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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/1] Image Creator: Make bitbake server type configuration (xmlrpc, none) 2011-04-27 Liping Ke New
[1/1] Image Creator: Make bitbake servertype configurable 2011-04-27 Liping Ke New
[1/1] image-live.bbclass: Tweak rounding up sector count 2016-05-27 Jussi Kukkonen New
[1/1] image-types: add btrfs as a supported fstype 2011-09-06 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/1] image-types: add btrfs as a supported fstype for HOB 2011-09-09 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/1] image.bbclass, kernel.bbclass: remove non-standard -n option from cp command 2011-08-23 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] image.bbclass/buildtools-tarball: cleanup the RDEPENDS 2014-07-04 Robert Yang New
[1/1] image.bbclass: add a method to add/delete/modify user/group settings 2013-07-05 New
[1/1] image.bbclass: add ability to set systemd default target 2013-12-17 New
[1/1] image.bbclass: add ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to rootfs[vardeps] 2014-07-09 Roxana New
[1/1] image.bbclass: depends on virtual/kernel 2013-11-22 New
[1/1] image.bbclass: do not automatically remove update-rc.d 2013-09-13 New
[1/1] image.bbclass: don't expand IMAGE_CMD when setting do_image task 2016-04-27 Matt Madison New
[1/1] image.bbclass: don't let do_rootfs depend on BUILDNAME 2015-01-26 New
[1/1] image.bbclass: leave metadata in place if a PM is installed in the image 2013-09-05 Laurentiu Palcu New
[1/1] image.bbclass: remove non-standard -n option from cp command 2011-08-23 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] image.bbclass:specify the order of do_rootfs 2013-01-05 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] image/multilib bbclass: install multilib and non-multilib language pkgs for image recipes 2015-12-10 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] image/populate_sdk: seprate variables to fix dependency 2016-01-05 New
[1/1] imageconfigurator: a new recipe for boottime image configuration 2014-08-28 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/1] image_types.bbclass: add --numeric-owner option to tar command 2013-10-18 New
[1/1] image_types.bbclass: remove the obsolete images 2013-05-07 Robert Yang New
[1/1] image_types.bbclass: Round up ROOTFS_SIZE after base_size check 2012-09-10 Andrei Gherzan New
[1/1] image_types.bbclass: use 4096 instead of 8192 bytes-per-inode 2014-03-26 Robert Yang New
[1/1] improve the sanity check for PATH and BBPATH 2014-12-04 Shiqun Lin New
[1/1] Fix make partition and make file system issues 2011-08-11 Mei Lei New
[1/1] allow users to choose the boot action 2013-07-10 New
[1/1] initramfs-live-install: Be consistent with grub. 2011-09-05 Lianhao Lu New
[1/1] initrdscripts: fix 2011-08-18 Lu Jingdong New
[1/1] initrdscripts: fix for hddimg and livecd 2011-08-24 Lu Jingdong New
[1/1] initscripts: add /sbin/sushell for systemd service debug-shell 2015-07-06 Kang Kai New
[1/1] initscripts: improve the way initscripts handle volatile storage 2012-11-12 New
[1/1] initscripts: remove -i from halt/reboot arguments and allow override 2011-04-27 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] insane.bbclass and friends: Fix sanity checks and multlib headers for n32 2012-10-23 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: add missing QA to WARN_QA 2015-03-19 Robert Yang New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: Added QA test for expanded ${D} 2014-12-11 Alejandro Hernandez New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: Added QA test for unexpanded ${D} 2014-12-03 Alejandro Hernandez New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: do_package_qa depends on WARN_QA and ERROR_QA 2016-01-21 Robert Yang New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: make do_package_qa be a task 2013-03-11 Kang Kai New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: make package_qa_walk() can print all the messages 2016-01-15 Richard Purdie New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: make package_qa_walk() can print all the messages 2016-01-15 Robert Yang New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: make the checking stricter for unsafe references in scripts 2016-02-19 New
[1/1] insane.bbclass: skip dev-deps QA checking for ptest package 2015-07-06 Robert Yang New
[1/1] insane: errors out on binaries installed by allarch-inherit recipes 2015-06-08 Cristian Iorga New
[1/1] intltool: add libxml-parser-perl-native dependency to -native version 2011-09-22 Darren Hart New
[1/1] intltool: remove XML::Parser check 2011-11-24 Saul Wold New
[1/1] iproute2: explicitly add 'bash' to its RDEPENDS 2013-10-30 New
[1/1] iproute2: Fix alternative link for ip command 2013-07-17 Cristian Iorga New
[1/1] iproute2: update to 2.6.37 2011-06-08 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] iproute2: update to 2.6.38 2011-06-09 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] js185: Integrate version 1.8.5 2012-04-11 Andrei Gherzan New
[1/1] kconfig-frontends: New recipe 2012-06-20 Khem Raj New
[1/1] kern-tools: error if features are not found 2011-05-12 Bruce Ashfield New
[1/1] kernel-grub.bbclass: a method to install/update for bzImage 2013-09-18 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] kernel-module-split.bbclass: fix a typo in var name 2014-06-18 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/1] kernel-yocto: export GUILT_BASE 2012-05-08 Bruce Ashfield New
[1/1] kernel-yocto: fix machine_srcrev check in do_patch 2015-07-08 Petter Mab├Ącker New
[1/1] kernel.bbclass: add kernel-devsrc to kernel-dev's RDEPENDS 2015-10-27 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] kernel.bbclass: add perl python bash to RDEPENDS_kernel-dev 2014-07-15 Robert Yang New
[1/1] kernel.bbclass: Create modules directory even if there is no modules installed 2014-12-03 Armin Kuster New
[1/1] kernel.bbclass: fix INC directory for SLANG 2012-08-24 Bruce Ashfield New
[1/1] kernel.bbclass: Need a method to install/update for bzImage 2013-09-12 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] kernel: Add KERNEL_IMAGETYPES to build multi types kernel at one time 2016-02-17 New
[1/1] kernel: Deploy KERNEL_ALT_IMAGETYPE and check it for uImage 2014-07-15 Yang Shi New
[1/1] kernel: move menuconfig task after configure 2011-06-29 Darren Hart New
[1/1] kernel: restore crtsavres.o to enable building external modules on powerpc 2011-08-17 Darren Hart New
[1/1] kernel: restore scripts in the sysroot 2013-10-04 Bruce Ashfield New
[1/1] kernelshark/trace-cmd: fix syntax error of shell 2014-04-04 New
[1/1] kernelshark: fix for rebuild 2015-05-14 Robert Yang New
[1/1] kmod: fix debuginfo is missing in shared library 2014-10-21 New
[1/1] kmod: fix installation path of pkgconfig files 2012-05-15 Otavio Salvador New
[1/1] kmod: fix installation path of pkgconfig files 2012-05-14 Otavio Salvador New
[1/1] kmod: fix installation path of pkgconfig files 2012-05-14 Otavio Salvador New
[1/1] kmod: Update to Rev 16 via git 2014-01-03 Cristiana Voicu New
[1/1] kmod: upgrade to 20 2015-04-13 New
[1/1] kmod: upgrade to 21 2015-06-26 New
[1/1] latencytop: fix mount error 2014-07-09 Roxana New
[1/1] layerindex.bbclass: Add ability to fetch layers from layer index 2015-01-07 New
[1/1] layer_extra_sanity.bbclass: add new bbclass 2015-04-16 New
[1/1] lib/oe/ fix RPM multilib issue 2014-02-12 Laurentiu Palcu New
[1/1] lib32-packagegroup-core-nfs: fix qa issue - install files into a shared area when those files already exist 2013-11-14 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] libarchive: set CLEANBROKEN 2015-03-25 Robert Yang New
[1/1] libav: Use "BP" and "libav" patch directory 2013-12-07 Andrei Gherzan New
[1/1] libc-locale: split locale handling from libc recipe. 2011-06-27 Dongxiao Xu New
[1/1] libc-locale: split locale handling from libc recipe. 2011-06-22 Dongxiao Xu New
[1/1] libc-locale: split locale handling from libc recipe. 2011-06-08 Dongxiao Xu New
[1/1] libc-package.bbclass: Replace hard coded libdir. 2011-06-23 Lianhao Lu New
[1/1] libgcrypt: fix compile error with '-O2' in sysroot path 2013-12-05 New
[1/1] libglade: fix the python environment settings 2011-09-22 Dongxiao Xu New
[1/1] libgpg-error: Upgrade 1.18 -> 1.19 2015-06-09 New
[1/1] libidn: 1.30 -> 1.32 2015-10-20 Kang Kai New
[1/1] libnl: Make sure files end up in libnl-cli as they should 2016-04-06 Peter Kjellerstedt New
[1/1] libnotify: set GNOME_COMPRESS_TYPE to bz2 2015-08-25 Robert Yang New
[1/1] libpam: add PACKAGECONFIG data concerning audit 2013-08-21 Joe Slater New
[1/1] libpam: add system-auth in case of systemd 2014-10-30 New
[1/1] libpam: QA Issue: installed in the base_prefix, requires a shared library under exec_prefix 2012-11-22 jackie huang New
[1/1] libpam: Setting suid bit for unix_chkpwd 2011-08-20 New
[1/1] libpng: avoid dangling link in libpng package 2011-09-21 Dongxiao Xu New
[1/1] libpng: upgrade to 1.6.8 2014-01-31 Marius Avram New
[1/1] libproxy: Fix for CVE-2012-4504 2012-11-30 yanjun.zhu New