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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
bitbake.conf: Set a dafault value for TUNE_PKGARCH 2014-05-30 Richard Purdie New
recipes: Add missing pkgconfig class inherits 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
gsettings-desktop-schemas: Add missing DEPENDS on gobject-introspection-stub-native 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
lame: Add missing DEPENDS on gettext-native 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
libcroco/libfm/menu-cache: Add missing gtk-doc class dependencies 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
oprofileui-server/oprofileui/pcmanfm: Add missing intltool-native DEPENDS 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
sanity.bbclass: Add libsdl-native check 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
[RFC] autotools: Improve configure dependency code for finding m4 files 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
image_types: Fix ubi filesystem return codes 2014-06-03 Richard Purdie New
rpm: Fix cpio 32 bit overflow issues on 64 bit inode filesystems 2014-06-10 Richard Purdie New
elfutils: Fix debugedit failure in grub 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
bitbake.conf: Add QEMU_OPTION for ppc7400 as used by qemuppc 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
qemuwrapper-cross: Use QEMU_OPTIONS 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
bitbake.conf/qemu: Move QEMU_OPTIONS to qemu.bbclass 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
kernel-module-split: Add support for KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD and KERNEL_MODULE_PROBECONF 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
git: don't hardcode the full path to perl 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
git: revert to wrapper based relocation 2014-06-13 Richard Purdie New
gcc-configure-common: Address problems with gengtype 2014-06-16 Richard Purdie New
sstate: Fix shared work preconfigure task handling 2014-06-18 Richard Purdie New
sstatesig: Add try/except around the stat calls 2014-06-18 Richard Purdie New
gst-openmax: Add missing pkgconfig inherit 2014-06-24 Richard Purdie New
libsdl: Convert to use pkg-config in internal m4 macros 2014-06-24 Richard Purdie New
gtk-doc: Add pkgconfig inherit 2014-06-24 Richard Purdie New
own-mirrors: Add gitsm:// mirror support 2014-06-24 Richard Purdie New
binutils: Apply the proper fix for PR 16428 2014-06-24 Richard Purdie New
distutils/distutils3: Fix bashism 2014-06-27 Richard Purdie New
adt_installer: Fix sed file not found error 2014-06-30 Richard Purdie New
toolchain-scripts: Add handling for CANADIANEXTRAOS 2014-07-01 Richard Purdie New
adt_installer: Fix real envrionment script issues 2014-07-01 Richard Purdie New
sanity.bbclass: Update minimum git version to 1.7.8 2014-07-04 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,4/4] package.bbclass: Rewrite shlib_provider handling to include RPATH 2014-07-07 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,3/4] package.bbclass: Improve shlibs pkgdata file format 2014-07-07 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,1/4] package.bbclass: Improve shlibs needed data structure 2014-07-07 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,2/4] package.bbclass: Rewrite sonames data structure to include library path 2014-07-07 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,1/3] insane: Split do_package_qa into a separate task (from do_package) 2014-07-09 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,2/3] package.bbclass: Generate runtime-rprovides data 2014-07-09 Richard Purdie New
[RFC,3/3] insane: Add build depends check 2014-07-09 Richard Purdie New
[19/19] python: Forcibly disable tk 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[01/19] pkgconfig: Drop version from RPROVIDES 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[16/19] libpcap: Fix floating dbus dependency 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[09/19] cross-canadian: Fix shlibs directory after recent shlibs changes 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[17/19] gnutls: Fix floating libidn dependency 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[18/19] xserver-xorg: Fix build determinism problem 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[14/19] neard: Fix typo in patch leading to parallel make race 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[06/19] gccmakedep: Upgrade 1.0.2 -> 1.0.3 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[08/19] nasm: Update 2.11.02 -> 2.11.05 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[12/19] libconvert-asn1-perl: Upgrade 0.26 -> 0.27 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[05/19] mdadm: Upgrade 3.3 -> 3.3.1 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[07/19] powertop: Upgrade 2.5 -> 2.6.1 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[15/19] fontcache: Fix build dependency errors 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[02/19] python-docutil: Upgrade 0.11 -> 0.12 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[03/19] python-scons: Upgrade 2.3.0 -> 2.3.2 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[04/19] gdb: Upgrade 7.7 -> 7.7.1 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[11/19] python-pycurl: Upgrade 7.19.3 -> 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[00/19] Various fixes and package upgrades 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[13/19] btrfs-tools: Upgrade 3.12 -> 3.14.2 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
[10/19] subversion: Upgrade 1.7.7 -> 1.8.9 2014-07-16 Richard Purdie New
subversion: Disable make install parallelism 2014-07-18 Richard Purdie New
shadow: Add PACKAGECONFIG for acl/attr 2014-07-21 Richard Purdie New
toolchain-script: Really fix CANADIANEXTRAOE issues 2014-07-23 Richard Purdie New
sanity: Check for setgid/setuid TMPDIR 2014-07-23 Richard Purdie New
populate_sdk_base: Extend TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK to include multilib variants 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie New
cross-canadian: Copy target_ definitions from cross.bbclass 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie New
lib/oe/classextend: Avoid early expansion of PR values 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie New
gcc-multilib: Simply/fix MULTILIB_OPTIONS handling 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie New
qemu: Use PACKAGECONFIG for libusb to avoid floating dependency 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie New
binutils-cross-canadian: Explicitly DEPEND on nativesdk-flex, we require it anyway 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie New
populate_sdk_base: Include do_rootfs depends for do_populate_sdk 2014-07-26 Richard Purdie New
apt-native: Add missing DEPENDS on db-native and curl-native 2014-07-26 Richard Purdie New
populate_sdk_deb: Fix non x86_64 SDK builds 2014-07-26 Richard Purdie New
populate_sdk_base: Fix grep command usage on old hosts 2014-07-28 Richard Purdie New
[master,dylan] shadow: Fix build when DISTRO_FEATURES contains pam, libc-crypt 2013-07-31 Richard Tollerton New
[dylan,master] populate_sdk_base: Fix execution on Arch 2013-10-02 Richard Tollerton New
[dylan,master] autotools.bbclass: Fix race with sed-native 2013-10-04 Richard Tollerton New
[1/2] gcc-cross-canadian: Adjust $prefix to fix sysroot autodetect 2014-07-03 Richard Tollerton New
[2/2] gcc: Ensure c++ includes are in /usr/include/c++/${BINV} 2014-07-03 Richard Tollerton New
[meta-mingw,1/3] common-mingw: force ac_cv_func_mmap_fixed_mapped=no 2014-07-07 Richard Tollerton New
[meta-mingw,3/3] packagegroup-cross-canadian: reenable gdb on mingw32 2014-07-07 Richard Tollerton New
[meta-mingw,2/3] gdb-cross-canadian: remove ncurses and python deps from mingw32 builds 2014-07-07 Richard Tollerton New
[3/3] libaio: add aarch64 support 2013-01-18 Riku Voipio New
qemu: update to 1.5.0 2013-06-06 Riku Voipio New
[2/3] ltp: Fix aarch64 build 2013-10-21 Riku Voipio New
[1/3] ltp: cleanup recipe 2013-10-21 Riku Voipio New
[3/3] ltp: enable power management and realtime tests 2013-10-21 Riku Voipio New
Simple typo in qemuarm.conf file: "versaile" -> "versatile" 2012-03-19 Robert P. J. Day New
Fix common typoes "existant", "dependant" and variations 2012-03-22 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove superfluous usage of BBEXTRA in oe-buildenv-internal 2012-03-22 Robert P. J. Day New
Suggested threads should be double the number of cores. 2012-03-23 Robert P. J. Day New Simple DESCRIPTION grammar fix. 2012-03-25 Robert P. J. Day New
Various typoes fixed, all comments or output strings. 2012-03-25 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove redundant reference to "task-self-hosted" from 2012-03-29 Robert P. J. Day New
Simplify "SRC_URI_append +=" to "SRC_URI_append =" 2012-06-19 Robert P. J. Day New
Simplify "SRC_URI_append +=" to "SRC_URI_append =" 2012-06-20 Robert P. J. Day New
Fix typoes, "enviroment" 2012-06-20 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove reference to long-dead arm26 architecture. 2012-06-23 Robert P. J. Day New
kernel-arch: Remove test for long-dead arm26 architecture. 2012-06-29 Robert P. J. Day New
irda-utils: Add missing "inherit update-rc.d" for INITSCRIPT_* 2012-06-30 Robert P. J. Day New
bitbake.conf: Tidy up a few comment typoes; no functional changes. 2012-07-01 Robert P. J. Day New
pcmcia-cs: Remove references to long-deprecated pcmcia-cs. 2012-07-03 Robert P. J. Day New
recipes.txt: Add entries for "recipes-rt" and "recipes-support" 2012-07-04 Robert P. J. Day New