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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-networking,v2] recipes-connectivity/samba: Remove /run directory tree 2016-01-13 New
[RFC,1/4] bash-completion: move to oe-core 2016-01-14 George McCollister New
[RFC,2/4] dracut: use bash-completion.bbclass 2016-01-14 George McCollister New
[RFC,3/4] lldpd: use bash-completion.bbclass 2016-01-14 George McCollister New
[RFC,4/4] networkmanager: use bash-completion.bbclass 2016-01-14 George McCollister New
[meta-python] python-daemonize: Update to version 2.4.2 2016-02-01 Fabio Berton New
[meta-networking] lldpd: Update to version 0.9.0 2016-02-01 Fabio Berton New
[00/29,jethro] Pull request Jethro-next 2016-02-01 Armin Kuster New
[meta-multimedia] gst-plugins-base: add perl runtime dependency to gst-plugins-base-apps 2016-02-01 Andre McCurdy New
[meta-oe,1/1] xterm: make xft PACKAGECONFIG depend on freetype-native 2016-02-02 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu New
[1/2,meta-oe] rsyslog: avoid deprecated GnuTLS functions 2016-02-02 Tudor Florea New
[2/2,meta-oe] rsyslog: add tls related tests 2016-02-02 Tudor Florea New
[meta-multimedia,v2,1/2] gupnp: Update to 0.20.14 2016-02-02 Manuel Bachmann New
[meta-oe] efivar: nvme header was renamed in linux 4.4 2016-02-02 Alexandru But New
[meta-oe] toybox: upgrade to 0.7.0 2016-02-03 Alejandro Joya New
[meta-oe,PATCHv3,1/1] lua: Added ptest for lua 2016-02-03 Paul Vaduva New
[meta-erlang] erlang: fix host-user-contaminated 2016-02-03 Maciej Borzecki New
[meta-qt5] qt5: use common PACKAGECONFIG to build examples 2016-02-03 Samuli Piippo New
[meta-oe,v2] ne10: add recipe 2016-02-03 Carlos Rafael Giani New
[meta-oe[dizzy] mariadb: add dependency libevent 2016-02-03 Martin Jansa New
[meta-qt5] Ensure we export the SRCREV as the module name 2016-02-04 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-webserver,1/2] nginx: make nginx user and home directory configurable 2016-02-04 Pascal Bach New
[meta-webserver,2/2] nginx: update to 1.9.10 2016-02-04 Pascal Bach New
[meta-python] python-django: update package to 1.8.9 2016-02-04 Armin Kuster New
[meta-networking,v2] ntp: remove empty libexecdir to prevent potential QA issues 2016-02-04 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-oe] vboxguestdrivers: upgrade to 4.3.36 2016-02-05 Martin Jansa New
gtk-theme-torturer: add 2016-02-05 Ross Burton New
gnome-mime-data: add (from oe-core) 2016-02-05 Ross Burton New