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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[bitbake-devel] Use shutil.rmtree if the path we wish to remove is a directory. 2013-01-10 Martin Ertsaas New
[bitbake-devel] utils: Add explode_dep_versions2 to replace explode_dep_versions 2012-10-02 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] utils: Fix BB_PRESERVE_ENV 2013-09-11 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] utils: Improve better_compile error message 2013-05-08 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] utils: Improve better_exec traceback handling 2013-05-08 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] utils: use bb.warn instead of print in copyfile 2013-10-02 Ross Burton New
[bitbake-devel] utils: Use rm -rf in remove() 2013-02-07 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] v2 [PATCH 0/2] Track inclusions and assignments 2012-05-21 Peter Seebach New
[bitbake-devel] v3 or so [PATCH 0/1] File inclusion tracking (cleaned up) 2012-09-14 Peter Seebach New
[bitbake-devel] v4 or so [PATCH 0/2] variable/include tracking: revised 2012-09-18 Peter Seebach New
[bitbake-devel] v5 [PATCH 0/2] variable history and file inclusion tracking 2012-10-08 Peter Seebach New
[bitbake-devel] webhob: add system start/stop script 2013-06-14 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel] wget: Drop usage of old style *COMMAND variables 2014-02-28 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] wget: Only use -O option when not spidering 2013-02-14 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] world-image: add extra target 2013-01-25 Martin Jansa New
[bitbake-devel] xmlrpc,events: cleanup stale code 2013-06-17 Alexandru DAMIAN New
[bitbake-devel] xmlrpc: Show a better error message for connection failures 2013-10-04 Richard Purdie New
[bitbake-devel] {PATCH] serv/db: Take an excluside lock on the database 2013-08-31 Richard Purdie New
[Bitbake-dev] Add ability to query dependent packages 2011-02-28 Paul Sokolovsky New
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