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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix AUTOINC handling 2013-06-07 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix bug in file checksum generation 2014-04-06 Jacob Kroon New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix bug in file checksum generation 2014-04-06 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: fix fetcher looping due to self-referential entries 2012-09-07 Paul Eggleton Superseded
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Fix handling of SCM mirrors in MIRRORS 2013-11-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: handle broken symlinks in local mirror handling 2012-07-31 Christopher Larson Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Handle errors orruring when building mirror urls 2012-06-22 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Improve invalid SRCREV error message 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Improve lock/done stamp file paths for local files 2013-02-14 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: quote/unquote url paths 2012-05-21 Christopher Larson Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: raise an exception if user specifies protocol=git with http:// 2012-10-03 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: rename file with bad checksum instead of removing it completely 2013-04-12 Martin Jansa Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Sanity check SRCREV matches rev/tag parameter 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Shorten long srcrevs 2013-05-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Sort file checksums by value, not path 2012-12-19 Tyler Hall Accepted
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Stop passing around the pointless url parameter 2013-11-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: try PREMIRRORS when calculating latest_revision 2012-07-01 Enrico Scholz New
[bitbake-devel] fetch2: Unable to fetch URL should be a warning, not an error 2013-12-04 Konrad Scherer New
[bitbake-devel] fetch: Extend testing of subdir unpack parameter and fix 2014-09-24 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] fetcher: fix BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM datatype check 2014-09-25 Alejandro Hernandez New
[bitbake-devel] fetcher: fix getVar call due to incorrect argument datatype 2014-10-10 Alejandro Hernandez New
[bitbake-devel] fetcher: use os.path.splitext() instead of string.split() 2015-01-16 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] fix bundled base.bbclass file 2013-01-14 Andrew Stubbs New
[bitbake-devel] Fix for Hob bug #2323 2012-06-22 Cristian Iorga New
[bitbake-devel] Fix for Hob bug #2323 2012-06-22 Cristian Iorga New
[bitbake-devel] Fix support for anonymous methods in foobar_%.bbappend files 2014-02-21 Jacob Kroon New
[bitbake-devel] Fix typo in user manual: "incarantion" -> "incarnation" 2012-04-01 Robert P. J. Day Accepted
[bitbake-devel] Fix typo: BB_NUMBER_THREAD -> BB_NUMBER_THREADS 2012-03-22 Robert P. J. Day New
[bitbake-devel] Fixed missing proto param in hg checkout with user and pw 2014-05-26 Volker Vogelhuber New
[bitbake-devel] FW: [PATCH] Checksums for local files now stored using partial recipe path 2013-06-19 Jate Sujjavanich New
[bitbake-devel] FW: [V2] hob: Hob should display warnings generated during parsing 2013-01-22 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] Fwd: [PATCH v2] bitbake: Colorize knotty interactive console output 2012-11-16 Seth Bollinger New
[bitbake-devel] Git, AUTOREV and SSH 2012-02-28 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[bitbake-devel] A bit of tidying up regarding grammar and supported protocols. 2012-12-13 Robert P. J. Day New
[bitbake-devel] Remove -l option, its not necessary 2012-06-22 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] git: allow use of HEAD 2014-11-12 Cody P Schafer New
[bitbake-devel] git: do not execute 'git remote prune' 2012-06-30 Enrico Scholz Accepted
[bitbake-devel] git: Use git branch for ancestor checks 2013-11-19 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] git: Use merge-base instead of log for testing if a commit is present 2013-11-18 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] gitsm 2014-03-26 Reinhard Thies New
[bitbake-devel] goggle: fix invalid error check 2013-04-25 Martin Donnelly Accepted
[bitbake-devel] HG clone using subrepositories with username and password in url 2014-08-27 Volker Vogelhuber New
[bitbake-devel] HG clone with username and password in url 2014-05-09 Volker Vogelhuber New
[bitbake-devel] HG Fetch with username and password in url 2014-04-29 Volker Vogelhuber New
[bitbake-devel] HG Fetch with username and password in url 2013-10-29 Volker Vogelhuber New
[bitbake-devel] HG Fetch with username and password in url 2013-10-29 Volker Vogelhuber New
[bitbake-devel] refactor into individual components 2013-01-10 Bogdan Marinescu New
[bitbake-devel] Hob wizard-like reorganization 2012-08-21 Cristian Iorga New
[bitbake-devel] hob/advancedsettings: change toolchain labels to sdk labels 2013-08-02 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/bitbake: custom image is now using the base image 2012-12-06 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builddetailspage: Add tooltips to the build failed notification 2012-09-13 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builddetailspage: change branch field 2012-09-26 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builddetailspage: change tooltips and remove a dialog from "Build stopped" message 2012-09-24 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builddetailspage: fix failure_primary_action_button_clicked_cb 2012-09-28 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builddetailspage: remove "back" button 2012-09-28 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builddetailspage: set "Log" page as default 2012-10-17 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builder: Don't rerun sanity checks 2012-11-20 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/builder: When you stop a build, Hob should tell you stopping is happening 2012-09-26 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/hig: Hob doesn't save properly proxy settings 2012-10-26 Cristian Iorga New
[bitbake-devel] hob/hobeventhandler: Describe the runCommand failure exception 2012-10-05 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/hobeventhandler: Throw an exception if runCommand fails 2012-10-04 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/hoblistmodel: check if vals of packages/recipes names are not None 2013-11-15 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/hoblistmodel: check if vals of packages/recipes names are not None 2013-09-23 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/hobpages: Generate the title label every time 2012-10-02 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imageconfigurationpage: a 'hob-image' appears listed in the base image combo box 2012-10-08 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imageconfigurationpage: progress bar shows when recipe parsing is stopped 2012-10-16 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imageconfigurationpage: remove or_label reference 2012-09-10 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imageconfigurationpage: Set secondary action for "Edit image" button 2012-08-31 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imagedetailspage: "Image ready" icon appers only after the image was generated 2012-09-03 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imagedetailspage: change "FileCreated" label to "Files created" 2012-09-11 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/imagedetailspage: disable the deploy tool for qemu machines 2012-10-03 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/image_details/run_image: Kernel must be set 2012-10-03 Ioana Grigoropol New
[bitbake-devel] hob/image_details: Remove kernel info from details 2012-09-28 Ioana Grigoropol New
[bitbake-devel] hob/packageselectionpage: "Cancel" button returns to "Image configuration" screen 2012-09-19 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/packageselectionpage: Add tooltips to 'Included' and 'All packages' tab and 'Search' field 2012-08-31 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/packageselectionpage: Correctly restore previously selected packages 2012-08-31 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/packageselectionpage: restore selected packages 2012-09-10 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/packageselectionpage:cancel button should redirect to Image conf screen 2012-09-24 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/packageslist: change image size label to estimated image size 2013-07-30 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/recipe&packageselectionpage: Change "Back" button to "Cancel" button 2012-08-31 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/recipeselectionpage: recipes should not be shown brought in by themselves 2012-09-27 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/retrieveimagedialog: change labels 2013-08-16 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/runningbuild: Add missing logging level argument 2012-09-27 Constantin Musca New
[bitbake-devel] hob/settings: add a scroll bar for the box with mirrors 2012-10-18 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/settings: alignment and spacing fixes on "Shared state" tab 2012-10-02 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/settings: Change the 'Delete' button behaviour in the shared state settings tab 2012-10-01 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/settings: implement a new tab in settings dialog to show SSTATE_MIRRORS 2012-09-25 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob/settings: remove extra variable declarations 2013-07-26 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob2: set beginning folders for FileChooserDialog 2012-05-30 Kang Kai New
[bitbake-devel] hob: add "recipes/images/" to BBFILES when Hob is launched 2014-04-08 Irina Patru New
[bitbake-devel] hob: add a progress indicator when you select 'view log' 2012-10-25 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob: add a top bar when building process is stopped 2012-09-18 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob: add event handlers filtering in Hob 2013-08-27 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob: add tooltip on "clear search" button 2013-03-29 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob: adding INHERIT += " testimage " affects image recipes list 2014-04-04 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob: after adding a layer, hob do not parse the configuration 2013-12-06 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] HOB: Busy cursor when saving configuration 2013-09-10 Valentin Popa New
[bitbake-devel] hob: Buttons width and height are taken for host 2012-09-25 Ioana Grigoropol New
[bitbake-devel] hob: change behavior for "cancel" button from the Recipe selection page 2012-10-12 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel] hob: change tooltip for live images 2013-10-07 Cristiana Voicu New