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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
staging & using kernel headers 2011-03-18 Michael Jones New
perl-native_5.10.1 fails 2011-03-16 Jan Paesmans New
[05/11] udev (165): move ConsoleKit support to udev-consolekit package 2011-03-12 Otavio Salvador New
flite has naming conflicts with tslib 2011-03-10 Tarjei Knapstad New
cc1 and cc1plus had about 20 mbytes of debug information each, in the final redistributable form. This patch strips those two binaries yielding a savings of about 40 mbytes per SDK. 2011-03-07 Dick Hollenbeck New
gcc internal executables have debug information attached 2011-03-07 Dick Hollenbeck New
samba: Add avahi to DEPEND / EXTRA_OECONF 2011-03-02 Tom Rini New
libvmime recipe (static library) 2011-03-02 Nathan Harris New
[v2,2/2] external-toolchain-csl: allow linux-libc-headers 2011-03-02 Ben Gardiner New
QA issues with libvmime 2011-02-28 Nathan Harris New
[PATCHv2] linux-firmware: split into bus specific packages. 2011-02-14 Filip Zyzniewski khem Under Review
[v2] Add support for u-boot-2010.12 & multiple binaries 2011-01-31 Ulf Samuelsson Under Review
mplayer_svn: Package can be built again; Bumped to rev. 31329. 2011-01-22 Lars Michelsen New
zlib: substitute sharedlibdir 2011-01-13 Enrico Scholz New
micro.conf: Pin an older udev to avoid space consuming dependencies. 2010-12-24 Graham Gower New
eglibc: use HTTP for svn checkout 2010-12-13 Ryan D Phillips Under Review
rm_work.bbclass: allow a shell var to override rm_work 2010-12-12 Frans Meulenbroeks New
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