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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[0/1,v2] qt4: fix qt4-native build failure on SLED-11 2012-08-02 New
[0/1,V2] qemu: add PACKAGECONFIG for vnc, libcurl, nss, uuid, curses, gtk+, libcap-ng 2013-10-31 Hongxu Jia New
[0/1,v2] qemu: Add an option to remove host sdl/gl checking 2012-05-29 Zhai, Edwin New
[0/1,v2] ptest-runner: trivial fixes and refine 2013-09-11 New
[0/1,V2] package_rpm.bbclass: fix the arch (replace "-" with "_") 2012-09-10 Robert Yang New
[0/1,V2] package.bbclass: add QA check: file-depends 2014-07-15 Robert Yang New
[0/1,v2] openssh: two fixes 2013-06-13 New
[0/1,V2] nfs-utils: unset CFLAGS for testlk build 2014-06-04 New
[0/1,v2] lsof: fix LSOF_CCV in version.h 2014-10-23 New
[0/1,V2] linux-libc-headers: do_install: fix "Argument list too long" error 2013-09-14 Robert Yang New
[0/1,v2] license.bbclass parsing changes rebased 2011-05-27 Elizabeth Flanagan New
[0/1,V2] libxml2: fix python path and add libxml2-python 2014-09-16 Robert Yang New
[0/1,V2] libunwind: don't use gold for mips 2015-04-22 Robert Yang New
[0/1,v2] kbd: Limit the kbdrate application to x86, mips and sparc 2013-07-12 jackie huang New
[0/1,v2] grub-1.99: Add flex-native to DEPENDS 2012-08-20 Mark Hatle New
[0/1,V2] glib-2.0: fix a host contamination issue 2013-09-03 Robert Yang New
[0/1,V2] gdbm: Package compat libs in ${PN}-compat 2012-04-11 Andrei Gherzan New
[0/1,V2] Fix pango modules load failure in multilib environment, Edwin, May8, 2012 2012-05-08 Zhai, Edwin New
[0/1,V2] Fix KERNEL_ALT_IMAGETYPE deploy 2014-07-16 Yang Shi New
[0/1,v2] Fix avahi x11 dependency with non-GPLv3 Build 2011-09-20 Saul Wold New
[0/1,V2] ethtool: fix ptest execution failure 2014-05-27 New
[0/1,V2] EFI: Make installer EFI aware 2012-07-17 Darren Hart New
[0/1,V2] do not split debug pkg when no debugsources.list 2012-03-14 Robert Yang New
[0/1,V2] core-image-foo: add description to each image bb file 2012-01-20 Shane Wang New
[0/1,V2] btrfs-tools: 3.18.2 -> 4.0.1 2015-06-01 Robert Yang New
[0/1,v2,PULL] procps: fix hardcoded libdir 2011-08-23 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,v2,PULL] libc locale split 2011-06-22 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,v2,PULL] Hob: Define patterns to implement runqemu/deploy functionality filter 2012-03-24 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,v2,PULL] Fix bug 2355 2012-04-23 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,v2,PULL] bitbake.conf: Add DATE and TIME to BB_HASH_WHITELIST 2012-02-27 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,v2,PULL] alsa-tools: fix recipe build error. 2011-07-19 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,RFC] multilib.bbclass: fix incorrect TARGET_VENDOR in multilib image 2014-10-16 Hongxu Jia New
[0/1,RFC] libc locale split 2011-06-08 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,RFC] Fix hard path of opensp, Edwin, Sep9, 2011 2011-09-09 Zhai, Edwin New
[0/1,RFC] devtool: Upgrade feature 2015-08-11 New
[0/1,RESEND] Create a script for SUMMARY audit in recipes 2011-12-21 Shane Wang New
[0/1,qemugl] fix opengl calling failure 2011-09-22 Zhai, Edwin New
[0/1,PULL] valgrind:fix bug 1129 for supporting kernel 3.0 2011-08-09 Lin Tong New
[0/1,PULL] valgrind: fix bug 1129 for supporting kernel 3.x 2011-08-12 Lin Tong New
[0/1,PULL] usbutils: inherit gettext 2011-09-22 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Upstream-Status update 2011-06-29 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Upstream-Status update 2011-07-26 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Update manual check info in 2011-06-29 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] telepathy-python: remove duplicated installation entry of 2011-09-07 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] multilib: two step of rpm rootfs installation. 2011-09-21 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] multilib: map RDEPENDS for image type recipe 2011-09-27 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] multilib: drop MULTILIB_IMAGE_INSTALL variable. 2011-11-08 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] libpng: fix rootfs error caused by dangling link in libpng package 2011-09-21 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] libglade: python environment fix 2011-09-22 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Hob: Workaround for RPM architecture renaming issue 2012-04-18 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] hal: add virtual/kernel as its dependency 2011-09-07 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] gst-plugins-bad: dependency fix 2012-04-14 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Fix udevd launch issue 2011-06-09 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Fix bug 2355 2012-04-21 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Fix bug 1370: IPK will not be built out if package_ipk is not first in PACKAGE_CLASSES 2011-08-25 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] fix /bin/sh missing in multilib case 2011-08-05 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] distro_tracking: update manual check information 2012-01-10 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] connman-gnome: Fix WiFi security type display issue 2011-08-31 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] Bug 2361: Add two new events for Hob use. 2012-04-24 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] bitbake.conf: Include abi_version.conf in earlier stage 2012-04-16 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] bitbake.conf: exclude some variables when calculating cache hash 2012-03-16 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] bitbake.conf: Add DATE and TIME to BB_HASH_WHITELIST 2012-02-27 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,PULL] bitbake.conf: Add a variable BB_CONFIGHASH_SORT 2012-04-09 Dongxiao Xu New
[0/1,meta-ti] linux-omap: cleanup and wl1271 build fix 2011-06-06 Darren Hart New
[0/1,master] Fix for Bug 5403 2013-12-31 New
[0/1,master/for-danny] kernel-yocto: validate branches fix 2012-11-29 Bruce Ashfield New
[0/1,M3] Fix bug #1299 for meta-environment 2011-07-28 Jessica Zhang New
[0/1,for-danny] bootimg: Use FAT 32 for images larger than 512MB 2012-12-14 Darren Hart New
[0/1,fido,dizzy] dbus: Fix CVE-2015-0245 2015-06-24 Jussi Kukkonen New
[0/1,dora] x264: Update SRCREV to match commit in upstream git repo 2014-06-17 Robert Yang New
[0/1,dora] make: fix invoking makeinfo failed at do_install time 2014-04-25 Hongxu Jia New
[0/1,dora] - Fix for Bug 5403 2013-12-30 New
[0/1,Dizzy] serf: uprev to 1.3.7 for fixing CVE-2014-3504 2014-11-21 New
[0/1,denzil] udev: don't mount with -o sync 2012-09-21 Tom Zanussi New
[0/1,denzil] linux-yocto: make validate_branches handle non BSP branches 2012-08-13 Bruce Ashfield New
[0/1,denzil] gnutls: Update SRC_URI to use GNU_MIRROR 2012-10-01 Darren Hart New
[0/1,denzil] Fix for generation of russian locale 2012-08-21 Mark Hatle New
[0/1,denzil] alsa-tools: remove warning message 2013-02-26 New
[0/1,danny] fix perl security issue 2013-01-24 Kang Kai New
[0/1,danny] fix for 3756 2013-02-06 New
[0/1,bug,1195] site/mips-common: Cache cvs_cv_func_printf_ptr 2011-07-07 Jessica Zhang New
[0/1,1.2] Allow building libzypp without x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES 2012-04-17 Paul Eggleton New
[0/1,1.2.1] initrdscripts: Update to work with mmc devices 2012-05-02 Darren Hart New
[0/1,1.2.1,PULL] Multilib bug fix 2012-05-09 Dongxiao Xu New
[-,RFC] gtk-icon-cache.bbclass: add -f option to gtk-update-icon-cache in postinst 2012-01-06 Steve Sakoman New
[-,Denzil,1/2] build-appliance-image: rename from self-hosted-image 2012-08-23 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,23/23] libx11-diet: Fixed checksum and rebase patch 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,22/23] alsa-tools: fix Checksums 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,21/23] rxvt-unicode: Fix SRC_URI & LIC_FILES Checksum 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,20/23] jsib-glib: Fix SRC_URI Checksum 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,19/23] update-alternatives-dpkg: Fix SRC_URI Checksum 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,18/23] connman-gnome 0.5: build from git 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,17/23] append to IMAGE_FSTYPES instead of weakly assigning them 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,16/23] uclibc: remove PACKAGE_ARCH, fix compilation on i586 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,15/23] uclibc: remove redundant python code 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,14/23] uclibc: Cleanup the machine dependent config files 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,13/23] Fix build on uclibc 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,12/23] libsegfault is only RPROVIDED by uclibc 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,11/23] Depend on virtual/gettext instead of gettext 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New
[*RFC,CONSOLIDATED,PULL,RFC*,10/23] clutter-box2d_git: Switch SRC_URI to 2011-06-13 Saul Wold New