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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[bitbake-devel,v2] toaster: orm Fix restrictive LogMessage message length 2015-10-22 Michael Wood New
[bitbake-devel,v2] toaster: Allow toaster to start without pytz 2014-04-09 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2] tests/data: Add log parsing test code 2015-05-27 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] runqueue: Reimplement recrdepends so it works more correctly 2012-06-27 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] runqueue: Fix hole in setsceneverify skipped task logic 2013-11-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,V2] Removed popup when including a package 2013-03-29 Andrei Dinu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] parse/ConfHander/BBHandler/utils: Fix cache dependency bugs 2013-11-29 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] npm: Add npm fetcher 2016-02-25 Brendan Le Foll New
[bitbake-devel,v2] monitordisk: lower inode check warning to note 2013-10-18 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel,v2] lib/bb/main: consolidate UI/server extension listing and loading 2015-08-18 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2] knotty: Allow displaying of status when no tasks are active 2012-09-27 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,V2] hob: Hob should display warnings generated during parsing 2013-01-21 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] hob: Buttons width and height are taken for host 2012-09-26 Ioana Grigoropol New
[bitbake-devel,v2] hob/settings: implement a new tab in settings dialog to show SSTATE_MIRRORS 2012-09-26 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] hob/settings: alignment and spacing fixes on "Shared state" tab 2012-10-03 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] hob/imageconfigurationpage: a 'hob-image' appears listed in the base image combo box 2012-10-08 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] hob/builddetailspage: change branch field 2012-09-26 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] git: allow use of HEAD 2015-06-01 Cody P Schafer New
[bitbake-devel,v2] FileChecksumCache: don't follow directory symlinks 2016-03-29 Markus Lehtonen New
[bitbake-devel,V2] fetcher: use os.path.splitext() instead of string.split() 2015-01-16 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel,v2] fetcher: fix BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM datatype check 2014-09-30 Alejandro Hernandez New
[bitbake-devel,v2] fetch2: replace double slashes in paths in encodeurl() 2012-09-07 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2] fetch2: Add BB_TRUSTED_NETWORK support 2015-04-15 Liam R. Howlett New
[bitbake-devel,V2] fetch2/wget: fallback to GET if HEAD is rejected in checkstatus() 2016-01-20 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel,v2] fetch2/git: Dereference unresolved names with ls-remote 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] fetch/hg: support submodules 2015-05-11 New
[bitbake-devel,v2] event: Fix event handlers to raise SkipPackage 2014-05-30 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] Fix segfault if DISPLAY is not set 2015-02-09 Maxin B. John New
[bitbake-devel,v2] data_smart: Add _remove operator 2013-08-24 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] cooker: preserve pre and post configs 2015-10-16 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,v2] cooker, toaster: variable definition tracking 2013-11-14 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake: normalize build targets 2015-10-15 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake: fetch2/git: Anchor names when using ls-remote 2014-01-20 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake: fetch2/git: add nobranch option for SRC_URI to skip SHA validating for branch 2014-01-07 Zhenhua Luo New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake: Colorize knotty interactive console output 2012-11-11 Seth Bollinger New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake: Colorize knotty interactive console output 2012-11-14 Seth Bollinger New
[bitbake-devel,V2] bitbake: clean up stamp-base related codes 2016-01-11 New
[bitbake-devel,V2] bitbake: bb.fetch2.git: Import errno module 2015-09-19 Khem Raj New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake/lib/bb/ Check if layer conf files exist before parsing them 2016-05-11 New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake/cooker: Ensure matchFile returns full pathnames 2012-05-24 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake-user-manual-intro.xml: Grammar/editing tweaks. 2014-06-21 Robert P. J. Day New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake-user-manual-execution.xml: Grammar/typo fixes. 2014-06-21 Robert P. J. Day New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bitbake-layers: fix show-appends and flatten for recent cooker changes 2013-05-24 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,V2] bitbake & hob: implement functions to assure consistency for configuration files 2013-01-25 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bin/bitbake: Improve --help text 2013-09-18 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bb/fetch2: fixes copying of file://dir; subdir=foo, bug 6128 and bug 6129 2016-03-09 Alexander Shashkevych New
[bitbake-devel,v2] bb.tests.fetch: Opt-out for unittests that require network 2013-03-26 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel,v2] ast: Fix support for anonymous methods in wildcard .bbappend files 2014-02-22 Jacob Kroon New
[bitbake-devel,v2,hob] Multiple user interface fixes in settings 2012-09-27 Bogdan Marinescu New
[bitbake-devel,v2,hob] Fix settings 2012-09-19 Bogdan Marinescu New
[bitbake-devel,v2,hob] Add sanity check progress screen 2012-09-26 Bogdan Marinescu New
[bitbake-devel,v2,9/9] terminal.bbclass: Allow OE_TERMINAL_PREFERRED to override the fallback order for OE_TERMINAL 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,8/9] meta/lib/oe/ Add an additional reference to screen called screen_inline 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,7/9] fetch2/ Use local download dir, when using an external read-only GITDIR 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,5/9] Add the ability to spawn screen directly from knotty with OE_TERMINAL=screen_inline 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,4/9], Allow dynamic toggle of the debug log level 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,4/4] hob: fix Gtk-WARNINGs due to invalid markup on Back button 2012-09-21 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2,3/9] knotty: Add the ability to dynamically select loglevel from stdin 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,3/4] hob: remove confirmation dialog on close 2012-09-21 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2,3/3] fetch2: Remove mirrortarball check from uri_replace 2012-06-14 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,3/3] bitbake: create Data Store Interface (DSI) file 2013-06-18 Calin Dragomir New
[bitbake-devel,v2,22/22] toaster: orm remove the complicated querying on the ORM 2015-09-29 Michael Wood New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/9] knotty: Extend knotty to support "real time" log tail for tasks 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/4] hob: allow configuring default machine using HOB_MACHINE 2012-09-21 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/3] webhob: create Django models for webhob 2013-06-18 Calin Dragomir New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/3] fetch2: Allow local git trees as pre-mirrors 2012-06-14 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/2] tests/ Improve unit tests for trusted network check 2016-04-01 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/2] lib/bb/utils: improve edit_bblayers_conf() handling of bblayers.conf formatting 2015-11-20 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/2] image.bbclass/ use PREFERRED_RPROVIDER to select package 2015-05-13 Jate S New
[bitbake-devel,v2,2/2] bitbake: main: kill server without queue setup 2016-01-05 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,V2,2/2] bitbake-layers: add a ability to query layer dependencies from layer index 2015-01-22 New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/9] Fix log truncation problems 2012-06-01 Jason Wessel New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/4] hob: don't show error dialog for errors during building 2012-09-21 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/3] webhob: create main WEBHOB project 2013-06-18 Calin Dragomir New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/2] lib/bb/utils: fix error in edit_metadata() when deleting first line 2015-11-20 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/2] fetch2: BB_ALLOWED_NETWORKS should not care about port numbers 2016-04-01 Olof Johansson New
[bitbake-devel,v2,1/2] bitbake: xmplrpc: split connect method 2016-01-05 Ed Bartosh New
[bitbake-devel,V2,1/2] bitbake: clean up stamp-base related codes 2016-01-11 New
[bitbake-devel,V2,1/2] bitbake.conf: Add two variables for layer index 2015-01-22 New
[bitbake-devel,V2,1/1] bitbake: Added BBINCLUDED variable. 2012-02-28 Lianhao Lu New
[bitbake-devel,V2,1/1] bitbake-layers: change the behaviour of show-cross-depends 2015-04-15 New
[bitbake-devel,V2,0/2] bitbake-layers: add a ability to query layer dependencies from layer index 2015-01-22 New
[bitbake-devel,v2,0/2] A couple of fixes for metadata editing functions 2015-11-20 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,V2,0/1] bitbake: runqueue: terminate build safely while RunQueueExecuteScenequeue init failed 2014-08-27 Hongxu Jia New
[bitbake-devel,V2,0/1] bitbake-layers: change the behaviour of show-cross-depends 2015-04-15 New
[bitbake-devel,V2,0/1] Added new variable BBINCLUDED 2012-02-28 Lianhao Lu New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] WIP: git: prefix with refs/tags/ when revision isn't git hash 2013-08-11 Martin Jansa New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] tests/ Add test showing recursion failure in url mapping 2015-09-10 Mark Hatle New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] tests/ Add test for branch containing '@' 2014-01-16 Martin Jansa New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] Split runqueue to use bitbake-worker 2013-06-05 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] Split runqueue to use bitbake-worker 2013-06-06 Cristiana Voicu New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] data_smart: Only support lowercase OVERRIDES 2015-10-11 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] data_smart: Drop expand parameter default 2015-06-18 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] bitbake: Rewrite fetch2.decodeurl() to use urlparse.urlsplit() 2014-01-10 Phil Blundell New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] bitbake: Rewrite fetch2.decodeurl() to use urlparse.urlsplit() 2014-01-16 Martin Jansa New
[bitbake-devel,RFC] bitbake-worker: set the process name when starting a task 2016-01-06 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel,RFC,WIP] runqueue: Don't fail without match found 2013-12-30 Martin Jansa New
[bitbake-devel,RFC,RFC,1/1] cooker: rework LAYERDEPENDS versioning so that it is actually useful 2015-01-29 Paul Eggleton New
[bitbake-devel,RFC,master,4/4] bitbake-layers: convert to plugin-based 2016-04-30 Christopher Larson New
[bitbake-devel,RFC,master,3/4] bb.utils: let loaded plugins provide a plugin object 2016-04-30 Christopher Larson New
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