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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-browser] firefox: add nss libraries to PRIVATE_LIBS and add dependency on external nss, nspr 2013-08-29 Martin Jansa New
[meta-browser] ninja : update to Version 1.4 2013-11-15 Prabhu Sundararaj New
[meta-browser] nspr: Remove BBCLASSEXTED override since its already set to native in oe-core. 2014-01-22 David Nyström New
[meta-browser] nspr: Rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-core 2014-02-17 Martin Jansa New
[meta-browser] nss: remove 2013-11-27 Riku Voipio New
[meta-e,2/3] netperf: Add version 2.4.4 (initial recipe) 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-efl,1/2] elbow: replace eve 2014-08-19 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,1/2] terminology: upgrade from 0.5.1 to 0.7.0 2014-10-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,1/4] enjoy: Add var LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to recipe 2011-08-22 Pau Espin Pedrol New
[meta-efl,2/2] efl, elementary, e-wm: upgrade to 1.11.4 and 0.19.1 2014-10-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,2/2] python-efl: upgrade to 1.10.1 2014-08-19 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,2/4] enjoy: Add inherit gettext 2011-08-22 Pau Espin Pedrol New
[meta-efl,3/4] enjoy: Update gstreamer package names in RDEPENDS 2011-08-22 Pau Espin Pedrol New
[meta-efl,4/4] enjoy: Add gst-plugins-good-autodetect to RDEPENDS 2011-08-22 Pau Espin Pedrol New
[meta-efl,PATCHv2,1/5] efl: Adjust packaging to match more with old 1.7 separate recipes 2014-01-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,PATCHv2,2/5] python-efl: Upgrade to 1.8.1 and update packaging to match old packages 2014-01-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,PATCHv2,3/5] e-wm: Add recipe for 0.18.2 2014-01-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,PATCHv2,4/5] elfe: Replace svn with git version 2014-01-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,PATCHv2,5/5] evas-generic-loaders: package generic pdf loaders as well 2014-01-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,2/3] webkit-efl: Add recipe with snapshot from r159807 2014-01-12 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,3/3] enjoy: Upgrade to version from git 2014-01-12 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,0/7] Major efl upgrade 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,2/7] webkit-efl: Add recipe with snapshot from r159807 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,3/7] enjoy: Upgrade to version from git 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,4/7] libeflvala: Fix build of tests 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,5/7] eve: bump SRCREV to catch up with edbus2 -> eldbus rename 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,6/7] e-wm: Drop evas-.*-loader.* from RDEPENDS 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl,WIP,PATCHv2,7/7] webkit-efl: Try to disable llint/jit to fix armv[45] build 2014-01-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-efl] e-wm: Add patch to fix crash caused by type error 2014-06-01 Carlos Rafael Giani New
[meta-efl] evas: add new style GL config options 2011-07-25 Koen Kooi New
[meta-efl] lightmediascanner: Add version (initial recipe) 2011-08-17 Pau Espin Pedrol New
[meta-efl] places: fix build e-module: inherit gettext 2011-07-25 Koen Kooi New
[meta-filesystems,PATCHv2] yaffs2-utils: Fix formatting, drop PR 2014-01-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-filesystems] Add fusermount to fuse by default 2014-03-21 George Nita New
[meta-gnome,1/2] gnome-disk-utility: disable scrollkeeper 2011-08-21 lumag New
[meta-gnome,2/2] gnome-disk-utility: fix path for dbus interface definitions 2011-08-21 lumag New
[meta-gnome,2/2] libnotify: update to 0.7.5 and drop libnotify3 2013-04-17 Andreas Müller New
[meta-gnome,v3] gnome-mplayer: Add recipe for version 1.0.5. 2012-02-01 Peter Tworek New
[meta-gnome] network-manager-applet: fix S!=B error 2014-05-27 Ash Charles New
[meta-gumstix] omap3-sgx-modules_4.05.00.03: Add missing colon after FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend 2014-09-27 Khem Raj New
[meta-gumstix] x-load: Define FILESEXTRAPATHS properly 2014-09-27 Khem Raj New
[meta-handheld,2/2] recipes-kernel: use shared from meta-oe 2012-03-29 Martin Jansa Under Review
[meta-handheld] linux-yocto(-tiny-kexecboot): collie: fixup for mtd resume after pm suspend 2014-10-12 Andrea Adami New
[meta-handheld] linux-yocto-tiny-kexecboot_3.17: add rdinit=/usr/bin/kexecboot to the cmdline 2014-10-16 Andrea Adami New
[meta-handheld] mininit: update SRC_URI and move to v. 2.0.2 2014-10-12 Andrea Adami New
[meta-intel] xorg-xserver: Include instead of 2011-10-12 Khem Raj New
[meta-java,0/5] icedtea build fixes 2012-10-05 Steffen Sledz New
[meta-java,1/2] llvm, openjdk: Use bb.error instread of oefatal 2012-01-05 Khem Raj New
[meta-java,1/2] Security Advisory - openjdk - CVE-2014-1876 2014-09-23 Zibo Zhao New
[meta-java,1/3] jamvm compile add extra space to argument 2013-09-30 Riku Voipio New
[meta-java,1/5] icedtea6-native-1.7.10: add missing LIC_FILES_CHKSUM 2012-10-05 Steffen Sledz New
[meta-java,2/2] icedtea: CVE-2013-4160: integrate Non happy path fixes 2014-09-23 Zibo Zhao New
[meta-java,2/2] llvm, openjdk: Add mips to known architectures 2012-01-05 Khem Raj New
[meta-java,2/3] jamvm: update to latest in openjdk-7 2013-09-30 Riku Voipio New
[meta-java,2/5] icedtea6-native-1.7.10: backport S7103224 2012-10-05 Steffen Sledz New
[meta-java,3/3] jamvm/java: allow spaces in arguments 2013-09-30 Riku Voipio New
[meta-java,3/5] icedtea6-native: fix problem on build hosts with linux kernel 3.x 2012-10-05 Steffen Sledz New
[meta-java,for,denzil] 1/4] openjdk: not use update-alternatives class 2013-02-01 Ting Liu New
[meta-java,for,denzil] 2/4] llvm: not use pythonnative class 2013-02-01 Ting Liu New
[meta-java,for,denzil] 3/4] Revert "llvm: use spaces for python functions" 2013-02-01 Ting Liu New
[meta-java,for,denzil] 4/4] openjdk-6: Remove the Xp header and library configure checks 2013-02-01 Ting Liu New
[meta-java,PAYCH] openjdk-6: Fix cross compilation for e6500 machines 2014-05-07 Zhenhua Luo New
[meta-java] Building openjdk-7-jre for PPC 2013-11-15 Rudolf Streif New
[meta-java] icedtea6-native: fix build with gcc 4.6 2012-10-15 Jan Luebbe New
[meta-java] java missign classes during compile 2013-09-24 Amy Fong New
[meta-java] junit4 needs license file 2013-08-13 Amy Fong New
[meta-java] llvm-config: Work around shebang max length issue 2012-01-30 Thilo Fromm New
[meta-java] Missing dependencies 2014-01-06 Amy Fong New
[meta-java] openjdk-6-common: move java2-vm to RRECOMMENDS 2011-12-05 Koen Kooi New
[meta-java] openjdk-7: use icetea6-native 2014-01-16 Koen Kooi New
[meta-java] openjdk: make the pkg_postinst work on busybox based systems 2014-01-14 Mariusz Ryndzionek New
[meta-java] Uprev classpath-initial and jamvm-initial 2013-12-09 Amy Fong New
[meta-micro,1/2] busybox: 1.18.4 is gone, rename to 1.18.5 2011-09-18 lumag New
[meta-micro,2/2] rework FEED_ARCH settings 2011-09-18 lumag New
[meta-multimedia,V2,1/1] xbmc: Update to v13.2 2014-08-24 Andrei Gherzan New
[meta-networking,0/1] netcf: fix offline rebuilding failed 2014-03-14 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-networking,01/14] iftop: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,02/14] curlpp: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,03/14] tcpreplay: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,04/14] vblade: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,05/14] radvd: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,06/14] tftp-hpa: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,07/14] conntrack-tools: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,08/14] netcf: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,09/14] autofs: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,1/1] netcf: fix gnulib not found in sysroots while using a shared sstate cache 2014-03-18 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-networking,1/1] traceroute: fix alternate name 2014-03-20 Joe Slater New
[meta-networking,10/14] rp-pppoe: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,11/14] cyrus-sasl: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,12/14] proftpd: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,13/14] znc: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,14/14] openflow: inherit autotools-brokensep 2014-06-13 New
[meta-networking,v2] add support for opendataplane 2014-08-01 Yao Zhao New
[meta-networking,V2] inetutils: Use texinfo-native instead of host command 2014-10-23 New
[meta-networking,v2] net-snmp: install net-snmp-config script to STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS 2014-05-22 Alexandre Fournier New
[meta-networking,v2] net-snmp: install net-snmp-config script to STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS 2014-05-12 Alexandre Fournier New
[meta-networking,V2] tcpdump: Add ptest 2014-10-22 Hongjun Yang New
[meta-networking,v3--signoff] dnsmasq: update to 2.68 2014-04-09 Christian Ziethén New
[meta-networking,v4,1/2] lksctp-tools: add recipe (version 1.0.16) 2014-05-13 Mihaela Sendrea New
[meta-networking,v4,2/2] netperf: enable SCTP support 2014-05-13 Mihaela Sendrea New