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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[2/2] linux-yocto-3.8/meta: enable ALTIVEC for qemuppc 2013-08-15 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.10: integrate LTSI 2014-02-04 Bruce Ashfield New
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.10: integrate LTSI 2014-02-07 Bruce Ashfield New
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: add x32 configuration fragment and tuning hook 2012-09-11 Bruce Ashfield New
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: BSP, uprobes, config and cleanups 2012-08-13 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: create linux-yocto-rt recipe 2012-06-12 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: perf, unionfs and yaffs2 fixes 2012-07-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: tiny: Add qemu KMACHINE to common-pc-tiny.scc 2012-10-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: update beagleboard configs 2012-09-24 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.4: update intel graphics features/configs 2013-01-20 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto/3.8: restore qemumips64 SRCREV 2013-07-17 Bruce Ashfield New
[2/2] linux-yocto/meta-yocto: update yaffs2 and drop rc6 2012-06-12 Bruce Ashfield New
[2/2] linux-yocto/rt: udpate SRCREVs to 3.2.9-rt16 2012-03-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto: add bc-native dependency, and move to 2013-08-26 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto: allow .cfg, .scc, .patch and defconfigs to be processed in order 2012-04-13 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] linux-yocto: virtio and KVM guest configuration 2012-09-13 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] local.conf.sample.extended: Add filtering function to archiver.bbclass 2012-06-26 Kang Kai New
[2/2] local.conf.sample.extended: Change the usage about arhiver.bbclass 2012-05-31 Xiaofeng Yan New
[2/2] lsb: update version 2012-09-05 Kang Kai New
[2/2] lsbinitscripts: Add a linking for functions.lsbinitscripts 2012-06-28 Kang Kai New
[2/2] lsbinitscripts: increase ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY 2012-07-09 Kang Kai New
[2/2] lsbinitscripts: remove x permission on functions 2013-07-24 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[2/2] lsbtest: sync test suite packages version 2013-06-26 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[2/2] Add locale resources and startup script avahi-daemon 2012-02-03 Xiaofeng Yan Accepted
[2/2] ltp: add dependency libaio 2012-08-29 Kang Kai Accepted
[2/2] lttng-modules: Backport fixes to allow use with 3.12 kernels 2013-11-01 Otavio Salvador New
[2/2] lttng-ust: Update to version 2.2.1 2013-08-29 New
[2/2] lttng-ust: Using toolchain to compile examples 2013-11-22 New
[2/2] Make ppce300c3 tune hard-float by default 2014-04-01 Mats Kärrman New
[2/2] makedevs: Add trace option and fix permissions on files if they already exist 2013-12-09 Martin Jansa New
[2/2] man: make man actually work by installing custom man.config 2012-08-09 Koen Kooi New
[2/2] man: make man actually work by installing custom man.config 2012-08-13 Koen Kooi Accepted
[2/2] matchbox-keyboard: Use gtk-immodules-cache.bbclass 2012-10-17 Samuel Stirtzel New
[2/2] matchbox-keyboard: use the gtk-immodules-cache.bbclass 2012-12-19 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[2/2] matchbox-panel-2: bump PR because libxcb-util soname was changed 2012-07-04 Martin Jansa Accepted
[2/2] matchbox-theme-sato-2: remove, depends on matchbox-wm-2 2012-12-18 Saul Wold Accepted
[2/2] matchbox-wm-2: remove 2012-12-17 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] matchbox-wm: fix icon handling on 64-bit hosts 2013-08-14 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] matchbox-wm: Remove x-session-manager handling 2011-12-29 Zhai, Edwin New
[2/2] mesa-dri: remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE, this is the preferred now 2012-09-12 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] mesa: bump to 9.0.1 2012-12-13 Ross Burton New
[2/2] mesa: default to enabling EGL and GLES 2012-11-19 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] mesa: update git recipe to 9.1.3 release 2013-05-31 Ross Burton New
[2/2] mesa: upgrade to 8.0.5 2012-12-05 Ross Burton New
[2/2] meta-skeleton: Add busybox config fragment example 2013-08-13 Saul Wold New
[2/2] meta-toolchain-qt: put QT_CONF_PATH in environment script 2013-10-28 Laurentiu Palcu New
[2/2] meta: remove redundant _FOR_BUILD variables 2012-11-09 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] metacity: remove, migrated to meta-gnome 2013-01-29 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] mime.bbclass: remove the --disable-update-mimedb 2014-01-03 Robert Yang New
[2/2] mkelfimage: Add stable git build (initial recipe) 2012-06-22 Raymond Danks New
[2/2] mmc-utils: Add user space mmc utilities for eMMC 2014-03-18 chase maupin New
[2/2] module.bbclass: Create a new depmodwrapper to assist cross-installs 2013-02-28 Mark Hatle New
[2/2] mpeg2dec: depend on libx11 conditionally 2012-02-17 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[2/2] multilib: skip packages that provide virtual/kernel 2013-01-31 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] nativesdk-autoconf: add dependencies 2012-10-19 Kang Kai New
[2/2] nativesdk-ca-certificates: prepopulate ca-certificates.crt 2013-08-23 Christopher Larson Accepted
[2/2] nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: Add nativesdk-shadow 2013-09-25 David Nyström Accepted
[2/2] nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: add perl modules 2012-10-15 Kang Kai New
[2/2] nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: Adding nativesdk-postinst-intercept to SDK 2014-01-22 David Nyström New
[2/2] nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: reverse inherit order 2014-01-16 Laurentiu Palcu New
[2/2] nativesdk-qt4-tools: fix do_configure to be reentrant 2012-12-05 Martin Jansa Accepted
[2/2] neard: add systemd unit file 2013-04-29 Ross Burton New
[2/2] oe-selftest: Add track_for_cleanup method to be used in cleanup tasks 2013-12-11 Corneliu Stoicescu New
[2/2] oe-selftest: force some values in local.conf for 2014-03-06 Corneliu Stoicescu New
[2/2] openssh: allow empty passwords if PAM allows it as well 2013-10-11 Koen Kooi New
[2/2] openssh: drag in required PAM modules. 2014-01-25 Koen Kooi New
[2/2] openssh: obey 'tcp-wrappers' PACKAGECONFIG 2013-06-14 Accepted
[2/2] openssl: Move libcrypto to base_libdir 2012-02-09 Andrei Gherzan New
[2/2] openssl: upgrade to 1.0.0i 2012-04-25 Scott Garman New
[2/2] opkg-utils: bump SRCREV for Packages cache fix and other fixes 2012-04-26 Martin Jansa Accepted
[2/2] opkg/dpkg: remove the postinstalls 2014-03-06 Laurentiu Palcu New
[2/2] opkg: drop PACKAGE_ARCH setting for update-alternatives-cworth 2012-11-15 Martin Jansa Accepted
[2/2] opkg: put libopkg header files into libopkg-dev 2013-06-17 Paul Barker Accepted
[2/2] oprofile: remove AX_KERNEL_VERSION from acinclude.m4 2013-01-28 New
[2/2] package.bbclass: add event with package file contents 2013-09-26 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[2/2] package.bbclass: Allow a package to skip per file dependency generation 2012-06-30 Mark Hatle Accepted
[2/2] package.bbclass: ensure license excluded files aren't packaged 2013-04-18 Christopher Larson New
[2/2] package.bbclass: support dangling path components 2013-02-11 Enrico Scholz Accepted
[2/2] packagegroup-*: add RREPLACES/RCONFLICTS 2012-09-04 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[2/2] packagegroup-core-boot: make initscripts-functions a basic element of RDEPENDS 2013-12-25 New
[2/2] packagegroup-core-lsb: add nspr 2013-03-25 Kang Kai Accepted
[2/2] packagegroup-core-lsb: set COMPATIBLE_HOST to mips64 2013-07-05 Kang Kai Accepted
[2/2] packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: added connman tools and tests 2014-03-13 Cristian Iorga New
[2/2] packagegroup-core-x11-sato: Add udev-extraconf to maintain compatibility 2013-05-03 Saul Wold Accepted
[2/2] packagegroup-core-x11: split machine specific parts to separate recipe packagegroup-core-x11-server 2012-09-04 Martin Jansa Accepted
[2/2] packagegroup-sdk-gmae: remove GUPnP stack as it's no longer in oe-core 2013-01-21 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] packageinfo.bbclass: add a new bbclass to pass package information 2012-01-13 Dongxiao Xu New
[2/2] package_deb.bbclass:fix meta-toolchain-sdk fail on do_populate_sdk 2013-03-02 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[2/2] package_deb: Use apt-ftparchive 2014-03-13 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
[2/2] RpmPM: don't add smart channel if already added 2014-03-03 Laurentiu Palcu New
[2/2] package_rpm.bbclass: Avoid unnecessary installs in complementary pass 2012-09-07 Mark Hatle Accepted
[2/2] package_rpm.bbclass: name postinst files with package name 2013-03-01 Kang Kai Accepted
[2/2] package_rpm.bbclass: no initial_solution in the second build 2012-09-25 Robert Yang Accepted
[2/2] package_rpm.bbclass: Refactor the attempt only install 2012-12-14 Mark Hatle Accepted
[2/2] package_{ipk, deb, rpm}.bbclass: support additional user-defined metadata 2012-05-13 Leonid Borisenko New
[2/2] package_{ipk, deb, rpm}.bbclass: support additional user-defined metadata 2014-01-18 Martin Jansa New
[2/2] package_{ipk, deb, rpm}: drop the TARGET_OS conditional 2013-03-20 Christopher Larson Accepted
[2/2] pango: create /etc/pango in module postinsts if it's missing 2012-01-17 Koen Kooi Accepted
[2/2] pango: upgrade to 1.36.2 2014-02-24 Cristiana Voicu New
[2/2] patch: update to upstream version 2.7.1 2012-12-17 Marko Lindqvist Accepted