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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-handheld] Pull Request 20150419 - Cleanings for Yocto Project 1.8 2015-04-18 Andrea Adami New
[meta-handheld] linux-gcw0(-kexecboot): upgrade from 3.19 to 4.0 dev release 2015-04-18 Andrea Adami New
[meta-networking] lksctp-tools: make -utils and -ptest recommend sctp kernel module 2015-04-18 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov New
[meta-oe,v2] meta-oe: override SECURITY_CFLAGS for a set of recipes 2015-04-18 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov New
[meta-qt5,WIP,2/3] git-recipes: upgrade to latest revision in 5.4 branch 2015-04-17 Martin Jansa New
[meta-qt5,WIP,1/3] licenses: Add LGPL_Exception texts and reference them from LICENSE 2015-04-17 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe] meta-oe: override SECURITY_CFLAGS for a set of recipes 2015-04-17 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov New
toybox: Upgrade to v0.5.2 2015-04-17 Amarnath Valluri New
[meta-python,6/7] python-pyasn1: add 0.1.7 2015-04-16 Tim Orling New
[meta-python,5/7] python-pretend: add 0.8.1 2015-04-16 Tim Orling New
[meta-python,4/7] python-iso8601: add 0.1.10 2015-04-16 Tim Orling New
[meta-python,3/7] python-pytest: add 2.7.0 2015-04-16 Tim Orling New
[meta-python,2/7] python-py: add 1.4.26 2015-04-16 Tim Orling New
[meta-python,1/7] python-cffi/python-pycparser: enable native build 2015-04-16 Tim Orling New
[meta-networking] netkit-telnet: support the cross-compile 2015-04-16 New
[meta-networking,for-fido,4/4] wolfssl: change name from cyassl to wolfssl, update to version 3.4.0 2015-04-16 Joe MacDonald New
[meta-networking,for-fido,3/4] vpnc: don't rdepend on kernel-module-tun 2015-04-16 Joe MacDonald New
[meta-networking,for-fido,2/4] vsftpd / init: add LSB init infos 2015-04-16 Joe MacDonald New
[meta-networking,for-fido,1/4] postfix: add LSB init infos 2015-04-16 Joe MacDonald New
[meta-oe] packagegroup-sdk-target: drop libltdl-dev dependency 2015-04-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-qt5] qtwebkit: Fix build with newer glib-2.0 2015-04-14 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe,V2] bluez collection: add (moved from oe-core) 2015-04-14 Cristian Iorga New
libart-lgpl: add (from oe-core) 2015-04-14 Ross Burton New