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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
"bitbake -c fetch gcc-cross-initial" from github appears to be hanging 2012-07-22 Robert P. J. Day New
(no subject) 2012-07-03 Mikhail Boiko New
(resending) [oe-core][PATCH 1/1] rpm: compile rpmqv.c instead of 2014-07-16 Joe Slater New
(v3) [PATCH 0/1] pseudo 1.6.*4* 2015-01-23 Peter Seebach New
*image.bbclass: Consolidate ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMANDs 2015-07-17 Gary Thomas New
- squashfs add missing SQUASHFS_FILE_MAX_LOG define in squashfs_fs.h file to fix unsquashfs build. 2013-02-12 Pete Kolcsar New
.gitignore: add /bitbake to the ignore list for external distributions 2012-05-09 Jason Wessel New
A performance analysis chronicle 2015-11-30 Richard Purdie New
aarch64: correct path for 2014-09-16 Kang Kai New
AB random failure: libpcre-native split_and_strip 2015-09-25 Alex Franco New
About multilib packages rpm pkg name 2015-08-07 Robert Yang New
acl attr libcap: mark shared libraries executable 2013-06-14 jackie huang New
acl: Fix re pattern in test cases 2016-03-03 New
acpica: Add ACPICA package 2013-08-07 Matt Ranostay New
acpica: Add recipe for latest version 2014-03-02 Richard Purdie New
acpid: Upgrade to 2.0.25 2015-10-26 Aníbal Limón New
acpid: upgrade to version 2.0.25 2015-11-09 Maxin B. John New
Add architecture files for AArch64 architecture. 2013-03-14 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
Add architecture files for AArch64 architecture. 2013-03-14 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
Add archiver folder to SSTATE_DUPWHITELIST 2015-03-13 Adrian New
Add bash as RDEPENDS for gstreamer 2011-09-30 Matthew McClintock New
add bluetooth-bluez5 distro feature 2015-02-06 Sylvestre Gallon New
add CUnit test suite 2014-10-21 Mike Holmes New
Add file information to package information window 2013-04-03 Andrei Dinu New
Add grep to RDEPENDS to avoid command failures. 2012-01-10 Marc Ferland New
Add init script (sysv) support for busybox's ntpd 2015-03-02 Laszlo Papp New
Add init script (sysv) support for busybox's ntpd 2014-03-20 Laszlo Papp New
Add KERNEL_EXTRA_ARGS parameter 2012-05-03 Wolfgang Denk New
Add LibreSSL support 2015-11-04 Ruslan Babayev New
Add LibreSSL support 2015-11-03 Ruslan Babayev New
Add license file XFree86-1.0 2015-06-11 Kang Kai New
Add machine qemuarm64 2014-09-12 Kang Kai New
Add new IMAGE_CLASSES variable for classes for image generation 2011-10-28 Matthew McClintock New
Add packagegroup-core-buildessential 2012-09-24 Colin Walters New
Add perlnative to inherit as to use openembedded perl rather than hosts perl Signed-off-by: Jack Mitchell <> 2012-06-15 New
Add pigz as gzip-native alternative. 2012-03-14 Björn Stenberg New
Add pigz as gzip-native alternative. 2012-03-13 Björn Stenberg New
Add python-ast, Python Abstruct Syntax Tree package 2015-11-13 Kei Nohguchi New
Add python-codecs runtime dependency for python-json 2014-12-05 Magnus Olsson New
Add readline as dependecy for gdb-cross-canadian 2011-10-27 Matthew McClintock New
Add squashfs-lz4 support to IMAGE_TYPES. 2016-01-10 Kevin Cribbs New
Add support for BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS to rootfs_ipk 2011-07-11 Chris Elston New
Add support for BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS to rootfs_ipk 2011-07-11 Chris Elston New
Add support for BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS to rootfs_ipk 2011-07-01 Chris Elston New
Add support for BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS to rootfs_ipk 2011-06-30 Chris Elston New
Add support for remote layering. 2011-04-28 Jeremy Puhlman New
Add support for running custom terminals. Example config: OE_TERMINAL = "custom" / OE_TERMINAL_CUSTOMCMD = "myterm" 2012-10-05 Morten Minde Neergaard New
Add the output of depmod into kernel module .tgz file 2014-11-19 Mark Hatle New
Add tune for Cortex-A5 chips 2013-10-21 New
add tunings for 32-bit ARMv8-a 2016-02-16 Daniel Dragomir New
add utilities dirsize, ksize 2013-10-28 João Henrique Freitas New
Added explicit network error status in SanityCheckFailed event 2012-09-26 Bogdan Marinescu New
Added recipe for libconfig 2012-06-13 Stefano Babic New
Adding support for directFB to mplayer2 recipe 2015-05-27 Hector Roussille New
adduser: add -k [was: Re: Post USERADD_PARAM action] 2015-05-25 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer New
adt-installer: upgrade to opkg 0.3.0 2015-09-01 Alejandro del Castillo New
adt-installer: use DEPLOY_DIR in ANT_DEPLOY expansion 2015-07-30 lumag New
adt_installer_internal: fix spelling error 2013-07-18 Elizabeth Flanagan New
allarch.bbclass: Set FEED_ARCH to 'allarch' 2011-06-14 Khem Raj New
Allow different filesystems to be used for VM images. 2016-04-28 Ian Reinhart Geiser New
Allow for selectable compression commands for sdk. 2014-06-30 Randy Witt New
Allow script to work with Python 2.4 and 3. 2013-10-11 Konrad Scherer New
Allow use of dash as /bin/sh 2011-11-08 Richard Purdie New
Allow user mode NFS server to run without rpcbind / portmap 2011-10-05 Jason Wessel New
Allow user mode NFS server to run without rpcbind / portmap 2011-10-05 Jason Wessel New
Allows to use proxy vars of OS env 2016-05-09 New
alsa-lib: 1.0.28 -> 1.0.29 2015-04-20 Tanu Kaskinen New
alsa-lib: Add RPROVIDES for alsa-dev 2014-07-28 jackie huang New
alsa-lib: fix possible missing RDEPENDS for alsa-utils package 2015-01-27 Matthieu CRAPET New
alsa-lib: Unbreak native build when using TCLIBC=uclibc 2011-11-21 Khem Raj New
alsa-plugins: enable alsa-plugins-pulseaudio-conf conditionally 2015-06-03 Tanu Kaskinen New
alsa-plugins: Install 99-pulseaudio-default.conf when pulseaudio is enabled 2015-05-28 Khem Raj New
alsa-tools: add dependency glib-2.0 2015-06-04 Kang Kai New
alsa-tools: Disable use of GTK+ when using DirectFB 2014-07-15 Otavio Salvador New
alsa-tools: fix build when x11 and gtk+ not available 2014-03-18 Simone Agresta New
alsa-tools: Fix build without x11 2014-04-01 Otavio Salvador New
alsa-tools: remove hdajacksensetest for framebuffer build 2015-06-01 Kang Kai New
alsa-tools: Update autotools.patch 2013-03-13 Cristian Iorga New
alsa-tools: Update autotools.patch 2013-03-13 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu New
alsa-tools: update makefile_no_gtk.patch 2015-05-28 Kang Kai New
alsa-utils fix systemd units when there's no asound.state 2011-10-09 Koen Kooi New
alsa-utils fix packaging 2011-06-22 Koen Kooi New
alsa-utils: interrupt streaming via signal 2014-08-28 Muzaffar Mahmood New
alsa-utils: Move alsaconf to its own recipe 2013-04-25 Phil Blundell New
alsa-utils: Remove double dependency on udev 2015-04-21 New
Alter order of file systems tried by mount 2011-11-30 Gary Thomas New
Always use locale.h in grep 2013-03-11 Alexandru DAMIAN New
angstrom-task-gnome: Added gedit to task-gnome dependencies 2011-08-16 Joel A Fernandes New
anyone interested in CentOS 5 fixes for dpkg-native? 2013-01-08 Donn Seeley New
apmd: use ${HOST_SYS}-libtool 2011-09-28 Andrew Gabbasov New
apr: add apr_cv_mutex_recursive=yes to support meta-ros 2013-07-05 vmayoral New
apr: use ${HOST_SYS}-libtool 2011-09-28 Andrew Gabbasov New
apt-native: Drop obsolete symlinks 2015-06-23 Richard Purdie New
apt: update to upstream version 0.9.2 2012-05-12 Marko Lindqvist New
apt: upgrade to 2013-02-25 Constantin Musca New
apt: upgrade to 2013-03-01 Constantin Musca New
arch-armv6, arch-armv5-dsp: correct endianness confusion 2011-07-28 Phil Blundell New, add tunes for vfpv3 and vfpv3d16 2015-07-24 André Draszik New, Fix PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS 2015-02-19 Martin Jansa New fix armv7a-vfp-neon -> armv7a compat case 2011-07-30 Koen Kooi New
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