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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[fsl-community-bsp-platform] add meta-fsl-ppc in the manifest file 2014-05-22 Zhenhua Luo New
[meta-fsl-networking] recipes-bsp/tcf-qorqdbg doesn't build with poky master 2014-07-16 New
[meta-fsl-ppc] enable multilib for e5500/e5500-64b/e6500/e6500-64b 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-ppc,v2] enable multilib for e5500-64b/e6500/e6500-64b 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-ppc,3/5] init-ifupdown: use customized interfaces for qoriq-ppc 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-ppc,2/5] luajit: add bbappend to hold ppc specific patch 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-ppc,4/5] merge-files: add recipe 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-ppc,5/5] procps: disabling reverse-path filtering 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-ppc,1/5] remove obsolete patches 2014-07-22 New
[meta-fsl-arm,for-daisy] defconfig for 3.10.17 (tslib and touchscreen0 working) 2014-06-17 Marco Cavallini New