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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
gnutls: make sure native is patched for gettext version 2012-07-05 Saul Wold Accepted
gnutls: update to 2.12.19 2012-05-16 Bogdan Marinescu Accepted
gnutls: update to 2.12.19 2012-05-16 Bogdan Marinescu New
gnutls: upgrade to 2.12.23 2013-05-08 Ross Burton Accepted
gpgme: fix packaging warnings 2012-03-14 Saul Wold Accepted
gpgme: update to 1.4.3 2013-08-22 Paul Eggleton Accepted
gpgme: updated to 1.3.2 2012-06-20 Valentin Popa New
gpgme: updated to 1.3.2 2012-06-22 Valentin Popa New
gpgme: upgrade to 1.4.0 2013-03-04 Constantin Musca New
grep-2.5.1a: fix grep for LSB compliance 2013-08-27 Li Zhijian New
grep: Fix QA warnings 2012-03-16 Richard Purdie Accepted
grep: update to upstream version 2.14 2012-11-30 Marko Lindqvist New
grep: upgrade to 2.15 2013-10-28 Cristiana Voicu New
groff: correct the install path of man.local 2013-06-26 Zhenhua Luo Accepted
groff: upgrade to 1.22.2 2013-02-18 Constantin Musca New
grub git: update to latest git 2014-01-13 Koen Kooi New
grub git: workaround debugedit problems 2014-04-14 Koen Kooi New
grub git: workaround debugedit problems for 64 bit targets 2014-01-15 Koen Kooi New
grub-efi-native: add flex patch to efi-native version also 2013-08-04 Saul Wold New
grub-efi-native: Cleanup whitespace 2013-05-01 Darren Hart Accepted
grub-efi-native: fix build on modern distributions without gets() 2013-04-18 Koen Kooi Accepted
grub-efi-native: remove help2man dependency 2012-07-20 Radu Moisan Accepted
grub-efi-native: Update to version 2.00 2012-08-14 Radu Moisan New
grub-efi.bbclass: Fix startup.nsh to work on more EFI revs 2013-10-30 Jason Wessel Accepted
grub-efi.bbclass: Fixes GRUB_IMAGE when using boot-directdisk class 2013-10-30 João Henrique Freitas Accepted
grub-efi: remove configure patch, simply seed the cache 2014-01-13 Ross Burton New
grub-efi: Use a variable to specify built-in grub modules. 2014-04-16 Philip Tricca New
grub: add explicit dependency on bison-native 2013-11-19 jackie huang New
grub: add PACKAGECONFIG for device-mapper 2014-01-10 Ming Liu New
grub: add patch to support 256 byte inodes 2013-10-14 Accepted
grub: add xz RDEPENDS 2013-11-13 Ming Liu New
grub: added upstream-status 2012-09-04 Radu Moisan Accepted
grub: Allow reautoconf with the correct parameters 2012-07-23 Richard Purdie Accepted
grub: disable floating ncurses dependency for GPLv2 version 2013-08-01 Paul Eggleton Accepted
grub: disable lzma, device-mapper, zfs and nvpair 2012-09-14 Constantin Musca Accepted
grub: don't patch generated configure to fix do_patch re-execution 2013-09-24 Paul Eggleton Accepted
grub: move xz to DEPENDS list from RDEPENDS list 2013-12-18 Ming Liu New
grub: Update to upstream stable 2.00 2012-08-09 Radu Moisan New
gsettings-desktop-schemas: add missing dependency on intltool-native 2014-04-18 Martin Jansa New
gsettings-desktop-schemas: add missing elements from meta-gnome 2013-01-07 Constantin Musca New
gsettings.bbclass: fix whitespace 2012-09-05 Ross Burton Accepted
gssdp: build examples which require GTK+ only if we have X11 2012-09-06 Ross Burton New
gssdp: build examples which require GTK+ only if we have X11 2012-09-06 Ross Burton Accepted
gst-ffmpeg: Fix build failures from sstate relocation 2012-04-02 Richard Purdie Accepted
gst-fluendo-mp3: upgrade to 0.10.19 2012-08-17 Constantin Musca New
gst-meta-base: don't rdepend on ximagesink/xvimagesink 2012-12-17 Ross Burton Accepted
gst-meta-base: Make ximagesing optional on x11 DISTRO_FEATURE 2012-11-26 Saul Wold New
gst-meta-base: pull in X11 plugins when using X11 2012-12-04 Ross Burton Accepted
gst-plugins-bad: remove musicbrainz build-dependency 2013-01-31 Ross Burton Accepted
gst-plugins-base: add dep on libsm and libice 2012-11-17 Gilbert Coville Accepted
gst-plugins-base: fix build of subparse plugin 2012-04-04 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
gst-plugins-base: remove avahi from DEPENDS 2012-08-14 Radek Dostal Accepted
gst-plugins-gl: add explicit dependency on libpng 2013-07-30 Eric Nelson Accepted
gst-plugins-gl: add package recipe 2013-01-23 Jeremy Stashluk New
gst-plugins-gl: add package recipe 2013-01-25 Jeremy Stashluk New
gst-plugins-gl: make it work for both openGL and openGL ESv2 2013-04-25 Koen Kooi New
gst-plugins-good: disable (uninstalled) examples 2012-09-06 Ross Burton Accepted
gst-plugins-good: disable taglib explicitly 2012-10-24 Ross Burton Accepted
gst-plugins-good: fix compile error with recent linux-libc-headers 2012-09-05 Andreas Müller New
gst-plugins-good: Fix configure option 2013-12-04 Richard Purdie New
gst-plugins-good: fix orc enabling via PACKAGECONFIG 2013-08-20 Paul Eggleton Accepted Allow ${PN}-apps and ${PN}-glib to be empty 2013-06-03 Otavio Salvador New
gst-plugins-package: return few ALLOW_EMPTY settings 2013-03-06 Martin Jansa Accepted
gst-plugins-package: set ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} 2013-03-12 Enrico Scholz New
gst-plugins: remove obsolete orcc hack 2012-03-22 Andreas Oberritter New
gst-plugins: remove obsolete orcc hack 2012-03-22 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
gstreamer, gst-plugins*: fix localdata 2012-11-28 Martin Jansa Accepted
gstreamer-plugins: Change anonymous python structure 2013-09-09 Saul Wold Accepted
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: fix missing rprovides 2013-12-13 Matthieu CRAPET New
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: fix missing rprovides 2013-12-16 Matthieu CRAPET New
gstreamer1.0-plugins: Fix method of specifying URI of the package source to SRC_URI 2013-07-05 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu New
gstreamer1.0: upgrade to 1.2.0 2013-11-07 dv New
gstreamer: Fix plugin builds 2012-11-29 Gary Thomas Accepted
gstreamer: Fix valgrind determism problem in the same way as gstreamer 0.10 2014-03-06 Richard Purdie New
gstreamer: Fix valgrind header detection 2014-03-03 Richard Purdie New
gstreamer: Fixed dependency problem with -meta packages 2013-05-05 dv New
gstreamer: gst-ffmpeg: fix build issues for libav 2012-08-02 Yao Zhao New
gstreamer: make pulseaudio support dependent on DISTRO_FEATURES 2012-09-26 Paul Eggleton New
gstreamer: Provide easy way to enable runtime debugging 2012-03-29 Gary Thomas Accepted
gthumb: fix parallel build problems 2012-07-31 Ross Burton Accepted
gthumb: run make install in parallel 2012-07-04 Ross Burton New
gtk+3: disable Xinerama support 2013-05-16 Ross Burton Accepted
gtk+3: don't split immodules if we have none 2013-08-28 Christopher Larson New
gtk+3: refresh cross.patch 2013-01-20 Ross Burton Accepted
gtk+3: upgrade to 3.10.7 2014-02-19 Valentin Popa New
gtk+: add native class 2013-01-03 Ross Burton New
gtk+: Add PACKAGECONFIG for directfb 2013-12-16 Martin Jansa New
gtk+: Add patch for iconview segfault. 2012-02-02 Peter Tworek New
gtk+: Amend upstream status of configure-nm.patch 2012-03-08 James Limbouris Accepted
gtk+: do not prelight GtkButton in touchscreen mode 2012-11-27 Andreas Müller New
gtk+: don't provide gtk-update-icon-cache-native 2013-03-25 Andreas Müller New
gtk+: update to upstream version 2.24.13 2012-11-23 Marko Lindqvist New
gtk+: update to upstream version 2.24.14 2012-12-15 Marko Lindqvist New
gtk-doc-stub: Add PROVIDES for gobject-introspection-stub and fix unpackaged files 2012-07-27 Richard Purdie Accepted
gtk-doc.bbclass: Run gtkdocize in ${S} not ${B} 2012-10-11 Phil Blundell Accepted
gtk-doc.bbclass: unbreak dependency-chain for native recipes 2012-07-26 Andreas Müller Superseded
gtk-doc: Ensure we run gtkdocize else we could see build failures (e.g. evolution-data-server) 2012-07-20 Richard Purdie Accepted
gtk-icon-cache.bbclass: Fix multiple rebuilds of the icon cache on first boot 2012-03-22 Andreas Müller New
gtk-icon-cache: don't call gtk-update-icon-cache on files 2012-12-22 Martin Jansa Accepted
gtk-icon-cache: Fix rdepends construction 2013-01-31 Saul Wold Accepted