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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
mmc-utils: fix the building failure when DEBUG_BUILD is 1 2015-04-23 New
mmc-utils: set the optimization to -O2 2015-01-22 Yue Tao New
Modify buildstats to be merged inside buildhistory 2013-11-01 Corneliu Stoicescu New
Modify the path of env in to make export-sdk successfully. 2013-12-02 yanjun.zhu New
move the benchmark package bonnie++ from meta-oe layer to oe-core and upgrade bonnie++ from 1.03c to 1.03e 2012-11-21 New
mozjs: fix build failure due to missing dependency on libxt 2015-02-12 Paul Gortmaker New
mpfr: upgraded to 3.1.2 2013-05-07 Bogdan Marinescu New
mtd-utils: minor recipe formatting cleanup 2015-03-18 Andre McCurdy New
mtd-utils: Update version to include fixes after 1.5.0 2014-03-07 Lauren Post New
mtools, syslinux: add ability to compile with nativesdk 2013-10-30 Jason Wessel New
mtools: fix broken /usr/bin/lz 2014-10-15 jackie huang New
multilib: Abstract class extension code into 2011-12-22 Richard Purdie New
multilib: Fix an OVERRIDES expansion order issue 2013-02-13 Richard Purdie New
multilib: Set PN correctly on cross-canadian extension cases 2014-05-30 Richard Purdie New
musicbrainz: handle rebuilds 2013-01-08 Ross Burton New
mx: remove version from patch directory 2014-09-29 Ross Burton New
nasm: nasm has a build dependency on groff-native 2012-07-18 Amy Fong New
nasm: updated to 2.10.01 2012-06-08 Bogdan Marinescu New
native.bbclass: Delete populate-lic task for all native packages 2014-02-21 Konrad Scherer New
native.bbclass: Fix variable remapping coverage 2011-12-17 Darren Hart New
native.bbclass: Fix variable remapping coverage 2011-12-17 Richard Purdie New
native.bbclass: use BUILD_* variables 2014-10-21 Ross Burton New
nativesdk-ncurses: skip installed_vs_shipped test 2012-10-03 Radu Moisan New
nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: add nativesdk-u-boot-mkimage 2014-10-02 Javier Viguera New
nativesdk-qemu: fix SDK relocation issue 2012-09-11 Laurentiu Palcu New
nativesdk-qt4-tools: remove nativesdk-libx11 for qt-embedded 2013-08-11 Eric Nelson New
nativesdk: Fix pn check 2013-10-15 Richard Purdie New
nativesdk: Switch to using nativesdk as a prefix, not a suffix 2012-08-28 Richard Purdie New
ncurses, busybox, cml1.bbclass: Fix menuconfig display corruption 2013-03-04 Jason Wessel New
neard: Split recipe to two parts 2013-05-02 Jukka Rissanen New
neard: upgrade to 0.10 2013-03-18 Olivier Guiter New
need help in qt environment setup 2014-11-13 A. Varnin New
Net::SSLeay perl extension OpenSSL 2012-01-26 Khem Raj New
netbase: Adding loop back for machine name in hosts file 2014-07-31 Sujith H New
netbase: merge init script updates from upstream 2012-05-21 Andreas Oberritter New
netbase: split up in netbase and init-ifupdown 2012-09-17 Constantin Musca New
nettle: add openssl-native in the DEPENDS of native build 2014-05-09 Zhenhua Luo New
nettle: update nettle to version 3.0 2014-08-17 Armin Kuster New 2013-12-30 New
New recipe - jansson, C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data 2012-04-12 New
nfc: Update neard commit sha1 and start path. 2013-03-07 Olivier Guiter New
NFS server 2015-02-28 Michael Gloff New
nfs-utils: Add scratch directory for NFS upcall state storage 2013-02-26 Rich Dubielzig New
nfs-utils: Add scratch directory for NFS upcall state storage 2013-02-25 Rich Dubielzig New
nfs-utils: Add scratch directory for NFS upcall state storage 2013-02-25 Rich Dubielzig New
nfs-utils: Add scratch directory for NFS upcall state storage 2013-02-25 Rich Dubielzig New
nfs-utils: Add systemd support 2013-07-10 Shakeel, Muhammad New
nfs-utils: debianize start-statd 2014-09-09 Li Wang New
nfs-utils: Ensure that the Kernel modules are include 2012-10-15 Saul Wold New
nfs-utils: fix start-statd 2014-10-20 New
nfs-utils: fix the --with-statdpath= flag 2014-06-20 yaoxp New
nfs-utils: fix the --with-statdpath= flag 2014-06-18 yaoxp New
nfs-utils: Upgrade to 1.3.1 2014-11-12 Alejandro Hernandez New
nmap: use native python and add python dependence 2014-02-19 yanjun.zhu New
nostromo: make SRC_URI work for multilib builds. 2013-06-18 Randy MacLeod New
Nothing uses USERNAME, remove it - can cause sstate-cache conflicts 2011-11-17 Matthew McClintock New
nspr: Add LDFLAGS to TARGET_CC_ARCH to fix warning 2013-10-21 Noor Ahsan New
nspr: Add LDFLAGS to TARGET_CC_ARCH to fix warning 2013-10-16 Sujith H New
nspr: Also update nspr.pc to 4.9.5 2013-03-26 Colin Walters New
nspr: Compile nspr with tests 1. Compile package tests suite 2. Add patch for removing rpath from binaries 3. Add tests to -dev rpm as it needs dev libraries 2012-02-12 Andrei Gherzan New
nspr: Compile nspr with tests 1. Compile package tests suite 2. Add patch for removing rpath from binaries 3. Add tests to -dev rpm as it needs dev libraries 2012-02-11 Andrei Gherzan New
nspr: Integrate version 4.8.9 2012-02-07 Andrei Gherzan New
nss*: Replace hardcoded "/etc" with "${sysconfdir}" 2014-08-02 Robert P. J. Day New
nss: avoid to use the hardcode kernel version 2014-03-31 Kang Kai New
nss: avoid to use the hardcode kernel version 2014-02-13 New
nss: change kernel version from 3.4 to 3.10 2014-02-14 New
nss: Fix build in x32 ABI 2015-03-30 Aníbal Limón New
nss: improve the script 2015-03-25 jackie huang New
nss: move /usr/bin/smime to nss-smime 2015-03-21 Martin Jansa New
ntp: Resolve some abnormal behaviors 2013-05-31 Xufeng Zhang New
oe-buildenv-internal: Add UBOOT_CONFIG to environment whitelist 2013-10-04 Otavio Salvador New
oe-buildenv-internal: Preserve/Unset and Restore TERM 2013-06-14 Saul Wold New
oe-init-build-env-memres: Fix source check 2015-03-19 Benjamin Esquivel New
oe-init-build-env: fix for build dirs that have spaces in their path 2015-04-13 Joshua Lock New
oe-selftest: add new test for image manifest file creation 2014-03-05 Alexandru Palalau New
oe-selftest: Fixed "test_rm_old_image" that was outdated 2014-02-17 Corneliu Stoicescu New
oe-selftest: New tests for sstate related operations 2013-12-17 Corneliu Stoicescu New
oe-selftest: Patch sstate tests to work with new sstate-cache naming and content 2014-01-17 Corneliu Stoicescu New
oe-setup-builddir: de-bash use . instead of source 2014-03-11 Saul Wold New
oe-setup-builddir: output message cleanup 2015-03-11 Benjamin Esquivel New
oe-setup-builddir: substitute ##OEROOT## when using templates 2013-08-08 Ross Burton New
oe.sstatesig: align swspec handling with sstate.bbclass 2015-04-03 Christopher Larson New
oe.terminal: add tmux classes 2013-04-04 Christopher Larson New
oeqa/controllers/ add conditions for files copied to /boot 2014-05-26 Corneliu Stoicescu New
oeqa/controllers/ fix conditions for files copied to /boot 2014-05-27 Corneliu Stoicescu New
oeqa/parselogs: Ignore qemu usbhid errors 2014-10-01 Richard Purdie New
oeqa/parselogs: Skip hda opcode errors 2015-03-10 Richard Purdie New
oeqa/ptest: Removed buildhistory perequisite. Modified ptest runner detection and finished conditions. 2014-12-04 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/runtime: Added a new auto rpm test 2015-03-20 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/runtime: Automatic test for parsing the logs on a machine and search for certain error keywords. 2014-08-01 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/runtime: Fixed a problem in logparser where it failed to whitelist some common errors. 2015-03-13 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/runtime: Some new tweaks to the error log parser. 2015-03-09 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/runtime: Update test names with testopia tc numbers. 2014-05-13 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/selftest/toaster: fix bad indent 2015-04-22 Cristian Iorga New
oeqa/selftest: Added a testcase to verify INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE option. 2015-03-03 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/selftest: New auto bitbake test for poky tiny. 2015-03-23 Lucian Musat New
oeqa/utils/decorators: Fix up frame selection 2015-04-16 Nathan Rossi New
oeqa: Add test for layer append and FILESPATH tracking 2015-04-13 Richard Purdie New
ofono: Enabling with systemd 2013-07-11 Shakeel, Muhammad New
Openembedded-core Digest, Vol 11, Issue 64 2011-12-08 Ma, NingX New