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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,14/28] rpm: use ${localstatedir} and ${libdir} instead of /var and /usr/lib 2012-08-05 Javier Martinez Canillas New
[v2,15/15] flac: replace obsolete automake macros with working ones 2013-01-06 Marko Lindqvist New
[v2,15/16] kernelshark: Update for python-native changes 2012-07-19 Morgan Little New
[v2,15/21] tcp-wrappers: refactor packages for staticdev 2012-01-23 Saul Wold New
[v2,15/28] at: use ${base_sbindir} instead of /sbin for packaging 2012-08-05 Javier Martinez Canillas New
[v2,16/16] trace-cmd: Update for python-native changes 2012-07-19 Morgan Little New
[v2,16/21] opkg: move common code & metadata into to reduce code duplication 2012-01-23 Saul Wold New
[v2,16/28] kernel.bbclass: use ${base_libdir} and ${sysconfdir} instead of /lib and /etc 2012-08-05 Javier Martinez Canillas New
[v2,17/21] opkg: refactor packages for staticdev 2012-01-23 Saul Wold New
[v2,18/19] lib/oeqa: change behaviour for unskippable tests 2013-08-23 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,19/19] classess/testimage: change default test suites 2013-08-23 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,19/21] binutils: refactor packages for staticdev 2012-01-23 Saul Wold New
[V2,2/2] Add missing RDEPENDS of initscripts-functions 2014-01-02 New
[V2,2/2] automake: simplify perl location forcing logic 2015-05-15 Ross Burton New
[V2,2/2] bitbake.conf: programatically generate COMBINED_FEATURES 2015-05-22 Ross Burton New
[V2,2/2] bluez4: conflicts with/replaces bluez5 2013-07-15 Cristian Iorga New
[V2,2/2] buildhistory.bbclass: add pkg_pre/postinst/rm contents 2012-05-31 Andreas Müller New
[v2,2/2] classes/image: improve debug-tweaks ssh server configuration 2013-01-16 Paul Eggleton New
[v2,2/2] connman: make useradd parameters consistent with rootless X 2012-06-13 Laurentiu Palcu New
[V2,2/2] connman: Wired inteface provisioned via qemu 2013-03-04 Cristian Iorga New
[v2,2/2] grub-efi: allow compilation without large model support 2013-11-09 jackie huang New
[v2,2/2] gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: Taglist will not be sent to downstream if all the frame corrupted 2014-12-30 Wang Zidan New
[v2,2/2] gtk-icon-cache pixbufcache: add a clear dependency on gdk-pixbuf-native 2013-05-30 Eric BENARD New
[V2,2/2] kernel bbclass: Recreate uImage only when KEEPUIMAGE != "yes" 2012-07-20 Khem Raj New
[V2,2/2] kernel.bbclass: handles symbolic KERNEL_OUTPUT in bundle_initramfs task 2013-11-13 Ming Liu New
[v2,2/2] kernel: Pass sysroot mkimage to kernel makefile 2015-07-21 New
[v2,2/2] kernelshark: Update to version 2.5.3 2015-02-19 Ben Shelton New
[V2,2/2] libav: Update to v0.8.9 2013-12-05 Andrei Gherzan New
[v2,2/2] libgomp: add libgomp (openmp) library, and build for powerpc targets by default 2012-07-10 Matthew McClintock New
[v2,2/2] licenses.conf:Modified parameters for new spdx.bbclass 2015-05-29 leimaohui New
[v2,2/2] matchbox-keyboard: Use gtk-immodules-cache.bbclass 2012-10-17 Samuel Stirtzel New
[v2,2/2] mesa: respect MESA_EGL_NO_X11_HEADERS even with x11 in PACKAGECONFIG 2015-07-30 Tobias Olausson New
[v2,2/2] pcmanfm: Upgrade from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2 2013-10-23 Marius Avram New
[V2,2/2] populate_sdk_base: avoid executing empty function 2015-04-24 New
[V2,2/2] populate_sdk_ext: consider custom configuration in local.conf 2015-05-04 New
[V2,2/2] ptest.bbclass: add cleandirs flag to do_install_ptest_base 2013-09-05 New
[v2,2/2] python-pexpect: Adds this module to buildtools, since it is needed by some of the automated runtime test code. 2015-03-18 Alejandro Hernandez New
[v2,2/2] qemu: upgrade to 1.7.0 2014-01-08 Cristian Iorga New
[V2,2/2] qemux86-64: Support for KVM, paravirt and virtio added 2012-09-19 Cristian Iorga New
[v2,2/2] recipes-devtools: Add OVMF recipe 2014-08-13 Matt Fleming New
[V2,2/2] rootfs: support read-only-rootfs image feature 2012-12-25 New
[V2,2/2] runqemu: Define OECORE_MACHINE_SYSROOT on setup_sysroot 2015-07-08 New
[V2,2/2] screen: add pkg_postinst to register entry to /etc/shells 2013-10-17 Ming Liu New
[v2,2/2] Set S to prevent QA warning on volatile-binds and corrects the path to COPYING.MIT. 2015-06-25 Thomas PERROT New
[V2,2/2] shadow: add 'util-linux-sulogin' to RDEPENDS 2015-04-09 New
[v2,2/2] shadow: use 'users' group by default 2012-07-23 Otavio Salvador New
[V2,2/2] shadow: use ALTERNATIVE to manage 'nologin' 2014-11-21 New
[v2,2/2] systemd: split modules into packages 2015-02-04 Bruno Bottazzini New
[v2,2/2] testimage: use the new module for running tests 2013-11-26 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,2/2] u-boot: update to version 2014.07 2014-09-16 Denys Dmytriyenko New
[v2,2/2] useradd.bbclass: Add ability to select a static uid/gid automatically 2014-02-04 Mark Hatle New
[V2,2/2] volatiles: Create /var/run/resolv.conf before linking to it 2014-12-13 Michael Gloff New
[v2,2/2] weston : Add weston 1.2.0 bb file 2013-09-24 Ewan LE BIDEAU-CANEVET New
[v2,2/2] x264: add perlnative to inherit 2014-03-20 Paul Eggleton New
[V2,2/3] byacc: upgrade to 20150711 2015-07-24 New
[V2,2/3] Add missing dependencies needed by some tests 2012-07-17 Andrei Gherzan New
[V2,2/3] copy_buildsystem: make sure bitbake directory is copied 2015-06-10 New
[v2,2/3] core-image-directfb: Use 'distro_features_check' class 2013-09-04 Otavio Salvador New
[V2,2/3] core-image-sato-sdk: Replace dropbear by openssh. 2012-06-12 Lianhao Lu New
[v2,2/3] default-providers: Change update-alternatives provider to opkg-utils 2014-01-16 Paul Barker New
[V2,2/3] distro_tracking_fields: add information for lsbtest 2012-02-24 Yi Zhao New
[v2,2/3] expect: Add recipe 2013-09-09 Mihaela Sendrea New
[v2,2/3] fetch2/ Add gitpkgv_revision alternative version information 2015-05-22 New
[v2,2/3] font-util: remove MAPFILES_PATH override 2014-12-19 Richard Tollerton New
[v2,2/3] make gnu-configize ignore errors from autoconf 2015-05-27 Andre McCurdy New
[v2,2/3] gdb: checksums are in versioned include 2013-05-09 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
[V2,2/3] gettext-native: build libintl so that other native recipes can use them 2014-12-03 Andreas Müller New
[V2,2/3] grep: upgrade 2.18 to 2.19 2014-06-05 New
[v2,2/3] harfbuzz: upgrade to 0.9.26 2014-02-12 Cristian Iorga New
[V2,2/3] image/core-image: Handle conflicting IMAGE_FEATURES. 2012-06-20 Lianhao Lu New
[v2,2/3] image_types.bbclass: Rework code to map types for 'ext3' 2014-12-24 Otavio Salvador New
[v2,2/3] lib/oe/package_manager: avoid traceback with no packages 2015-04-17 Paul Eggleton New
[V2,2/3] lttng-ust: Using toolchain to compile examples 2013-12-05 New
[v2,2/3] neard: Use SRCREV instead of SRCPV 2013-05-02 Jukka Rissanen New
[v2,2/3] nfs-utils: Identify CONFFILES 2015-03-09 Rob Woolley New
[V2,2/3] oe-selftest: New test module for OE scripts. 2013-12-17 Corneliu Stoicescu New
[v2,2/3] package.bbclass: change RPATHs for cross-canadian binaries 2012-08-17 Laurentiu Palcu New
[v2,2/3] populate_sdk_base.bbclass: Improve debugging capabilities for SDK installer 2013-02-11 Jason Wessel New
[v2,2/3] Revert "common-licenses: Add common license files for linux-firmware" 2015-04-28 jackie huang New
[v2,2/3] rpcbind: respin patches 2015-03-16 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer New
[v2,2/3] runqemu-internal: add temporary disk interface to qemuarm64 2015-07-15 Cristian Iorga New
[V2,2/3] runqemu-internal: don't bring down preconfigured tap interface 2013-08-28 New
[v2,2/3] speex: 1.2rc1 -> 1.2rc2 2015-07-09 Tanu Kaskinen New
[V2,2/3] syslinux.bbclass: use single variable to set baud rate 2014-12-09 New
[V2,2/3] systemd: Verify if journal-flush.service exists. 2015-05-04 Bruno Bottazzini New
[v2,2/3] systemtap: extend the recipe to build the native package 2012-01-26 Wade Farnsworth New
[V2,2/4] bind: add systemd support 2014-04-24 New
[V2,2/4] bluez5: new package for v5.3 2013-03-12 Cristian Iorga New
[v2,2/4] busybox/ Simplify script and recognize USB devices 2014-12-18 New
[V2,2/4] busybox: fix for syslog service in systemd 2014-09-25 New
[V2,2/4] dpkg: modify the run-postinst script to enable postinst logging 2013-05-20 New
[v2,2/4] gconf: inherit gettext 2013-06-10 Christopher Larson New
[v2,2/4] makedevs: Correct the device number calculation for blocks of devices 2013-05-30 Peter Kjellerstedt New
[v2,2/4] oeqa/utils/qemurunner: add comment and header 2013-07-30 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,2/4] ofono: Move bluetooth enabling to .inc file 2013-08-01 Jukka Rissanen New
[v2,2/4] packagegroup-base-vfat: include dosfsprogs 2013-06-11 Christopher Larson New
[v2,2/4] recipes-bsp: Add gummiboot recipe 2014-03-09 Stanacar, StefanX New
[v2,2/4] systemd: verify if files test-udev and systemd-journal-flush exists 2015-03-09 Bruno Bottazzini New
[v2,2/4] bluez4 removed from oe-core 2015-04-20 Cristian Iorga New
[v2,2/4] xserver-xorg: upgrade to 1.14.0 2013-03-13 Laurentiu Palcu New