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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,meta-oe] sdparm: add recipe file 2014-07-22 New
[v2,meta-perl] libxml-sax-writer-perl: add recipe 2014-07-22 New
[v2,meta-perl] libxml-filter-buffertext-perl: add recipe 2014-07-22 New
[meta-webserver] webmin: make reconfigure webmin be able to work 2014-07-22 New
[meta-networking] v2] wireshark: Add recipe 1.12.0-rc2 2014-07-20 Armin Kuster New
[meta-networking] v3] Wireshark: build fix and recipe update 2014-07-21 Armin Kuster New
[meta-oe,1/4] syslog-ng: Move out of nonworking 2014-07-21 Ben Shelton New
[meta-oe,3/4] syslog-ng: Fix errant ulimit settings 2014-07-21 Ben Shelton New
[meta-oe,2/4] syslog-ng: package fixes, install tweaks 2014-07-21 Ben Shelton New
[meta-oe,4/4] syslog-ng: Improved initscript VERBOSE handling. 2014-07-21 Ben Shelton New
i2c-tools: Remove i2c-tools, it's now in oe-core 2014-07-21 Darren Hart New
mercurial: Update mercurial to 3.0.1 2014-07-21 Darren Hart New
[meta-oe] gnokii: Add missing intltool-native dependency 2014-07-21 Jacob Kroon New
[meta-oe,1/2] zeroc-ice: blacklist, because it's not compatible with default db-6* version 2014-07-21 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe,2/2] lksctp-tools: blacklist because it fails to link against sctp_connectx symbol 2014-07-21 Martin Jansa New
[meta-multimedia] vlc: add PACKAGECONFIG for postproc, patch for postproc header check 2014-07-22 Tim Orling New