Patchwork sstate: Relax the duplicate file whitelist for now

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Submitter Richard Purdie
Date Sept. 27, 2012, 10:06 p.m.
Message ID <1348783566.15753.30.camel@ted>
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Permalink /patch/37375/
State Accepted
Commit c858259ce1881c6284f1fc2790c225c81e4a751e
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Richard Purdie - Sept. 27, 2012, 10:06 p.m.
do_package is a machine specific task at the moment due to packagedata. This means
do_package tasks and their dependencies rerun between different machines
with various duplicate file installations. There are plans to fix this but they're
too invasive before release.

This patch relaxes the whitelist for sstate duplicate file detection to account
for this. Post-release, we re-enable stricter settings once do_package is not
machine specific.

Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>


diff --git a/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass b/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass
index 6878e1a..03f083e 100644
--- a/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass
+++ b/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass
@@ -17,7 +17,11 @@  SSTATE_EXTRAPATH   = ""
+# In theory we should be using:
+# However until do_package is not machine specific, we'll have to make do with this:
 SSTATE_SCAN_FILES ?= "*.la *-config *_config"
 SSTATE_SCAN_CMD ?= 'find ${SSTATE_BUILDDIR} \( -name "${@"\" -o -name \"".join(d.getVar("SSTATE_SCAN_FILES", True).split())}" \) -type f'