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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
kernel-arch: Always use ld.bfd to link the kernel 2013-04-23 Phil Blundell Accepted
icu: Remove unnecessary FULL_OPTIMIZATION_arm setting 2013-04-23 Phil Blundell Accepted
openssl: Disable parallel make 2013-04-23 Phil Blundell Accepted
common-licenses: remove HTMLisms from OFL-1.1 2013-04-23 Paul Barker Accepted
common-licenses: fill in AGPL-3.0 2013-04-23 Paul Barker Accepted
[1/1] udev: create /var/volatile/tmp to avoid dead link 2013-04-23 Accepted
linux-firmware: Look for RTL license in the right directory 2013-04-22 Darren Hart Accepted
glib-2.0: disable tests for native builds, and respect ptest for LSB 2013-04-22 Ross Burton Accepted
udev-extraconf: Avoid mounting unknown filesystems 2013-04-22 Otavio Salvador Accepted
pulseaudio: install alsa mixer data files 2013-04-22 George Kiagiadakis Accepted
[4/4] image.bbclass: change the logic when intercepts fail 2013-04-22 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[3/4] pixbufcache.bbclass: do not exit 1 after installing intercept hook 2013-04-22 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[2/4] gtk-icon-cache.bbclass: do not exit 1 after installing intercept hook 2013-04-22 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[1/4] fontcache.bbclass: do not exit with 1 after installing intercept hook 2013-04-22 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
connman-gnome: Replace broken png files 2013-04-19 Emilia Ciobanu Accepted
gconf: silence some spurious errors 2013-04-19 Ross Burton Accepted
libomxil (0.9.3): drop unecessary dependencies 2013-04-19 Matthieu Accepted
[for-dylan,2/2] package.bbclass: ensure license excluded files aren't packaged 2013-04-18 Christopher Larson Accepted
[for-dylan,1/2] package.bbclass: add LICENSE_EXCLUSION to vardeps 2013-04-18 Christopher Larson Accepted
[v2] systemd: depend on libgcrypt 2013-04-18 Enrico Scholz Accepted
xserver-xf86-config: set DefaultDepth to 16 for qemumips 2013-04-18 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
grub-efi-native: fix build on modern distributions without gets() 2013-04-18 Koen Kooi Accepted
udev: drop dependency on udev in libudev 2013-04-18 Ross Burton Accepted
[6/6] perf: Ensure license is handled correctly 2013-04-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
[5/6] psplash: Fix multilib build 2013-04-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
[4/6] package_ipk: Ensure the status file exists 2013-04-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
[3/6] package.bbclass: Add useradd variables to PACKAGEVARS 2013-04-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
[2/6] multilib: Ensure we map the USERADD_PACKAGES variable 2013-04-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/6] gst-plugins-bad: Disable neon, its not on DEPENDS 2013-04-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
gnome-icon-theme: add missing icon-cache inherit 2013-04-18 Koen Kooi Accepted
udev: disable systemd support 2013-04-18 Ross Burton Accepted
python-setuptools: Improving the runtime dependencies 2013-04-18 Lukas Bulwahn Accepted
alsa-utils: Use pkg-config instead of hardcoded udev paths 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
pcmciautils: Use pkgconfig to set udev variables correctly 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
bluez4: Set udev variables using pkg-config 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
package.bbclass: Fix populate_packages for glob expansion issues 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
packagegroup: Add init-manager sanity check 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
busybox: fix mount issue 2013-04-17 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[2/2] cairo: drop transform patch, it's been rejected upstream 2013-04-17 Ross Burton Accepted
augeas: Fix missing files with separate build directory 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
ltp: upgrade to 20130109 release 2013-04-17 Ting Liu Accepted
consolekit: Fix ${S} != ${B} issues with pam enabled 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/1] libpam: backport patches from upstream 2013-04-17 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/1] linux-yocto/3.8: Makefile: add -grecord-gcc-switches if using -mfentry 2013-04-17 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[PATCHv2] systemd: use AC_CHECK_TOOL instead of AC_PATH_TOOL when checking objcopy, strings, gperf 2013-04-16 Martin Jansa Accepted disable libmusicbrainz 2013-04-16 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[v2,3/3] qt4-x11-free: bump PR to allow removal of meta-oe bbappend 2013-04-16 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[v2,2/3] qt4-embedded: bump PR to allow removal of meta-oe bbappend 2013-04-16 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[v2,1/3] packagegroup-qte-toolchain-target: bump PR to allow removal of meta-oe bbappend 2013-04-16 Paul Eggleton Accepted
hicolor-icon-theme: bump PR to allow removal of duplicate from meta-gnome 2013-04-16 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[2/2] wpa-supplicant: don't call DBus init script directly 2013-04-16 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] avahi: don't call DBus init script directly 2013-04-16 Ross Burton Accepted
xserver-xorg: fix segfaults for ARM SoCs 2013-04-16 Andreas Müller Accepted
openssh : upgrade to 6.2p1 2013-04-16 Andrei Dinu Accepted
cairo: fix builds with libpng 1.6 2013-04-16 Ross Burton Accepted
openssl: update range information in man-section.patch 2013-04-16 Ting Liu Accepted
mesa: don't fail if x11 isn't available 2013-04-15 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[1/1] kern-tools: fix custom repository BSP generation 2013-04-15 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/1] initramfs-live-install*: fix the "install" boot option 2013-04-15 Nitin A Kamble Accepted
coreutils: add realpath to alternatives 2013-04-15 Ross Burton Accepted
connman: Fix wrong INC_PR reset 2013-04-15 Cristian Iorga Accepted
pax-utils : upgrade to 0.7 2013-04-15 Andrei Dinu Accepted
[7/7] allarch: Drop various problematic allarch usages 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
[6/7] nfs-export-root: Update to use packagegroup naming 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
[5/7] qemuwrapper-cross: Inhibit default dependencies 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
[4/7] encodings: Set RDEPENDS correctly 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
[3/7] ttf-bitstream-vera: Use fontcache class for postinstall 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
[2/7] update-alternatives: Ensure DEPENDS is correct in multilib case 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/7] kernel.bbclass: Ensure we have correct version information in deploy data 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
initramfs-live-boot: explicitly depend on udev-extraconf 2013-04-15 Ross Burton Accepted
[RFT] libpng: update to 1.6.1 2013-04-15 Koen Kooi Accepted
[v2,2/2] busybox: Add inetd related files 2013-04-15 Ting Liu Accepted
[v2,1/2] busybox: detects customized configs when do_install 2013-04-15 Ting Liu Accepted
rpm-postinsts: remove erroneous call to /etc/default/rcS 2013-04-14 Paul Eggleton Accepted
qemu: define fdt_t types in libfdt_env.h from qemu 2013-04-13 Henning Heinold Accepted
udev-extraconf: Add -o silent to auto mount for mount.util-linux 2013-04-13 Saul Wold Accepted
gdk-pixbuf: Fix libpng determinism issues 2013-04-13 Richard Purdie Accepted
udev: Update initscript to check for devtmpfs 2013-04-13 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/1] classes/sanity: fix handling of bblayers.conf updating 2013-04-12 Paul Eggleton Accepted
multilib.conf: Workaround opkg multilib issues 2013-04-12 Richard Purdie Accepted
package/image.bbclass: Fix multilib rprovides 2013-04-12 Richard Purdie Accepted
wayland: only build the scanner in wayland-native 2013-04-12 Ross Burton Accepted
sudo: update crypt.patch to use backport from upstream 2013-04-12 Ross Burton Accepted
xmodmap: fix compile with gcc 4.8 2013-04-12 Ross Burton Accepted
[dylan] kernel.bbclass: Optionally create lib dir during deploy 2013-04-12 Khem Raj Accepted
[2/2] initrdscripts: look for new systemd-udevd location 2013-04-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] systemd: move the binaries to /sbin/systemd 2013-04-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] util-linux: use $PN in SYSTEMD_PACKAGES 2013-04-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] systemd: use ${BPN} instead of ${PN} in FILES 2013-04-11 Ross Burton Accepted
sudo: handle glibc 2.17 crypt semantics 2013-04-11 Ross Burton Accepted
dpkg, opkg, rpm-postinsts: avoid repackaging when changing IMAGE_FEATURES 2013-04-11 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[PATCHv4] powertop: add 2.3 2013-04-11 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[8/8] kern-tools: fix conditional configuration items 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[7/8] linux-yocto/3.8: qemumips boot fixes and netfilter kernel features 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[6/8] linux-yocto/3.8: qemumips graphical boot 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[5/8] linux-yocto/3.8: aufs, config processing, tiny, mips boot fixes 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[4/8] kern-tools: fix excluded configuration processing 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[3/8] linux-yocto/3.8: atom-pc: Update atom-pc-preempt-rt.scc to reuse config from common-pc 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/8] linux-yocto/3.8: fix atom-pc config audit warnings 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/8] linux/yocto: update AUTOFS configuration 2013-04-11 Bruce Ashfield Accepted