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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[V2,4/5] improve the handling of link config items 2013-02-20 Accepted
[v2,4/5] qt4-tools: Drop libx11 dependency when building without 'x11' distro feature 2013-02-17 Otavio Salvador New
[V2,4/5] rootfs_ipk.bbclass: Don't duplicate remove_packaging_data_files code 2012-10-21 Andrei Gherzan Accepted
[v2,4/5] scripts/postinst-intercepts: create separete hooks for multilib 2013-04-26 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[v2,4/5] u-boot-mkimage: Update to v2012.07 2012-08-21 Tom Rini New
[v2,4/5] xserver-nodm-init: remove xuser creation, RDEPEND on xuser-account 2013-07-04 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[V2,4/6] bitbake.conf: Add rtc to MACHINE_FEATURES_BACKFILL 2012-08-16 Andrei Gherzan New
[v2,4/6] gcc: enable multilib for target gcc 2013-01-14 Constantin Musca New
[v2,4/6] gsettings-desktop-schemas: removed unneeded class inheritance 2014-03-12 Alexandru Palalau New
[v2,4/6] populate_sdk_base.bbclass: create self-extracting archive 2012-07-31 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[v2,4/6] qemu: Updated from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1 2013-07-25 Ionut Radu New
[v2,4/6] SDK: remove references to Poky distro from tarball installer 2012-09-20 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,4/6] unfs-server: Remove unfs-server recipe and patches 2014-01-23 Jason Wessel New
[v2,4/7] Use instead of 2.6.36 for linux-libc-headers 2011-03-02 Khem Raj Superseded
[v2,4/7] pcmciautils: set correct udevdir and add missing debug files 2012-12-18 Constantin Musca Accepted
[V2,4/7] pulseaudio: use base_libdir for udev rules. 2012-04-27 Lianhao Lu New
[v2,4/7] syslinux.bbclass, syslinux: Update to syslinux 6.01 2013-09-14 Jason Wessel New
[V2,4/7] udev: fix unsafe reference by installing libgudev in libdir 2013-11-13 New
[v2,4/7] wic: Use partition label to be part of rootfs filename 2014-03-26 João Henrique Freitas New
[v2,4/8] New clutter recipe (1.14.4) 2013-05-20 Tomas Frydrych New
[V2,4/9] busybox: enable to list suid and non-suid app configs 2013-06-17 New
[v2,4/9] lib/oeqa/runtime/ use readelf instead of file 2013-07-15 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,4/9] udev: use tabs for init script (no code changes) 2011-12-22 Otavio Salvador New
[V2,5/5] at: add systemd support 2014-01-17 New
[v2,5/5] connman: Add PPTP support 2013-05-13 Jukka Rissanen New
[v2,5/5] dpkg: rename postinst trigger script 2012-03-06 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,5/5] linux-firmware: Add missing license information for wl12xx 2013-03-28 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,5/5] Use CXX when linking 2013-02-17 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[V2,5/5] packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: add Piglit 2014-01-10 Ross Burton New
[V2,5/5] packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: add Piglit 2014-01-13 Ross Burton New
[v2,5/5] Pass the mlprefix to postinst_intercept script 2013-04-26 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[V2,5/5] remove trailing whitespaces 2013-02-20 Accepted
[V2,5/5] rootfs_ipk.bbclass: Some extra spaces / tabs were removed / formated 2012-10-21 Andrei Gherzan Accepted
[v2,5/5] shutdown-desktop: give entire path in Exec field 2013-07-04 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,5/5] task-sdk-host-nativesdk: add autotools nativesdk to meta-toolchain 2011-11-30 New
[v2,5/5] u-boot: Update to v2012.07 2012-08-21 Tom Rini New
[v2,5/6] gnome-doc-utils: removed gconf inheritance 2014-03-12 Alexandru Palalau New
[v2,5/6] libuser: Updated from 0.58 to 0.59 2013-07-25 Ionut Radu New
[v2,5/6] relocatable.bbclass: split it up, to reuse code 2012-07-31 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,5/6] runqemu-export-rootfs: update for unfs3 2014-01-23 Jason Wessel New
[v2,5/6] SDK: relocate symlinks too 2012-09-20 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[V2,5/6] task-core-boot: Add busybox-hwclock if MACHINE_FEATURES contains rtc 2012-08-16 Andrei Gherzan New
[v2,5/6] tune-mips32: add BASE_LIB to mips32 tunes 2013-01-14 Constantin Musca New
[V2,5/7] alsa-utils: use base_libdir for udev rules. 2012-04-27 Lianhao Lu New
[v2,5/7] bluez: set correct udevdir 2012-12-18 Constantin Musca Accepted
[v2,5/7] bootimage.bbclass, grub-efi.bbclass: Improve EFI & PCBIOS+EFI ISO support 2013-09-14 Jason Wessel New
[V2,5/7] insane.bbclass: make the checking stricter for unsafe references in scripts 2013-11-13 New
[v2,5/7] wic: Add option --rootfs-dir to --source 2014-03-26 João Henrique Freitas New
[v2,5/8] New clutter-gst recipe (1.6.0) 2013-05-20 Tomas Frydrych New
[V2,5/9] busybox: add the ability to split the busybox binary 2013-06-17 Accepted
[v2,5/9] lib/oeqa/ provide a ps command for all tests 2013-07-15 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,5/9] udev: skip mounting /dev on tmpfs if it is on devtmpfs 2011-12-22 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[V2,6/6] busybox: Package initscript separately 2012-08-16 Andrei Gherzan New
[v2,6/6] gtk-engines: removed gconf inheritance 2014-03-12 Alexandru Palalau New
[V2,6/6] initscripts: add script 2013-01-29 Accepted
[v2,6/6] package.bbclass: change RPATHs for nativesdk packages 2012-07-31 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,6/6] runqemu, runqemu-internal: Allow slirp for NFS and KVM use 2014-01-23 Jason Wessel New
[v2,6/6] SDK: allow toolchain installation from another directory 2012-09-20 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,6/6] tune-ppc603e: add BASE_LIB 2013-01-14 Constantin Musca New
[v2,6/6] videoproto: Update from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 2013-07-25 Ionut Radu New
[v2,6/7] gcc: Statically link in support libraries e.g. libmpfr libgmp etc. 2011-03-02 Khem Raj Superseded
[v2,6/7] grub-efi.bbclass: Add serial and graphics menu options 2013-09-14 Jason Wessel New
[V2,6/7] iputils: fix program location and QA warning 2013-11-13 New
[v2,6/7] polkit: fix multilib packaging issue 2012-12-18 Constantin Musca New
[v2,6/7] wic: Report all ROOTFS_DIR artifacts 2014-03-26 João Henrique Freitas New
[V2,6/7] xorg-app: Use ${libdir} and ${datadir} for packaging. 2012-04-27 Lianhao Lu Accepted
[v2,6/8] New clutter-gtk recipe (1.4.2) 2013-05-20 Tomas Frydrych New
[v2,6/9] lib/oeqa/runtime: add tests for syslog and df 2013-07-15 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[V2,6/9] packagegroup-core-boot: use busybox as the default login manager 2013-06-17 New
[v2,6/9] udev: improve udev-cache robustness 2011-12-22 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,7/7] bootimage.bbclass, zisofs-tools-native: add ability to compress ISO images 2013-09-14 Jason Wessel New
[V2,7/7] busybox: install ping6 into bindir by default 2013-11-13 New
[v2,7/7] psplash: enable multilib 2012-12-18 Constantin Musca Accepted
[v2,7/7] sanity.bbclass: Check for /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr to be >= 65536 2011-03-02 Khem Raj Superseded
[v2,7/7] wic: Extend --rootfs-dir to connect rootfs-dirs 2014-03-26 João Henrique Freitas New
[V2,7/7] xf86-input-vmmouse: use base_libdir for udev rules. 2012-04-27 Lianhao Lu New
[v2,7/8] New mx recipe (1.4.7) 2013-05-20 Tomas Frydrych Accepted
[v2,7/9] classes/testimage.bbclass: use a copy of rootfs for tests 2013-07-15 Stanacar, StefanX New
[V2,7/9] packagegroup-core-basic: set the default login manager 2013-06-17 New
[v2,7/9] udev: use 'echo' instead of 'echo -n' in init script 2011-12-22 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,8/8] packagegroup-core-clutter: use clutter-1.0 packages 2013-05-20 Tomas Frydrych Accepted
[V2,8/9] mingetty: lower the ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY 2013-06-17 New
[v2,8/9] testimage.bbclass, lib/oeqa: add headers and comments 2013-07-15 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,8/9] udev: run depmod if modules.dep doesn't exist 2011-12-22 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,9/9] lib/oeqa: fix dependecy check 2013-07-15 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[V2,9/9] tinylogin: remove recipe 2013-06-17 New
[v2,9/9] udev: split utilities onto udev-utils 2011-12-22 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,Dora] eglibc 2.18: powerpc: Fix time related syscalls 2014-03-28 Mats Kärrman New
[v2,dylan] lighttpd: Enabling with systemd 2013-06-19 Shakeel, Muhammad New
[v2,RFC] chrpath.bbclass: strip common parent directories from rpath 2013-03-06 Andreas Oberritter New
[v2:,0/2] linux-yocto/linux-yocto-rt: updates and 3.4-rt support 2012-06-12 Bruce Ashfield New
[V2PATCH] pulseaudio_2.1: Remove the dependence of fftw. Signed-off-by: yanjun.zhu <> 2013-02-04 yanjun.zhu Accepted
[V2] Add file information to package information window 2013-04-03 Andrei Dinu New
[V2] Add scratch directory for NFS upcall state storage 2013-02-28 Rich Dubielzig New
[v2] Added Upstream Status to openssh-CVE-2011-4327 2013-07-25 Andrei Dinu New
[v2] alsa-tools: fix build when x11 and gtk+ not available 2014-03-18 Simone Agresta New
[v2] alsa-tools: Fix build without x11 2014-04-01 Otavio Salvador New
[v2] alsa-utils: Move alsaconf to its own recipe 2013-04-26 Phil Blundell Accepted
[V2] alsa-utils: upgrade to 1.0.26 2013-01-21 Cristian Iorga New
[v2] use default value of TUNE_PKGARCH 2012-03-08 Matthew McClintock New