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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,03/19] send-pull-request: drop sendemail checks 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,04/19] syslinux: rdepends on mtools 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,05/19] pulseaudio: package udev rules 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,06/19] ghostscript: fix run failure on mpc8315e 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,07/19] create-pull-request: generalize the repository URL parsing 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,08/19] git: upgrade from to 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,09/19] libpcre: upgrade from 8.10 to 8.12 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,10/19] byacc: upgrade from 20101127 to 20101229 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,11/19] python-pygpbject: upgrade from 2.27 to 2.27.91 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,12/19] distro-tracking: update toolchain recipe fields 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,13/19] gst-plugins-base: Add tremor to DEPENDS 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,14/19] Fix compilation on uclibc 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,15/19] Transfer PARALLEL_MAKE to PARALLELMFLAGS 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,16/19] IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE Cleanup 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,17/19] image_types: add IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,18/19] rootfs_ipk: issue a diagnostic if rootfs is declared read-only and not all maintainer scripts could be applied offline 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[Updated,Consolidated,Pull,19/19] gnutls: update to 2.12.5 2011-05-25 Saul Wold New
[upgrades,0/4] devel/toolchain recipe upgrades 2011-05-29 Nitin A Kamble New
[UPGRADES,0/5] upgrade of some of the toolchain recipes 2011-05-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[upgrades,1/4] m4: upgrade from 1.4.15 to 1.4.16 2011-05-29 Nitin A Kamble New
[UPGRADES,1/5] git: upgrade from to 2011-05-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[upgrades,2/4] autoconf: upgrade from 2.65 to 2.68 2011-05-29 Nitin A Kamble New
[UPGRADES,2/5] libpcre: upgrade from 8.10 to 8.12 2011-05-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[upgrades,3/4] bison: upgrade from 2.4.3 to 2.5 2011-05-29 Nitin A Kamble New
[UPGRADES,3/5] byacc: upgrade from 20101127 to 20101229 2011-05-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[upgrades,4/4] genttext-0.16.1: mark upstream status for gplv2 recipe's patches 2011-05-29 Nitin A Kamble New
[UPGRADES,4/5] python-pygpbject: upgrade from 2.27 to 2.27.91 2011-05-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[UPGRADES,5/5] distro-tracking: update toolchain recipe fields 2011-05-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[V1,1/2] base-files: move shells generating process to pkg_postinst 2013-10-17 Ming Liu New
[V1,2/2] screen: add pkg_postinst to register entry to /etc/shells 2013-10-17 Ming Liu New
[v1] btrfs-tools: upgrade to upstream revision. 2013-08-02 Yevhen Kyriukha New
[V1] connman-gnome: Add DEPENDS on intltool-native 2013-02-01 Ming Liu New
[v1] connman: fix systemd support for connman-* packages. 2013-08-12 Yevhen Kyriukha New
[v1] gst-plugins-good: fix compilation of v4l2 against newer kernel headers. 2013-08-09 Yevhen Kyriukha New
[v1] add libQtUiTools static library 2014-02-18 Diego Sueiro New
[v1] recipes: convert remaining SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION cosmetic issues 2014-02-14 Matthieu CRAPET New
[V1] util-linux: replace += with _append to EXTRA_OECONF_virtclass-native 2013-07-17 Ming Liu New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,00/14] Updates and World Build Fixes 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,01/14] bind: update to 9.8.1 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,02/14] resolvconf: Update to 1.61 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,03/14] default-provider: also define a default provider for gconf-native 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,04/14] qt4: Added support for QtMobility 1.2 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,05/14] cmake : Disable building ccmake. 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,06/14] pulseaudio: make bluetooth support conditional upon DISTRO_FEATURES 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,07/14] bluez4: disable hidd, pand & dund 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,08/14] glib-2.0: Add nativesdk depends for libffi 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,09/14] qmmp: Fix QA Packaging Errors 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,10/14] libomxil: Fix QA Package Errors 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,11/14] Distro Tracking: Fix dates 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,12/14] sysprof: remove duplicated patch 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,13/14] mktemp: Add patch to fix parallel make install 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,-CONSOLIDATED,PULL,14/14] screen: Add patch to fix parallel make install 2011-10-16 Saul Wold New
[v2,0/1] a commit for detecting trailing whitespace 2012-12-11 Nitin A Kamble New
[v2,0/1] A fix for QA_check 2014-03-04 Nitin A Kamble New
[V2,0/1] acl: enable ptest support 2014-01-13 New
[v2,0/1] Add unzip DEPENDS for .zip SRC_URI files 2011-07-15 Tom Rini New
[v2,0/1] Another buildhistory fix 2013-03-27 Paul Eggleton New
[V2,0/1] apt: fix for CVE-2014-0478 2014-09-26 New
[v2,0/1] archive.bbclass: archive work directory 2012-01-11 New
[V2,0/1] attr: enable ptest support 2014-01-26 New
[V2,0/1] beecrypt: add ptest support 2014-01-06 New
[V2,0/1] bitbake-layers: add a ability to query layer dependencies from layer index 2015-01-12 New
[V2,0/1] buildtools-tarball: do not export OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT 2013-08-02 New
[V2,0/1] busybox: add recipe 2013-11-29 New
[V2,0/1] busybox: upgrade to stable 1.21.1 2013-07-05 New
[v2,0/1] Changes in git and svn package reporting 2013-07-12 Emilia Ciobanu New
[V2,0/1] classes/compress_doc: support compress man/info pages 2014-09-01 Hongxu Jia New
[v2,0/1] connman-gnome:fix DHCP segfault 2013-08-23 Mihai Prica New
[V2,0/1] connman: optionally build ofono plugin 2012-04-10 Lianhao Lu New
[V2,0/1] dbus: fix a hard dependency about dbus-ptest 2014-03-18 New
[V2,0/1] dhcp: add dhclient.service 2014-12-17 New
[V2,0/1] dhcp: fix for systemd service file 2014-12-18 New
[V2,0/1] diffutils: enable ptest support 2014-03-07 New
[V2,0/1] docbook-xsl-stylesheets: add perl to RDEPENDS 2014-10-31 New
[v2,0/1] eglibc: always compile with optimization. 2012-11-15 jackie huang New
[v2,0/1] Enhance Skeleton Linux Yocto Kernel Recipe 2014-04-11 Nitin A Kamble New
[V2,0/1] fix archiver missing tasks between do_unpack and do_patch 2014-12-05 Hongxu Jia New
[v2,0/1] Fix buildhistory regression 2014-09-09 Paul Eggleton New
[v2,0/1] Fix for OpenSuse build failure 2011-07-21 Saul Wold New
[v2,0/1] Fix for YB6498 2014-07-10 Roxana New
[v2,0/1] Fix gcc for including omp.h in target sysroot 2015-01-22 Paul Eggleton New
[v2,0/1] fix linker rpath for sdk binaries 2012-03-24 Nitin A Kamble New
[v2,0/1] Fix nativesdk-qemu relocation issue 2012-09-11 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,0/1] flex: fix m4 issue on target 2013-11-06 Laurentiu Palcu New
[V2,0/1] gconf: fix multilib conflict - org.gnome.GConf.service 2014-10-15 New
[v2,0/1] GDB Enhancements for device threaded core support 2013-11-01 blloyd New
[V2,0/1] guile: fix installed-vs-shipped error (parallel issue) 2015-01-09 Robert Yang New
[V2,0/1] i2c-tools: create i2c-tools-misc package for perl scripts 2014-09-09 New
[V2,0/1] ICU: upgrade to 50.1 2012-12-14 New
[V2,0/1] image.bbclass: add a method for image level user/group configuration 2013-07-10 New
[V2,0/1] image.bbclass: add ability to set systemd default target 2013-12-18 New
[V2,0/1] image.bbclass: default USE_DEVFS to '1' 2013-12-10 New
[v2,0/1] image.bbclass: leave metadata in place if a PM is installed in the image 2013-09-05 Laurentiu Palcu New
[V2,0/1] image_types.bbclass: Round up ROOTFS_SIZE after base_size check 2012-09-12 Andrei Gherzan New
[v2,0/1] Include locale in the package manifest 2012-12-06 Elizabeth Flanagan New
[V2,0/1] Inherit gettext in subversion 2012-08-16 Andrei Gherzan New
[v2,0/1] insane.bbclass and friends: support n32 2012-10-23 Peter Seebach New
[V2,0/1] kernel-grub.bbclass: a method to install/update for bzImage 2013-09-18 Hongxu Jia New
[V2,0/1] kernelshark/trace-cmd: fix syntax error of shell 2014-04-10 New
[v2,0/1] kmod: fix debuginfo is missing in shared library 2014-10-24 New