENARD Superseded, micro-uclibc.conf: Avoid gettext in uclibc systems. 2010-12-24 Graham Gower Accepted
QA issue with staging (workdir) for .la files in xmlrpc-c package 2010-12-24 Martin Panter Accepted
=?iso-8859-1?q?=5BPATCH=5D_xbmc=5Fsvn=3A_apply_upstream_patc?= =?iso-8859-1?q?h_=BBcomplete_replacement_of_liblzo_with_liblzo2=2C_linux_?= =?iso-8859-1?q?was_already_liblzo2=AB?= 2010-12-24 Paul Menzel Superseded
=?iso-8859-1?q?=5BPATCH_2/2_v2=5D_xbmc=5Fsvn=3A_apply_upstre?= =?iso-8859-1?q?am_patch_=BBcomplete_replacement_of_liblzo_with_liblzo2=2C?= =?iso-8859-1?q?_linux_was_already_liblzo2=AB?= 2010-12-24 Paul Menzel Accepted
[1/2] xbmc: add `zlib` to `DEPENDS` 2010-12-24 Paul Menzel Superseded
[1/2,v2] xbmc: add `zlib` to `DEPENDS` 2010-12-24 Paul Menzel Accepted
[1/5] perl: fix PERLCONFIGTARGET for multimach builds, move cpan vars 2010-12-25 Roman Khimov Accepted
[2/5] perl 5.10.1: fix Time::HiRes cross-compilation 2010-12-25 Roman Khimov Accepted
[3/5] perl-native: fix ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid library check for cross-build 2010-12-25 Roman Khimov Accepted
[4/5] perl-5.10.1: fix config var. 'need_va_copy' 2010-12-25 Roman Khimov Accepted
[5/5] perl: fix some arch-specific variables 2010-12-25 Roman Khimov Accepted
cpan_build.bbclass; added cc and ld flags to the perl Build.PL invocation 2010-12-26 Frans Meulenbroeks Superseded
openssl: update 1.0.0b to 1.0.0c 2010-12-26 Roman Khimov Accepted
[v2] cpan_build.bbclass; added cc and ld flags to the perl Build.PL invocation 2010-12-26 Frans Meulenbroeks Superseded
[v2] cpan_build.bbclass; added cc and ld flags to the perl Build.PL invocation 2010-12-27 Frans Meulenbroeks Superseded
=?koi8-r?b?cW1ha2VfYmFzZS5iYmNsYXNzIHBhdGNoIHRvIGxvb2t1cCBm?= =?koi8-r?b?b3IgKi5wcm8gd2l0aGluICR7U30gaW5zdGVhZCBvZiAke0J9?= 2010-12-27 Denis Dydychkin Accepted
python: Initial commit of python 2.7.1 2010-12-27 Ben Gamari Accepted
boost: Initial commit of 1.45.0 2010-12-27 Ben Gamari Superseded
boost: Initial commit of 1.45.0 2010-12-28 Ben Gamari Accepted
glib-2.0_2.26.1: remove `DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"` 2010-12-28 Paul Menzel Accepted
busybox: update 1.18.0 to 1.18.1 2010-12-29 Eric BENARD Accepted
[1/2] glib-2.0, dbus: drop dbus's dependency on glib and add dbus dependency to glib-2.0_2.26.1 2010-12-29 Martin Jansa Superseded
[2/2] util-linux-ng: drop udev dependency to break circular dbus dependency glib->dbus->libsm->util-linux-ng->udev->glib 2010-12-29 Martin Jansa Superseded
glib 2.26.1: fix compilation failure 2010-12-29 Eric BENARD Accepted
[1/2] perl 5.10.1: fix archlib(exp) and privlib(exp) vars in target configs 2010-12-29 Roman Khimov Accepted
[2/2] classes/cpan: fix bin/script/man1/man3 installation dirs 2010-12-29 Roman Khimov Accepted
gnome-power-manager: fix compilation 2010-12-30 Eric BENARD Accepted
testbuilder/README: correct grammar and markup in Markdown [1] 2010-12-31 Paul Menzel Accepted
[1/3] busybox-1.18.1: add latest fix 2010-12-31 Eric BENARD Accepted
[2/3] busybox-1.18.1 is stable so can be the default 2010-12-31 Eric BENARD Accepted
[3/3] busybox-static: add 1.18.1 2010-12-31 Eric BENARD Accepted - break shared libs into separate packages 2011-01-02 Mike Westerhof Accepted
ti-pru-sw: Update SRC_REV 2011-01-03 Melissa Watkins Accepted
[01/12] gstd: fix type in RRECOMENDS 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[02/12] class_image: fix typos 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[03/12] image.bbclass: rm symlink destination via ln 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[04/12] bitbake.conf: add cpio and ext4 .xz support 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[05/12] uclibc: shared-flat: put crtreloc.o into -dev package 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[06/12] busybox: remove superfluous newlines from mdev init script 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[07/12] busybox: simplify handling of busybox-static 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[08/12] busybox: provide -passwd and -shadow packages 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[09/12] busybox: provide postrm for package mdev 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[10/12] busybox: simplify update-rc.d OPT handling 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[11/12] glib-2.0: fix compilation for !IPv6 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[12/12] xz: bump version 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
.opk packages and rootfs? 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Not Applicable
[1/2] compat-wireless-2.6-old: add initial recipe 2011-01-04 Simon Busch Accepted
[2/2] compat-wireless-2.6-old: make recipe even support the palmpre machine 2011-01-04 Simon Busch Accepted
[1/1] am-benchmarks: add platform support and correct makefile 2011-01-04 Jeff Lance Superseded
qt4: fix incorrect pkg-config files 2011-01-05 Andreas Oberritter Superseded
[v2] qt4: fix incorrect pkg-config files 2011-01-05 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
distro/slugos: Upgrade to use gcc 4.5 and libtool 2.4 2011-01-05 Khem Raj Accepted
[1/4] python-wifi: add recipe for version 0.5.0 2011-01-06 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[2/4] python-wifi: remove version 0.3.1 2011-01-06 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[3/4] add SRC_URI parameter unpack=<bool> (default: true) 2011-01-06 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[4/4] gcc: replace unconditional SRC_URI_append with SRC_URI += 2011-01-06 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
eglibc: Make it configurable by tuning eglibc options 2011-01-07 Khem Raj Accepted