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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
qemu: Add PACKAGECONFIG for glx 2014-08-14 Richard Purdie New
qemu: Add fix for floating point issues on x86-64 2013-09-30 Richard Purdie Accepted
qemu: Add alsa PACKAGECONFIG and cleanup native/nativesdk DEPENDS 2014-08-14 Richard Purdie New
qemu/local.conf.sample: Add sdl PACKAGECONFIG 2013-12-15 Richard Purdie New Use '=' for IMAGE_FSTYPES 2012-03-23 Tom Rini New Non deterministic compile of qemu 2013-03-01 Jason Wessel Accepted Fix typo for KERNEL_FEATURES 2013-09-13 Saul Wold New Drop unneeded nativesdk-libsdl RDEPENDS 2014-08-17 Richard Purdie New depend on qemu-native only with runqemu DISTRO_FEATURE 2013-02-04 Martin Jansa New Allow optional use of pkg-config from the HOST 2014-07-30 Richard Purdie New do_install question / 2012-02-28 McClintock Matthew-B29882 New Update to handle mingw/darwin 2014-08-17 Richard Purdie New
qemu-nativesdk: fix the build failure that linux/kvm.h not found 2012-07-18 Yao Zhao Accepted
qemu-native: fix build on hosts without libX11 installed 2012-09-22 Martin Jansa Accepted
qemu-native: depend on unfs-server-native 2012-05-02 Jason Wessel New
qemu-git: Move to tip of git 2012-08-21 Khem Raj New
qemu-0.15: fix location of qemu-vmware-vga-depth.patch file 2012-08-20 Martin Jansa Accepted
qemu-0.15.1: add patch to fix compilatation problems on powerpc 2012-07-06 Matthew McClintock Accepted
qemu, default-providers: Add mesa as default virtual/egl 2013-08-14 Martin Jansa Accepted
QEMU with ARM Cortex A9 with hard float configuration - Kernel panic 2013-08-25 Elvis Dowson New
QEMU with ARM Cortex A9 with hard float configuration - Kernel panic 2013-08-26 Elvis Dowson New
qemu script: explicitly set 32 bit depth for x86-64 2013-04-09 Alexandru DAMIAN Accepted
qemu script: explicitly set 32 bit depth 2013-04-03 Alexandru DAMIAN Accepted Toolchain path should not be hardcoded to execute objdump 2012-12-04 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted Modify the env for the child process only 2012-12-04 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted
python: use PKGSUFFIX for libpython2 2012-04-12 Andreas Oberritter New
python: Resolve intermediate staging issues 2012-11-14 Richard Purdie Accepted
python: regenerate 2012-03-14 Martin Jansa Accepted
python: improve packaging 2011-11-02 Martin Jansa Accepted
python: Fix various contamination issues leading to broken/missing c modules 2012-04-23 Richard Purdie Accepted
python: Fix RPATH QA issue on non-gplv3 builds 2012-08-07 Richard Purdie Accepted
python: Fix re-execution problem due to patching configure and 2012-04-16 Richard Purdie New
python: Fix python-nativesdk variable contamination issue 2012-07-12 Richard Purdie Accepted
python: Fix ptest not working problems 2013-11-18 Zhangle Yang New
python: fix on-target use of distutils/setuptools by removing references to buildpaths 2013-03-19 Koen Kooi New
python: Fix host contamination issue 2012-04-11 Richard Purdie Accepted
python: Fix CVE-2014-1912 2014-04-07 Maxin B. John New
python: explicitly disable bluetooth.h check 2014-01-04 Martin Jansa New
python: enable IPv6 based on DISTRO_FEATURES 2013-06-03 Accepted
python: do not replace ccache in the middle of a path 2013-11-28 Yue Tao New
python: Backport CVE-2013-1752 fix from upstream 2014-02-28 Maxin B. John New
python: adding missing runtime dependency python-io to python-pprint 2013-04-04 Lukas Bulwahn Accepted
python: Add tk to DEPENDS 2012-03-23 Andrei Gherzan New
python: Add nativesdk wrapper to handle terminfo 2013-06-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
python: Add missing RDEPENDS for python-unittest 2013-12-06 New
Python: Add missing dependency "textutils" to "io" package 2013-02-14 MiLo Accepted
python: add -crypt as a dependency on -math 2012-12-20 Ross Burton New
python: -Wformat is needed by gcc 4.8 2013-06-13 Khem Raj Accepted
python3: Substitute correct python version in shebang 2014-05-04 Tyler Hall New
python3: Fix race condition at high parallelism factor 2014-02-26 Khem Raj New
python3: Fix QA warning 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
python3: Fix make race 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
python3: Add ptest support 2014-03-07 Paul Barker New
python2: Add PACKAGECONFIG for tkinter to support tk from meta-oe 2014-07-14 Jate S New make lsb override more concise 2012-11-13 Richard Purdie Accepted
python-smartpm: really ignore conflicts during install with --attempt 2014-02-06 Paul Eggleton New
python-smartpm: improve error reporting 2012-12-17 Bogdan Marinescu New
python-smartpm: fix option typo of command channel 2014-07-30 Kang Kai New
python-smartpm: Fix build error 2012-12-05 Saul Wold New
python-smartpm: add gettext-native to DEPENDS 2013-05-29 Paul Eggleton Accepted
python-smartpm: add dependency on python-pprint 2013-01-08 Bogdan Marinescu New
python-smartpm: Add an attempt install mode 2013-09-11 Mark Hatle Accepted
python-setuptools: Improving the runtime dependencies 2013-04-18 Lukas Bulwahn Accepted
python-scons: upgraded to 2.3.0 2013-05-07 Bogdan Marinescu New
python-pygtk: Upgrade to 2.24 2012-09-05 Saul Wold New
python-pygobject-native: fix build dependency on python-native 2013-05-16 Cristian Iorga Accepted
python-pip: setting proper LICENSE values 2014-03-27 Mark Asselstine New
python-numpy: don't search host directories for libraries 2014-01-28 Ross Burton New
python-native: RPROVIDE python-core-native since pycurl-native depends on it 2012-01-11 Richard Purdie Accepted
python-native: export some environment variables 2014-02-22 New
python-native: distutils: don't use libdir, remove dead code path 2012-02-21 Andreas Oberritter New
python-native: disable user site support 2014-08-13 Yasir Khan New
python-native: disable user site support 2014-08-28 Yasir Khan New
python-native: correct prefix handling for oe-core sysroot layout 2012-01-03 Phil Blundell New
python-native: correct prefix handling for oe-core sysroot layout 2012-01-04 Phil Blundell Accepted
python-native: add python-codecs-native to RPROVIDES 2013-07-01 Paul Eggleton Accepted
python-native: Add ctypes patch to native build (as in cross-compilation) 2011-05-11 Michael Lippautz Accepted
python-native : Add patch to fix configure error with gcc 4.8. 2014-05-21 Philip Balister New
python-imaging: fix compilation with Freetype 2.5.1 2013-12-06 Ross Burton New
python-gst: link python shared library to config directory 2014-06-06 New
python-external-tarball: Moderise and rename 2013-06-07 Richard Purdie New
python-dbus: upgrade to 1.1.0 2012-07-11 Bogdan Marinescu New
python-dbus: updated to 1.1.1 2012-08-01 Bogdan Marinescu New
python-argparse: add RDEPENDS on python-textutils 2013-02-21 Michael Thalmeier Accepted
python's assert doesn't work 2013-04-25 Robert Yang New
Python improvements for create-recipe. 2013-02-04 David Nyström Accepted
pyparted: Add recipe 2014-08-12 Sujith H New
puzzles: upgrade to r10116 2014-02-06 Marius Avram New
pulseaudio: upgrade to v4.0 2013-07-23 Cristian Iorga New
pulseaudio: Upgrade 4.0 -> 5.0 2014-03-11 Khem Raj New
pulseaudio: Set udev variables using pkg-config 2013-04-17 Richard Purdie New
pulseaudio: rescale input being passed to float method of speex 2013-12-24 Fahad Arslan New
pulseaudio: remove spurious cd in do_compile_prepend 2013-04-11 Ross Burton Accepted
pulseaudio: remove ConsoleKit dependency 2012-09-06 Ross Burton Accepted
pulseaudio: realy disable orc support 2012-02-20 Eric BENARD New
pulseaudio: Pulseaudio DEPENDS on libjson 2013-01-19 New
pulseaudio: only package consolekit module when x11 is enabled 2013-12-13 Christopher Larson New
pulseaudio: Make it compatible with systemd-209 2014-02-22 Martin Jansa New
pulseaudio: install alsa mixer data files 2013-04-22 George Kiagiadakis Accepted
pulseaudio: Fix up configure options and use gtk+3 2013-08-22 Saul Wold Accepted