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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[04/12] python-pygobject: upgrade to 2.28.3 2014-04-29 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[03/12] xserver-xorg: upgrade to 1.15.1 2014-04-29 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[01/12] xf86-input-synaptics: upgrade to 1.7.4 2014-04-29 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.35 2014-04-29 Valentin Popa Accepted
[7/7] gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: upgrade to 1.2.4 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[6/7] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: upgrade to 1.2.4 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[5/7] gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: upgrade to 1.2.4 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[4/7] gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: upgrade to 1.2.4 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[3/7] gstreamer1.0-libav: upgrade to 1.2.4 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[2/7] gstreamer1.0: upgrade to 1.2.4 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/7] telepathy-glib: upgrade to 0.24.0 2014-04-29 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/2] xdg-utils: reinstall xdg-terminal 2014-04-29 Koen Kooi Accepted
mc: update to 4.8.12 2014-04-28 Saul Wold Accepted
systemd: Check for HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE 2014-04-28 Drew Moseley Accepted
distrodata.bbclass: Fix checkpkg functionality 2014-04-28 Irina Patru Accepted
[1/1] grub git: update to latest git (grub-2.02-beta2-81-g4b8b913) 2014-04-28 Fathi Boudra Accepted
gcc-target: Limit compile to host targets, don't build runtimes. 2014-04-27 Richard Purdie Accepted
gcc: Drop ARCH_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET usage 2014-04-27 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross: Drop virtclass-cross OVERRIDE 2014-04-27 Richard Purdie Accepted
uclibc: Add libgcc-initial to DEPENDS 2014-04-26 Khem Raj Accepted
sstate-cache-management: Minor cleanup of help text 2014-04-26 Jacob Kroon Accepted
ltp: update version to 20140422 2014-04-26 Maxin B. John Accepted
cross: Drop package tasks 2014-04-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
[2/5], Add "arm" to TUNE_FEATURES 2014-04-25 Martin Jansa Accepted
oeqa/utils: sshcontrol: realtime logging of output 2014-04-25 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
opkg: Upgrade to v0.2.2 2014-04-24 Paul Barker Accepted
openssl: enable ptest support 2014-04-24 Maxin B. John Accepted
openssh: enable ptest support 2014-04-24 Maxin B. John Accepted
gcc-cross: Improve handling of unwind.h 2014-04-24 Richard Purdie Accepted
[4/4] iproute2: upgrade to 3.14 2014-04-24 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[3/4] harfbuzz: upgrade to 0.9.27 2014-04-24 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[2/4] bluez5: upgrade to 5.18 2014-04-24 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/4] connman: upgrade to 1.23 2014-04-24 Cristian Iorga Accepted
libgcc: Spit out common code into 2014-04-24 Richard Purdie Accepted
gcc: Convert to use hardlinkdir 2014-04-24 Richard Purdie Accepted
rt-tests: bump version 0.87 => 0.89 2014-04-23 Accepted
libpng: bump to 1.6.10 2014-04-23 Maxin B. John Accepted
[4/4] tcf-agent: add systemd support 2014-04-23 Accepted
[3/4] ppp: add systemd support 2014-04-23 Accepted
[2/4] bind: add systemd support 2014-04-23 Accepted
[1/4] cronie: add systemd support 2014-04-23 Accepted
[10/10] libnl: update to 3.2.24 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[09/10] sqlite3: Update to 3080403 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[08/10] util-macros: update to 1.19.0 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[07/10] libxkbcommon: update to 0.4.1 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[06/10] msmtp: update to 1.4.32 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[04/10] man-pages: update to 3.64 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[03/10] lsbinitscripts: update to 9.53 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[01/10] help2man update to 1.44.1 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
report-error: Add posting in the public note 2014-04-22 Saul Wold Accepted
[V2,1/1] pixbufcache: add error exit in pixbufcache_sstate_postinst 2014-04-22 Joe Slater Accepted
oprofileui-server_git: add avahi-daemon to RDEPENDS list 2014-04-22 Adrian Calianu Accepted
PR bumps to remove PRINC use in meta-openpli 2014-04-20 Accepted
[master/daisy] libav: Add libsdl to DEPENDS only when x11 is enabled 2014-04-19 Khem Raj Accepted
[1/1] apr: do not try to use sctp.h 2014-04-18 Joe Slater Accepted
gsettings-desktop-schemas: add missing dependency on intltool-native 2014-04-18 Martin Jansa Accepted
libnotify: add dbus-glib dependency 2014-04-18 Martin Jansa Accepted
[7/7] kmod: upgrade to v17 via git 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[6/7] mtd-utils: upgrade to 1.5.1+gitAUTOINC+12158de 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[5/7] at-spi2-core: upgrade to 2.12.0 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[4/7] at-spi2-atk: upgrade to 2.12.0 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[3/7] atk: upgrade to 2.12.0 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[2/7] curl: upgrade to 7.36.0 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[1/7] pango: upgrade to 1.36.3 2014-04-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
u-boot: fix beaglebone boot issue with large kernel images 2014-04-17 Denys Dmytriyenko Accepted
[v2] scripts/send-error-report: use a real server as the default 2014-04-17 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[2/3] liberror-perl: add 0.17022 2014-04-17 Koen Kooi Accepted
make menuconfig work for recent xfce environment 2014-04-17 Andreas Müller Accepted
native.bbclass: Override TARGET_ flags too 2014-04-16 Mike Crowe Accepted
grub-efi: Use a variable to specify built-in grub modules. 2014-04-16 Philip Tricca Accepted
openssh-sshd: host contamination fix 2014-04-14 Matthieu CRAPET Accepted
grub git: workaround debugedit problems 2014-04-14 Koen Kooi Accepted
recipe_sanity.bbclass: avoid error when running 'bitbake -e' 2014-04-11 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[v2] scripts/send-error-report: simple hack to use proxy from the enviroment 2014-04-11 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
icecc: don't create unnecessary 'ice' dirs in sysroots when disabled 2014-04-11 Martin Jansa Accepted
selftest: DiskMonTest: use a high value for free space 2014-04-11 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[1/1] apr: remove the use of ${SHELL} to avoid bash/dash confliction 2014-04-11 Hongxu Jia Accepted
shadow: fix building systemd with useradd-staticids.bbclass enabled 2014-04-10 Andreas Müller Accepted
[v2,3/4] cryptodev-module: recipe for out-of-tree cryptodev device driver 2014-04-10 Denys Dmytriyenko Accepted
[6/6] linux-yocto/3.10: intel BSP configuration updates 2014-04-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[5/6] linux-yocto/3.14: beagleboard black: USB, DRM config tweaks 2014-04-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[4/6] linux-yocto/3.14: intel configuration fixes 2014-04-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[3/6] linux-yocto/3.10: intel-common: Add preempt-rt ktype targets 2014-04-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/6] linux-yocto/3.4: update to v3.4.85 2014-04-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/6] linux-yocto/3.10: v3.10.35 and emenlow boot fixes 2014-04-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
selftest: DiskMonTest: use POSIX output for df 2014-04-10 Alexandru Palalau Accepted
gcc: Fix a race over unwind.h 2014-04-10 Richard Purdie Accepted
perf: Fix sysroot option to CC handling 2014-04-10 Richard Purdie Accepted
[V3,1/1] kernelshark/trace-cmd: fix syntax error of shell 2014-04-10 Accepted
openssh: fix sshd_config_readonly creation 2014-04-10 Jonathan Liu Accepted
image.bbclass: improve sed expressions for ssh_allow_empty_password() 2014-04-10 Jonathan Liu Accepted
[1/1] vala: inherit pkgconfig 2014-04-09 Joe Slater Accepted
[1/1] libpam: fix 64-bit pam plugins not installed when add to 32-bit image 2014-04-09 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[2/2] cmake: Avoid accidentally including libacl.h 2014-04-08 Mike Crowe Accepted
[1/2] cmake: Improve method for not building ccmake 2014-04-08 Mike Crowe Accepted
eglibc: __slow_ieee754_sqrt{, f} functions for ppc e6500-32b 2014-04-08 chunrong guo Accepted
busybox: fix a sh link wrong 2014-04-08 Wenlin Kang Accepted
[1/1] libx11: fix invalid preprocessing directive errors 2014-04-08 Accepted
python: Fix CVE-2014-1912 2014-04-07 Maxin B. John Accepted
package.bbclass: Add CONFFILES to list of package specific variables 2014-04-07 Richard Purdie Accepted